CDV Images

The picture is below its description.

HR) Harrison Reed, Governor of Florida.....$TBD

WMH) W.M. Haughton (VMI) Signature on back, 1877.....SOLD

CCDV55) Unknown Confederate soldier, believed to be Virginian, verso - Partridge gallery, Wheeling, VA......$TBD

CCDV56) Babe in the arms of Negro woman......$TBD

CCDV57) George Washington family......$TBD

CCDV58) Rebel Army of Virginia featuring Lee, Beauregard, Longstreet, Ewell, Hill, F. Lee, and Breckinridge......$TBD

CCDV59) 51 portraits of the Confederate Army, verso - the names of the 51.....$175

CCDV60) Battlefield generals......SOLD

CCDV63) Unknown Doctor, verso - Geo. L. Cook, S. Carolina Photographer.....$125

CCDV64) Confederate White House, verso - Kellogg bro's Photography.....$150

CCDV65) Unknown pair of Doctors, verso - Lakin, Montgomery, Alabama.....$TBD

CCDV66) 'On to Richmond', verso - A.A. Turner Photography.....$TBD

CCDV67) Crossed Confederate Flags......SOLD

CCDV68) 'Confederate Money', Members of the B. of L.E., verso - Writing on the Confederate money.....$TBD

CCDV69) Picture of Washington Statue in Richmond, VA., verso - Lee Gallery. Vintage Real Photo CDV.....$125

CCDV70) Picture of Washington Statue in Richmond, VA., verso - Anderson & Co. Vintage Real Photo CDV.....$125

CCDV88) 2ND. National CSA Flag, Upper left vignette titled "A Charge in the Wilderness", upper right vignette titled "The Crater", lower left vignette titled "Battle of Hampton Roads" and lower right vignette titled "After the Surrender". Under the center vignette are the words " The Warrior's Banner Takes Its Flight...To Greet The Warrior's Soul".......$350

CCDV89) Confederate Flags......$325

CCDV90) Father Ryan......$TBD

CCDV91) Composite of Confederate generals titled "Confederate Dead". A photograph of images of those Confederate generals killed in the noble action of defending their Southland. Each general is identified beneath his portrait. Reverse bares the gold gilt backmark of E.& H.T. Anthony.....$175 (Click images to view larger)

CCDV92) This CDV shows the great Virginian George Washington as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Washington is pictured on some Confederate currency, the Cr-27 Confederate bond, and the CSA-13 twenty cents Confederate postal stamp......$150 (Click image to view larger)

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