Black Photographs

Titled "Cotton Field", photographed by Aiken of South Carolina and published by the Evening News Steam Print of Augusta Georgia.....$125
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Civil War tin type photograph of a well dressed black man. Photo is mounted in its original mat/card which retains its embossment, "Potters Patent March 7, 1865". Very nice condition.....$85

Nice Civil War era carte de viste of a young lady taken by a Harrisburg, Pa. photographer.....$45

CDV titled Slave Children from New Orleans. "M.H. Kimball, N.Y. on verso.....$250

Photograph titled Rebecca, a Slave Child from New Orleans.....$250

Civil War era real outdoor photo of cotton picker.....$350

Postcard size photograph of a lynching of three black men accused of a crime.....$850

Lynching photo: Virgil Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Jones, and Joseph Riley, July 31, 1908 Russellville, Kentucky. This is an unmounted silver print 3 7/8" x 4 1/4". One crease, otherwise fine. Note the horses on the right.....$850

Real Photo Postcard of a lynched black man.....$650

Colorized real photo postcard of a single lynching.,,,,$750

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