Battlefield Relics

Dug CSA canteen from Chancellorsville. ID on tag reads, "Chanc 9/14/81 Behind Cemetary RT 3 North side".....SOLD

Found at Kennesaw Mountain Georgia in the 1960's. Smashed bullet fused to the rock......SOLD

Artillery trace chain for cannon wagon as safety chain, iron......$75

Dug US Cartridge Box Plate. Marked on reverse "Port Hudson Nov. '60".....$135

Dug from a Civil War campsite in Winchester Virginia, this harmonica is void its wooden covers but retains its reed plates and a partial comb. Comes in a glass top cotton filled box.....$29

Offered here is a cotton filled box with a glass top which holds a bullet pulled by a worm screw out of the barrel (misfired), a Southern coin button, a Southern flower button, and a shoe buckle.....$35

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