Black Sheet Music

BSM1) 'I'd Love To Fall Asleep and Wakr Up In My Mammy's Arms'. Words by Sam M. Lewis. Music by Fred E. Ahlert.....$20

BSM2) 'By The Watermelon Vine' by Thomas S. Allen.....$TBD

BSM3) 'I Love Ma Babe' by Andrew S. Sterling (c.1900).....$15

BSM4) 'I Am de Leadin Lady oh de Town', 1902 .....$50

BSM5)"Once More Take Me to Virginny". Words by Harry Melvin. Music by J.W. Wheeler. Published by Atlantic Music Co. Boston, 1900.....$35

BSM6)"When Susan Thompson tries to Reach High C". Written and composed by Harry von Tilzer. Published by Shapiro, Bernstein and von Tilzer., New York, 1899.......$20

BSM7)"How Dy Do, Mis' Springtime." Lyrics by Ben Gordon. Music by David W. Guion. Published by M. Witmark & Sons. Copyright 1927.....$15

BSM8)"Ev'ry Little Bit Helps". Words by George Whiting. Music by Fred Fischer. Published by Harry von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., New York, no date of publication.....$45

BSM9)"Bedelia: The Irish Coon Song Serenade." Words by William Jerome. Music by Jean Schwartz. Published by Shapiro, Bernstein, & Co., New York, 1903.....$35

BSM10)"The Lady with the Ragtime Walk." Written and composed by Armstrong brothers. Sung by Lew Dockstader. Published by W.B. Gray and Company, New York, 1899.....$20

BSM11)"I'se Sorry Dat I Left Ma Happy Home." Written and composed by Irving Jones. Sung by Sylvia Starr. Published by the International Music Co., New York, 1900.....$25

BSM12)"Carry Me to Old Virginny." Words and Music by James A. Bland. Publishe dby Calumet Music Co. Chicago, 1935.....$25

BSM13)"Carry Me back to Old Virginny." Written by James A. Bland. Arranged by Maxwell Eckstein. Published by Carl Fischer Inc., New York, no date of publication.....$25

BSM14)"Is It True What They Say About Dixie?" By Irving Caesar, Sammy Lerner, and Gerald Marks. Published by Irving Caesar, Inc., New York, no date of publication.....$15

BSM15)Advertisement for "Four phenomenal coon song hits". Back page to an unknown piece of sheet music. No publication information available. Dated 1898.....$25

BSM16)"Carry Me Back to Old Virginny." Written and composed by James A. Bland. Published by Morris Music Co., Philadelphia, 1934.....$35

BSM17)"Dixie Night." Piano Solo by Charles Repper. Published by the Boston Music Co. Boston, 1926.....$15

BSM18)"Mammy's Song". Front cover sheet music only. Picture of a black nanny with a sleeping child in her arms.....$35

BSM19)"Turkey in the Straw" by Otto Bonnell.....$TBD

BSM20)"The Pickaninny's Paradise" by Nat. Osborne.....$35

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