BUL1) Very nice display of Sharps bullets with the original box.....$895

BUL2) Wood container paper covered with original label. There are (5) .36 cal. seamless skin cartridges present for the Colt, Whitney, or Remington. Label says it all.....$495 (Click images to view larger)

BUL3) .58 Caliber paper cartridge for the U.S. Springfield. All original paper with miniball and black powder inside. Original string pull attached.....$135

BUL4) Civil War Galleger Carbine paper cartridge bullet.....$135

BUL5) Civil War Smith Carbine Rifle .50 caliber combination paper and foil cartridge bullet.....$135

BUL6) .58 caliber paper cartridge, Civil War complete and all original for the Robinson musket.....$155

BUL7) .58 caliber paper cartridge Civil War complete and all original for the Colt Musket.....$135

BUL8) The Burnside carbine was designed and patented by Ambrose E. Burnside. It was manufactured in Rhode Island from 1857 to 1865. This .54 caliber cartridge is an original example.....$85

BUL9) Original Spencer bullet for a Civil War Spencer Carbine rifle. Comes in a glass topped cotton filled box with a red felt liner and an information sheet.....$35

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