Ambrotype Photographs

AMB1) 1/6th plate ambrotype of seated Confederate soldier wearing a Richmond Depot jacket, full case.....SOLD

AMB2) 1/6th plate ambrotype of bearded Confederate soldier, half case.....SOLD

AMB3) 1/6th plate ambrotype of Officer w/two women, half case.....$295

AMB4) 1/6th plate ambrotype of Officer w/sword, full case.....$575

AMB5) Nice 1/6th plate ruby-red ambrotype of a fully armed Union infantry private wearing brass shoulder scales, frock coat, and accoutrements while holding his bayoneted musket at his side. Reverse magnification shows that he belongs to Co. B of an unidentified state's 99th regiment. Housed in a full patriotic motif case.....$450

AMB6) Ambrotype of identified Tennessee Confederate soldier as pictured in "Still More Confederate Faces" on page 171. He has an oil cloth cover over his kepi and captured U.S. belt & breast plate. His uniform has piping on the collar with dome buttons. Full case.....SOLD

AMB7) Very nice ambrotype of an attractive lady. All original with original seals still intact. Matching leatherette case.....$65

AMB8) Ambrotype of a Confederate soldier housed in a full leatherette case.....$490

AMB9) Clear quarter plate image of British officer cased. Notice sash,sword, and shako on table.....$125

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