Cabinet Card Photographs

The picture is shown below its description.

CAB1) Breckenridge, John C., nice photo on card stock.....$625

CAB2) Davis, Jefferson. Cabinet card. Written below in period ink "Honorable Jefferson Davis - Taken in 1867......Only & Original".....$500

CAB2A) Davis, Varina. Autographed real photo photograph of the wife of Jefferson Davis.....$875

CAB3) Grant, Ulysses Simpson (Ohio), Nice cabinet card photograph of Grant as U.S. President. Backmarked by C.D. Fredricks of New York.....$195

CAB4) Grant, Ulysses Simpson (Ohio) Real photo cabinet card of Grant with printed signature. Published by Houseworth, Photographer, San Francisco.....$275

CAB5) Hill, Ambrose Powell (Virginia). Quite scarce cabinet card photograph.....$650

CAB6) Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall". Nice chest up photograph of Lt. General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson by Washington photographer Levin Handy, the nephew of famed Civil War photographer Mathew Brady.....$650

CAB7) Lee, Fitzhugh (Virginia), Cabinet card autographed at the bottom adding "Virginia" and also signed on the reverse with notations.....$495

CAB8) Lee, George Washington Custis (Virginia) Signed cabinet card photograph autographed on the reverse "G W C Lee Lexington, Va.....$495

CAB9) Lee, Robert E., Cabinet card photograph by Richmond photographer George S. Cook.....$595

CAB10) Lee, Robert E. Photographed by Miley of Lexington. Signed on reverse with sentiments by his daughter Mildred Lee.....SOLD

CAB11) Lee, Robert E. Memorial cabinet card. Beautiful hand colored photograph of the general and flags above the words "One of the few immortal names that were not born to die". Card is housed in an old ornate frame.....$1275

CAB12) Lee, Robert E. Real Photo cabinet card photograph of General Robert E. Lee by the famed Lexington Virginia photographer Michael Miley.....$675

CAB13) Lee, Stephen D. Real photo cabinet card photograph of Lieutenant General Stephen D. Lee autographed with rank and "CS Army" and with position as "Cmdg Corps (of the) Army of Tenn.:".....$750

CAB14) Pickett, George E. CSA General cabinet card by Gettysburg photographer Tipton as marked.....$550

CAB15) Stuart, JEB. Original cabinet card photograph attributed to Mathew Brady of General JEB Stuart. Born James Ewell Brown Stuart in Patrick County, Virginia, Stuart served with generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson being their "eyes of the army". Tales of his brilliant cavalry maneuvers are subject material for students and history enthusiasts.....$450

CAB16) Cabinet card photograph of Civil War veteran in his Grand Army of the Republic uniform proudly displaying his medals.....SOLD

CAB17) Stunning cabinet card size albumen photograph of a drawing of three CSA flags and patriotic military motif of cannons, drums, swords, etc... Flags have been hand colored. Photograph has been placed in an attractive frame.....$475

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