City and Parish Bonds

CP1) (Alabama) City of Mobile, State of Alabama bond to raise money to aid in construction of the Mobile and Great Northern Railroad Company. Attached are 32 interest baring coupons. Both bond and coupons have been canceled.....$145

CP2) (Florida) City of Pensacola $100 Bond with one remaining coupon. Issued from Pensacola Nov. 1, 1881. Embossed seal and signatures of the Mayor and City Clerk cancelled. Light tropical pink color. Nice Florida piece!.....$300

CP3) (Pennsylvania) City of Philadelphia Loan Certificate dated 1861. Punch hole cancellations have been plugged. Approximately 9" x 15". Portrait vignettes of Washington/Franklin/Clay/and William Penn. Red overprint Free From All Taxes.....$95

CP4)(Louisiana) Parishes of Carroll and Madison $1000 Bond with sixteen coupons. Funded by the Citizens Bank of Louisiana in New Orleans. Signed in Lake Providence April 1st, 1859.....$125

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