Antebellum Ladies

The picture is below its description. Click on the images to enlarge them.

ANT1) Tin type photograph of sweet little girl with doll baby. Picture is ID'd on the reverse as "Elizabeth Young" housed in a leatherette half case.....$85

ANT2) Ambrotype photograph of young lady in fancy dress. Ambrotype is sealed as it was originally. Housed in a full leatherette case.....$85

ANT3) Tin type photograph of woman holding a book. Housed in a full leatherette case.....$75

ANT4) Two Tin Type photographs of young family housed in a large gutta percha case. Images quite clear.....$225

ANT5) Very nice Ambrotype photograph of young lady. Sorry gentlemen she is wearing a wedding band. Housed in a very nice like new condition gutta percha case.....$165

ANT6) Mother and child. Beautiful hand tinted ambrotype photograph. Woman is holding a small book. The child is wearing a beaded necklace and holding flowers. Excellent condition housed in a full leatherette case.....$150

ANT7) Beautiful hand tinted ambrotype photograph of a young lady sitting in a ornate Victorian chair. A lot of wonderful color to be seen in this image. Image is in excellent condition. Woman is holding a book. Housed in a book style leatherette case.....$425

ANT8) Beautiful Daguerreotype photograph housed in a leatherette case. A lot of jewelry on this high maintenance gal holding a leatherette photo album that I am sure contains her many gentlemen callers. No ring on this babe. A lot of hand tint present. Very nice condition.....$275

ANT9) Here is a Victorian Beauty wearing lace gloves, a four string beaded pearl necklace and a gold broach. Image is by Rees of Richmond Virginia. It is housed in a like new gutta percha case with a purple insert.....$275

ANT10) Large quarter plate Daguerreotype of a mother and her two children. All original matting and leather case. Very nice condition considering it's age. Daguerreotype photographs were from 1847-1852.....$575

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