Belts & Holsters

BH1) Holster, with belt, and buckle for the Remington Army .44. Overall very nice.....SOLD

BH2) Pistol Belt Rig composed of belt, belt buckle, percussion cap box, and pistol cartridge box. All very nice------all for $1125

BH3) Very nice holster for the Cooper pocket pistol. Holster still retains its bottom plug (sewn), brass finial, strap and belt loop. Soft pliable leather. Large flap military style. Accommodates large trigger and trigger guard design.....$375

BH4) Leather holster for the Model 1849 Colt Pocket Pistol. This fits the Colt with the six inch barrel perfectly.....$350

BH5) CS belt with authentic but not antique buckle.....SOLD

BH6) Leather holster for Colt M1851 Navy, maker marked "J. Davies & Co. Newark, NJ", plug is present. About as nice as you are going to find.....SOLD

BH7) Leather, U.S. Navy .36 cal. size holster, embossed and near perfect.....SOLD

BH8) Holster for Colt Navy .36 cal., complete w/flap, no strap for locking down, lots of repair with muslin to cover splits and cracks. Inexpensive @.....$200 (pistol shown not included)

BH9) Nice US belt buckle with original belt with inspector's mark on leather belt.....$595

BH10) Nice holster that fits well the Single Action Starr revolver.....SOLD

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