Cap Boxes & Cartridge Boxes

Box 1)Cap box, pliable leather, marked 'J. Davies & Co., Newark, NJ.'.....$250

Box 2)Cap box, pliable leather, marked 'J. Davies & Co'......$250

Box 3) Pistol Belt Rig composed of belt, belt buckle, percussion cap box, and pistol cartridge box. All very nice------all for $1125

Box 4)Percussion cap box marked "U.S." with a brass letter A for Company A.....$225

Box 5)Pistol cartridge box w/U.S. inspector marks, U.S. on flap.....$250

Box 6)Pistol cartridge box w/U.S. inspector marks.....$250

Box 7)Rifle musket cartridge box w/U.S. inspector marks and U.S. box plate.....$450

Box 8)Rifle musket cartridge box w/U.S. box plate, 'C.S. Storms, Maker, N.Y.', pliable leather, tins intact.....$475

Box 9)Musket cartridge box, marked twice C.S. Storms, Maker, New York. Box plate is old but not of the period. No tins.....$350

Box 10)This cartridge box comes with an old sling but not of the period. No maker's name visible. No tins. Lacking one loop off of the box plate.....$475

Box 11)M1864 cartridge box, unrestored. With tins. One buckle is off but present. Leather is still rather supple. Most often seen among the "Buffalo Soldiers".....$425

Box 12)Model 1855/61 .58 caliber cartridge box with U.S. plate and tins. Both buckles and finial present. Cannot find a maker's name.....$525

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