Confederate CDV's - M thru Z

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JBM) John Bankhead Magruder (Virginia), CSA General.....$125

John S. Marmaduke (Missouri) CSA General. His service to the Confederacy was primarily in Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee. Offered here is a real photo from life cdv backmarked Mathew Brady with a tax stamp. It has been falsely identified "Genl. Jennings".....$625

JGM) James G. Martin (North Carolina) CSA General who commanded the District of North Carolina.....$250

SBM) Samuel Bell Maxey (Kentucky/Texas). Organized the 9th Texas Infantry. Served in Kentucky, Tennessee, the Vicksburg Campaign, placed in command of the Indian Territory and participated in the Red River Campaign. Offered here is a silver print from a copy negative of a photo of a sketch of General Maxey in his CSA uniform.....$75

JHM1) John Hunt Morgan, CSA General, verso - E & H.T. Anthony.....$295

JHM2) John Hunt Morgan, CSA General. Nice and clean war-time image and manufacture.....$350

JHM3) John Hunt Morgan, CSA General.....$350

JHM4) John Hunt Morgan, CSA General. Wartime publication by E. & H.T. Anthony as backmarked and dated 1862 on the obverse.....$195

JSM) John S. Mosby, not a General but was a CSA Colonel......SOLD

JSM2) Photographic CDV image of Col. John S. Mosby identified in period ink and housed in an original cdv album mount.....SOLD

John Pegram (Virginia) Served with Garnett, Beauregard, Bragg, Kirby Smith, Forrest, and Early. KIA at Hatcher's Run February 6, 1865, just three weeks after his marriage and roughly two months before Appomattox. Clear image of General Pegram backmarked by Anthony within a gold gilt frame imprint. Also exhibits the blue oval handstamp of Petersburg's Book Sellers "Wilkins & Van Dalsem".....$375

JCP) John C. Pemberton, CSA Lt. General (Pennsylvania & Virginia). Excellent portrait with Anthony backmark.....$285

JCP1) John C. Pemberton, CSA Lt. General. Wartime cdv photograph.....$175

AP) Albert Pike, CSA General who recruited Indians to the Confederate cause and after the War devoted his life to the growth of the Masonic Order.....$250

GP) Gideon Pillow, verso - E & H.T. Anthony.....$195

LP) Leonidas Polk (North Carolina), CSA General, Episcopal Bishop. Killed in Action at Pine Mountain, Georgia. Excellent photograph by Matthew Brady.....$250

WP) William Preston (Kentucky) CSA General serving on the staff of Albert Sidney Johnston. Fought at Corinth, Murfreesboro, and Chickamauga. Nice wartime image of the general.....$350

SP1) Sterling Price was born in Virginia and schooled within the state. Spent his adult life in Missouri and ultimately served as governor of the state from 1853-1957. Offered here is a cdv photographic image of Price in his CSA general's uniform. Published by S.C. McIntyre of Pensacola Florida. His trademark the CSA 2nd National Flag with banner in Latin "God is my Guide".....$350

SP2) Sterling Price, CSA General.....$175

SP3) Sterling Price, CSA General.....$125

SP4) Sterling Price, CSA General.....$75

SP5) Sterling Price, CSA General.....$175

RP) Roger Pryor, (Virginia) Noted for his leadership in the Battles of Williamsburg, Seven Days, Second Manassas, and Sharpsburg. Wartime real photo CDV.....$150

RR) Robert Rodes, (Virginia) CSA General KIA at Winchester 1864. Nice Anthony backmark.....$475

RS1) Raphael Semmes, (Maryland) CSN Rear Admiral. Captain of the famous cruiser "Alabama" which captured or destroyed 69 federal ships. CDV reverse bares the Mathew Brady/Anthony backmark.....$325

RS2) Raphael Semmes, (Maryland) Nice cdv of Raphael Semmes with Baltimore Maryland backmark.....$295

GS1) Gustavus Smith, CSA General.....$150

KS) Kirby Smith, CSA General, backmarked by Gurney and Son. Dated 1862.....$250

KS2) Kirby Smith, Edmund, (Florida) CSA general who did not surrender his troops until May 26, 1865. He commanded the Trans-Mississippi Department. Cdv photograph of Smith in his CSA uniform. Backmarked by Anthony within a gold gilt border....$250

KS3) Kirby Smith, CSA general who was the last survivor of the full generals of the Confederacy (Sewanee, Tennessee 1893). Nice photograph of the general in his CSA uniform.....$150

WEBS) William "Extra Billy" Smith, CSA Major General, in his CSA uniform. He was also a Governor of Virginia. Nice Anthony backmark.....$275

JEBS1) J.E.B. Stuart (Virginia), CSA General.....$350

JEBS2) Nice image of a photograph of General J.E.B. Stuart backmarked C.D. Fredricks & Co.....$295

JEBS3) J.E.B. Stuart. This is Very nice photograph of General Stuart.....$495

JEBS4) Major General JEB Stuart. Nice real photo from life.....$595

JEBS5) J.E.B. Stuart real photo by the highly desirable Vannerson & Jones of Richmond Virginia produced during the War.....SOLD

WBT) William B. Taliaferro, CSA General, verso - E & H.T. Anthony.....SOLD

THT) Thomas Hart Taylor (Kentucky). Served with Kirby-Smith, Pemberton, and Stephen D. Lee.....$275

THT2) Thomas Hart Taylor (Kentucky). Chest up view of General Taylor in his Confederate uniform. CDV is backmarked E. & H. T. Anthony of New York.....$275

RT) Richard Taylor (Son of Pres. Zachary Taylor), CSA General.....$225

MJT) Meriwether Jeff Thompson (Harper's Ferry, Virginia), Brigadier general in the Missouri State Guard. Served in the Confederate Army as a cavalry commander and had the unusual distinction of having a ship in the Confederate Navy named for him. Cdv is backmarked by Anthony. Vintage I'd on obverse is in error.....$225

RAT) Toombs, Robert A. (Georgia) CSA Secretary of State resigned July 1861 when appointed to brigadier general in the Provisional Army. General Toombs was present in the Peninsula, the Seven Days, and the Second Manassas campaigns. Wounded at Sharpsburg (Antietam). Offered here is a clean cdv photograph of the Statesman/CSA General.....$195

LT) Lloyd Tilghman (Maryland/Kentucky) Commissioned Brigadier General on October 18th, 1861. His service to the Confederacy was primarily in Tennessee and Mississippi. He was KIlled in Action during the Battle of Champion's Hill in Mississippi. Very nice real photo cdv published by Anthony during the War.....$350

EVD) Earl Van Dorn (Mississippi). Nice Southern backmark of Vannerson & Jones in Richmond Virginia. Van Dorn was promoted major general on September 19, 1861 and transferred from Texas to Virginia. He was assassinated in his headquarters at Spring Hill, Tennessee, May 7, 1863.....$375

EVD2) Earl Van Dorn (Mississippi). Another example.....$375

JW) Joe Wheeler, CSA General, (Georgia/Alabama) Anthony backmarked, tax stamp present. Real photo cdv.....$375

JW2) Joe Wheeler, CSA General poses in his Confederate uniform.....$250

HAW1) Henry A. Wise, CSA General and Governor of Virginia 1856-60. Considered to be one of the last great Southern individualists who never applied for the U.S. pardon that would have restored his U.S. citizenship after the War. Nice cdv image with the desirable Mathew Brady backmark.....$225

HAW2) Henry Alexander Wise, CSA General, verso - Matthew Brady.....$175

HAW3) Henry Alexander Wise, CSA General, verso - Baltimore backmark.....$195

HAW4) Rare pose of Henry A. Wise as Virginia governor.....$325

FZ) Felix Zollicoffer, CSA General. Nice cdv marked by Mathew Brady.....$225

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