Confederate CDV's - A thru L

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JA1) James Archer (Maryland) CSA General. Fought in many northern Virginia battles as well as Antietam and Gettysburg where he was captured and held for over a year. Died October 1864. Nice cdv photograph backmarked by Anthony of Archer in his CSA uniform.....SOLD

JA2) James Archer (Maryland) CSA General. Another example in very nice condition.....SOLD

TA) Turner Ashby (Virginia). Commanded all of Stonewall Jackson's cavalry. Killed in Action June 6, 1862 near Harrisonburg Virginia. Cdv is backmarked "The Monumental Book Store" (Baltimore).....SOLD

WB) William Nelson Rector Beall, (Kentucky) CSA General. Nice photograph with a Baltimore backmark.....$195

PGTB1) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA General. CDV with a Nashville Tennessee backmark.....$225

PGTB2) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA General.....$195

PGTB4) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA General.....$125

PGTB5) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA General, verso - Theo. Lilienthias Photo Gallery, New Orleans.....SOLD

PGTB6) Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, CSA General. Very nice wartime image and hand tinted. Backmarked "S. Anderson, Photographer 61 Camp St. New Orleans".....SOLD

MLB) Milledge Luke Bonham (South Carolina) CSA General and Governor of South Carolina (January 1863-February 1865). Backmark has Third National CSA flag logo of Pensacola Florida publisher S.C. McIntyre.....$350

MLB1) Milledge Luke Bonham (South Carolina) Real photo CDV as South Carolina's wartime governor. He was also a CSA general.....$215

BB1) Braxton Bragg, CSA General. Nice wartime photograph of Bragg who was commander of the Army of Tennessee and personal military advisor to Jefferson Davis.....$250

LOB1) Lawrence O'Bryan Branch, CSA General from North Carolina.....$185

JCB1) John Cabell Breckinridge, CSA Secretary of War, Vice President to Buchanan.....$95

JCB2) John Cabell Breckinridge, CSA Secretary of War, Vice President to Buchanan, CSA General shown in CSA uniform.....$375

SBB) Simon Bolivar Buckner (Kentucky) Served largely in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Georgia. In 1864, he was given command of the District of Louisiana. He was Governor of Kentucky 1887-92. Offered here is a photographic CDV of him seated with his sword.....$150

SBB1) Simon B. Buckner (Kentucky) Wartime cdv of Buckner back marked by Nashville Tennessee photographer Thomas Merritt.....$135

JRC) James Ronald Chalmers (Virginia), CSA General. Nice Anthony backmark.....$275

BFC) Benjamin Franklin Cheatham (Tennessee), CSA Major General. He distinguished himself as a brigade, division, and corps commander in every engagement of the Army of Tennessee from Shiloh to Atlanta. Photograph by Mathew Brady. Reverse retains its revenue tax stamp.....$295

BFC1) Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, CSA General.....$225

TLC) T.L. Clingman, CSA General.....$225

HC) Howell Cobb, CSA General. Real photo CDV attributed to Matthew Brady.....$225

HC2) Howell Cobb, CSA General. Prior to the War, Cobb was Speaker of the House of Representatives, once Governor of Georgia, and also once Secretary of the Treasury. The photograph here is backmarked C. D. Fredricks & Co.....$195

AC) Alfred Colquitt (Georgia), CSA Brigadier General in command at the CSA victory at the Battle of Olustee, Florida. Post war was two term governor of Georgia and then a U.S. senator. Offered here is a nice war time cdv of General Colquitt in his CSA uniform. Backmarked Anthony.....$295

TD) Thomas Drayton (South Carolina), CSA Brigadier General attached to Longstreet's corps of the Army of Northern Virginia. Nice and clean wartime cdv of General Drayton in his CSA uniform backmarked E & H T Anthony.....$325

JE) Jubal Early (Virginia). He took part in all the engagements of the Army of Northern Virginia from 1862 till 1864. Promoted to lieutenant general May 31, 1864. Offered here is a real photo cdv of Early by the Southern photographer Anderson located in Richmond as marked in gold gilt on the bottom of the obverse.....$375

JE1) Jubal Early (Virginia). Nice cdv of the general backmarked with an Anthony imprint bordered in gold gilt.....$275

AE) Arnold Elzey (Maryland). Distinguished service at First Manassas and the Shenandoah Valley campaign. Severely wounded during Seven Days (Richmond). Later served as chief of artillery for the Army of Tennessee. Cdv of General Elzey in his CSA uniform. Baltimore backmarked.....$425

RSE) Richard S. Ewell, CSA General (Georgetown D.C.) Gen. Ewell is pictured here waist up in his CSA uniform.....$395

RSE1) Richard S. Ewell (Georgetown D.C.) Backmarked E. & H.T.Anthony.....$375

RSE2) Richard S. Ewell (Georgetown D.C.) pictured here in his CSA uniform.....$195

JF1) Joseph Finegan CSA General, commander of the District of Middle and East Florida, born in Ireland but migrated to Jacksonville Florida in his early twenties. Real photo from life backmarked Anthony from Mathew Brady's National Portrait Gallery.....SOLD

JF2) Joseph Finegan, CSA General. Anthony backmark from Mathew Brady's National Portrait Gallery. With two cents Washington revenue stamp.....SOLD

JBF1A) John B. Floyd (Virginia). Confederate brigadier general who served in the West Virginia campaign under Robert E. Lee. He had been a former Governor of Virginia 1848-1852. Died of sickness August 1863. Offered here is a real photo cdv by Mathew Brady. Floyd was U.S. Secretary of War under James Buchanan.....$195

JBF1) John B. Floyd, CSA General.....$75

JBF2) John B. Floyd, CSA General.....$75

NBF) Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA General.....SOLD

NBF1) Nathan Bedford Forrest (Tennessee), wartime photograph of this CSA General back marked by E. & H.T. Anthony.....SOLD

NBF2) Nathan Bedford Forrest CDV photograph with the gold gilt backmark of E. & H.T. Anthony. The General's cheeks and lips are slightly hand tinted. Very nice.....SOLD

MG) Martin Gary (South Carolina) CSA general. Cdv housed in an album page.....$195

HG) Harry Gilmore CSA Colonel who rode with Mosby and had an illustrious career of his own leading Gilmore's Raiders. This is a salt print of Gilmore armed and standing in full uniform. Early wardate 1861-1862.....SOLD

JG) Gordon, John B. (Georgia). Confederate brigadier general who fought superlatively on every field in which the Army of Northern Virginia participated except when he was absent because of wounds. After the War he was Governor of Georgia (1886-90) and was the first commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans (1890-1904). Offered here is a nice wartime cdv of General Gordon backmarked by Anthony on the reverse.....$295

WH) Wade Hampton, CSA General. Period I'd on reverse.....$225

WH1) Wade Hampton (South Carolina). Organized the Hampton Legion, wounded at First Manassas and again at Gettysburg. Commanded a brigade of Stuart's Cavalry Corps from 1862 to 1864 and succeeded to the command after the death of Stuart. Was with Joseph Johnston in the Carolinas until the surrender to Sherman. Post war was South Carolina governor. Nice wartime cdv, waist up and backmarked by the Southern photographers Tucker and Perkins of Augusta Georgia.....$250

RH) Roger Hanson (Kentucky), CSA general killed in action (mortally wounded Battle of Murfreesboro). E. & H.T. Anthony backmarked.....$ 395

WJH) William Joseph Hardee, CSA General, verso - Matthew Brady Photograhic Studio.....$SOLD

WJH1) William Joseph Hardee, CSA General. Photo published by E. Anthony as backmarked.....$250

NH1) Nathaniel Harris, CSA General who commanded the 19th Mississippi in all the battles of Lee's Army including Gettysburg and the Seige of Petersburg. Reverse bares a Vicksburg Mississippi mark.....SOLD

HH1) Harry Hayes, CSA General who fought in most of the major battles in Virginia along with Gettysburg and Sharpsburg / Antietam. Photo from life published during the War......$395

APH) A. P. Hill, real photo cdv with a Baltimore backmark.....$275

APH1) A.P. Hill, CSA General.....$150

APH2) Very nice war time photograph of Gen. A.P. Hill. He was killed in action at Petersburg on April 2, 1865. Backmarked by Anthony. The I'd is a period inscription (however misidentified)......$225

CH) Commodore Hollins, CSN, 1861.....$95

JBH1) John Bell Hood, CSA General.....$275

JBH2) John Bell Hood, CSA General. Nice wartime CDV backmarked by Anthony housed in its original album mount.....SOLD

JBH3) John Bell Hood (Kentucky) Severely wounded in the arm at Gettysburg and lost a leg at Chickamauga. Offered here is his cdv photograph housed in a period brass mat from a photographic case.....$225

BH) Benjamin Huger, CSA General.....$195

BH2) Benjamin Huger, CSA General, real photo by Anthony published during the War.....$450

SJ1) Stonewall Jackson, CSA General. Dated 1862 on the obverse. Backmarked by E. & H.T. Anthony.....$180

SJ3) Stonewall Jackson, CSA General, depicted on horseback, verso - W.D. Selden Photographics....$250

SJ4) Stonewall Jackson, CSA General, verso - Monumental Photo Co.....$285

SJ5) Stonewall Jackson, CSA General, verso - E. & H.T. Anthony....$275

SJ6) Nice cdv of General Jackson in his CSA uniform. Printed at the bottom "Gen Stonewall Jackson C S A".....$295

SJ7) Stonewall Jackson, CSA General, picture of statue, verso - Lee Gallery, Richmond, VA......$125

ASJ) Albert Sidney Johnston, CSA General.....$75

ASJ1) Albert Sidney Johnston war time production CDV dated 1862 and backmarked by E. & H. T. Anthony.....$250

JJ1) Joe Johnston, CSA General.....$195

JJ3) Joe Johnston, CSA General....$225

JJ4) Joe Johnston, CSA General....$185

JJ5) General Joe Johnston (Virginia). Commanded the Army of Northern Virginia before being severely wounded in May 1862 when the army command passed to R.E.Lee. Nice image of Johnston in his CSA uniform.....$125

DJ) David Rumph "Neighbor" Jones (South Carolina) served as chief of staff to Beauregard, led his command at First Manassas, was instrumental in the Peninsular campaign, Seven Days, Second Manassas, South Mountain, and Sharpsburg. Shortly thereafter died in Richmond in Jan. of 1863 from heart trouble. Cdv is backmarked Anthony. Nice and clean with sharp corners.....SOLD

FL1) Fitzhugh Lee, CSA General......$275

FL2) Fitzhugh Lee, CSA General shown in his Confederate uniform. Image is housed in a leatherette half case.....$350

FL3) Fitzhugh Lee, CSA General. Published by C.B. Walker......$350

GWCL) George Washington Custis Lee (Virginia), Nice portrait in his CSA uniform.....$350

GWCL2) George Washington Custis Lee (Virginia). Wartime production cdv photograph.....$350

REL2) Robert E. Lee, CSA General.....$250

REL3) Robert E. Lee, CSA General, backmarked E. & H.T. Anthony.....$295

REL4) Robert E. Lee, CSA General.....$350

REL5) Memorial card cdv of Robert E. Lee by George Ennis of Richmond, Virginia. Beautiful hand colored flags surround portrait of Lee above the words, "One of the few immortal names that were not born to die". Placed in an ornate frame.....$485

REL6) Photograph of General Lee in his CSA uniform. Backmarked by an elaborate gold gilt Anthony backmark. Period I'd on obverse is in brown ink and not the General's handwriting.....$325

REL9) Robert E. Lee, CSA General.....$TBD

REL10) Robert E. Lee, CSA General.....$325

SDL) Stephen D. Lee (South Carolina). CSA lieutenant general who served in the Artillery with Beauregard, and Pemberton until assuming command of Hood's Army of Tennessee until the end. Post war was Commander-in-Chief of the United Confederate Veterans and organized the Sons of Confederate Veterans (1896). This wartime cdv by Mathew Brady comes housed in a contemporary album page.....$325

WHFL) William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, CSA General, verso - E & H.T. Anthony Studios......$375

JL1) James Longstreet, CSA General.....$350

JL2) James Longstreet, CSA General, nice war date photograph with Anthony backmark of the general in his CSA uniform.....$375

JL3) James Longstreet (South Carolina), CSA Lt. Gen., nice wartime CDV of Longstreet in his CSA uniform with a vintage hand written "James Longstreet" across his chest. Backmarked by Anthony.....$350

WWL) William Wing Loring (North Carolina), CSA General.....$250

WWL1) William Wing Loring (North Carolina/Florida), CSA General. Served in the Army of Mississippi and later in the Army of Tennessee under Leonidas Polk. Very nice war time cdv backmarked by Anthony.....$325

ML) Mansfield Lovell (District of Columbia) CSA General assigned to the command of New Orleans and later Corinth Mississippi. CDV of General Lovell in his CSA uniform. Backmarked in gold gilt by Anthony. ID'd and dated in period ink "Gen. Lovell" "Dec 13, 1865".....$195

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