Confederate Cabinet

Benjamin, Judah P. (Virgin Islands) Served the Confederacy as Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State. Jefferson Davis called him the "Brains of the Confederacy". Nicely matted with a copy photograph is a clean crisp signature from a Confederate document signed as Secretary of State.....$550

Bragg, Thomas (North Carolina). Brother of CSA General Braxton Bragg, former Governor of North Carolina, and Attorney General of the Confederate States following the service of Judah P. Benjamin. Offered here A Document Signed and dated Dec. 10th 1841 by Bragg while serving as an attorney in Jackson, North Carolina.....$225

Breckenridge, John C. (Kentucky). Wardate February 10, 1865 signature as CSA Secretary of War. Breckenridge was also a CSA General and a former US Vice President.....$695

Mallory, Stephen R. (Florida) Offered here is Wardate July 30th, 1864 A Document Signed as Secretary of the Navy on blue watermarked pre-printed Navy Department document sheet especially printed for the Secretary of the Treasury. Mallory is asking for funds for his department including the Marine Corps. Dark signature S. R. Mallory.....$295

Randolph, George W. (Virginia). A.L.S. by George W. Randolph dated August 9th 1849. Randolph was a Confederate Brigadier General, CSA Secretary of War, and is pictured on the Confederate Treasury 1864 One Hundred Dollars bill (T-65) and three different Confederate States bonds plus one variety. This signed letter is $595.

Seddon, James A. (Virginia). Wardate August 4th, 1864. A Document Signed twice as Secretary of War on blue watermarked pre-printed War Department document sheet especially printed for the attention of the Secretary of the Treasury. Seddon is asking for funds for Major F. W. Dillard, Quartermaster in Columbus Georgia. Signed TWICE in dark ink J A Seddon as Secretary of War. Size including the mat is 12"x 16".....$595

Thomas H. Watts (Alabama) CSA Attorney General (1862-1863) and Governor of Alabama (1863-1865). A Note Signed as Alabama Governor "Executive Department of Ala." dated Oct. 5th 1864, allowing the bearer one gallon of whisky for medical purposes. Signed T. H. Watts. He is featured on the State of Alabama 1864 $100, $50, and $10 currency and two CSA bonds.....$295

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