Confederate Generals & Admirals Autographs

Alexander, Edward Porter (Georgia). Wartime signature with rank, the CSA, and position as Chief of Artillery 7th Corps Army of Northern Virginia. Penned on the reverse of a personal business card (Sutler perhaps).....SOLD

Archer, James Jay (Maryland) Captured at the Battle of Gettysburg, held as POW on Johnson's Island for over a year, his health shattered from the long confinement, was released and then died Oct. 24th, 1864. Nice Certificate of Disability for Discharge on Army of the Confederate States letterhead dated July 29th, 1862.....$750

Bate, William B. (Tennessee). CSA Major General who commanded a division in the Army of Tennessee. Was Tennessee Governor 1883-1887. Ink signature on a card matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$125

Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant (Louisiana). Nice clean and dark signature matted with a wartime cdv of the general in his CSA uniform.....$300

Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant (Louisiana). Nicely matted signature card with an antique steel plate engraving of the general in his Confederate uniform.....$325

Bee, Hamilton P. (South Carolina/Texas), Autographed document in perfect condition, nicely matted and framed w/copy print.....$325. *$275 for note only.

Bee, Hamilton P. (South Carolina/Texas) Autographed document signed. Republic of Texas, Houston, 1838, nicely matted with a color glossy photograph of General Bee in his Confederate uniform.....$295

Benning, Henry L. (Georgia). General Benning was attached to Hood's Division of the 1st Corps taking part in many engagements from Second Manassas to Appomattox. Prior to the War and again post War, Benning was a prominent attorney in Columbus including six years as associate justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. Offered here is the title page of one of Benning's law books matted and signed in full "Henry L. Benning".....$195

Boggs, William R. (Georgia) Chief of Engineers and Artillery on the staff of General Bragg and later Chief of Staff to Kirby Smith in the Dept. of Trans Mississippi. Offered here is a bank check drawn on a St. Louis bank both payable and signed by him. (2 signatures). Dated June 29th, 1874. Two Cents revenue stamp present. Matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$175

Bonham, Milledge L. (Mississippi), DS, w/Reuben Davis and W.W. Boyce.....$225

Bragg, Braxton (North Carolina), Portion of a ledger sheet Bragg has signed and noting his wife, servant, and a Miss Ellie. Nicely matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$375

Bragg, Braxton (North Carolina) War date endorsement signed as General. Reads: Headquarters Army of Tenn. Missionary Ridge Nov. 20th 1863 Respectfully forwarded Braxton Bragg Gen'l Com'dg. Neatly matted with a seldom seen War time cdv photograph of Bragg.....$975

Branch, Lawrence O'Bryan (North Carolina). Signed stock (Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road Company) certificate as company president dated 1853. General Branch was killed in action September 17, 1862 at Sharpsburg.....$325

Breckinridge, John C. (Kentucky), Nicely matted Wartime cdv photograph of General Breckinridge in his CSA uniform, backmarked by E. & H.T. Anthony photographers with a nice and clean full signature with Wartime rank of Major General.....$795

Buckner, Simon B. (Kentucky), A very nice document signed as Kentucky Governor 1888.....$325

Buckner, Simon B. (Kentucky). Wartime cdv of Buckner back marked by Nashville Tennessee photographer Thomas Merritt neatly matted with his signature clipped from an album page.....$325

Butler, Matthew C. (South Carolina) Dark and clean signature with notation "Edgefield S.C." matted with a 4" x 6" black and white glossy photograph.....$125

Cabell, William Lewis (Virginia). Served the Confederate Cause with generals Beauregard, Joe Johnston, Van Dorn, and Price in Missouri where he was captured and held for almost a year. Offered here is a clean signature adding "Danville Virginia" neatly matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$135

Capers, Ellison (South Carolina) Offered here is a rather hard to find document signed "E. Capers" "Secty of State's office, Columbia, SC 1867 referencing a mortgage transfer matted with a black and white glossy photograph. Nice embossed seal of South Carolina present on the document.....$365

Chalmers, James Ronald (Virginia). Fought at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, and led a division under Nathan Bedford Forrest. Offered here is a signed endorsement "Forwarded Approved Jas. R. Chalmers Brig. Gen'l" matted 8" x 10" with a glossy black & white photo......$225

Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin (Tennessee) Served in every engagement of the Army of Tennessee from Shiloh to Atlanta. Offered here is a cdv photograph by Anthony, dated 1862, matted with a Wartime Endorsement Signed as Major General Commanding Division.....$775

Clingman, Thomas L. (North Carolina) A document signed 1868, approx 8" x 4 1/2" with revenue stamp.....$225

Cobb, Howell (Georgia) Free franked cover which is also addressed in his hand.....$150

Cobb, Howell (Georgia) Franking signature with second signature in address to Athens, Georgia. Red wax seal on reverse with some bleed through to obverse. Two signatures.....$195

Cobb, Howell (Georgia) Matted real photo cdv along with a signature.....$350

Colquitt, Alfred (Georgia). CSA General at the Battle of Olustee, Florida. Complete letter signed by Colquitt along with others. Written to Caleb Cushing who was a former Congressman and at the time of the letter, U.S. Attorney General. Colquitt (along with others) is recommending an appointment of a Edward Hardin to the position of Judge in either the Nebraska or Kansas Territory.....$235

Colquitt, Alfred (Georgia). CSA General at the Battle of Olustee, Florida. Signature nicely matted with color glossy 4" x 6" photograph.....$125

Colston, R.E. (Virginia) Framed CDV and bold signature.....$425

Conner, James (South Carolina), Clip.....$125

Conner, James (South Carolina), Memorial day broadside for a service, May 10, 1870 in Charleston, SC., Magnolia Cemetary......$250

Conner, James (South Carolina). Neatly matted signature of this Brigadier General with b/w glossy photo.....$175

Cook, Philip (Georgia) Signature from an album page. He adds "Americus Ga.". General Cook entered as a Private with the 4th Georgia Infantry serving the Army of Northern Virginia receiving promotions and commissions as well as wounds in many battles. Signature matted with a color portrait.....$150

Cox, William R. (North Carolina), ADS, 1895.....$195

DeSaussure,Wilmot (South Carolina), ADS, 1876.....$75

Dickison, John J. (Va./SC/Fla.) Listed in More Generals in Gray and also SHSP. Most reports have him a captain or colonel. Affectionally nicknamed "Swamp Fox" referring to his daring raids behind Union lines along the St. John's River. Offered here is A Document Signed U.S. Mail Line dated Sept. 1st, 1855 from Palatka Florida to Ocala Florida. Rather nice condition overall.....$595

Drayton, Thomas (South Carolina). Document signed as railroad president two months before South Carolina seceeded. Matted with a rare wartime cdv backmarked by Anthony of Drayton dressed in his Confederate uniform.....$525

Duke, Basil (Kentucky) Large, clean signature cut from an album page nicely matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

Early, Jubal Anderson (Virginia), Nice signature with sentiments from Lynchburg, Virginia dated 1882 with photograph from the original Cook negative. Matted and housed in a wood slat backed antique frame.....$850

Early, Jubal Anderson (Virginia), Nice copy of cdv portrait housed in an original album mount matted with a postcard note written in Early's hand from New Orleans and signed. Dated Dec. 18th, 1877.....$495

Early, Jubal Anderson (Virginia), Dark clean signature matted with a copy CDV portrait housed in an antique album page.....$295

Echols, John (Virginia) Hardback book from his personal library signed in pencil inside the front cover, "Jno.Echols, 1895".....$175

Elliott Jr., Stephen (South Carolina) Served the Confederate Cause most of the War in his native state. Nice clean cover with South Carolina postmark over a pair of Jeff Davis 5 cents stamps matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$395

Ewell, Richard Stoddert (Washington, D.C.) Served in the U. S. Cavalry Dragoons on the frontier, in the Mexican War, and in Indian fighting before joining the CSA. Fought at First Manassas and was with Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley. He lost his leg at Groveton and was strapped in his saddle at Gettysburg. Offered here is a dark signature "R. S. Ewell Cap't. of Dragoons" neatly matted with an original CDV which pictures General Ewell in his C. S. A. uniform.....$475

Finley, Jesse Johnson (Tennessee/Florida) A scarce Florida general.....J J Finley. This is a clean and dark signature with rank and notation "Fla. Brigade" matted with a black and white glossy. Seldom seen.....$495

Forney, William H. (North Carolina/Alabama). Wounded at Gettysburg and taken prisoner for more than a year. After his exchange, he commanded a brigade within the 3rd Corps until Appomattox. Offered here is a clean dark signature cut from a crisp album page. He adds "Jacksonville Ala.". It is matted with a small portrait cut from a literary page.....$175 (Click images to enlarge)

Forrest, Nathan Bedford (Tennessee) Signed twice (once on obverse and once on reverse) Selma, Marion, and Memphis Railroad Company $1,000 bond authorized by the State of Alabama. Thirty-three coupons attached. Also signed on the reverse by the Governor of Alabama W.H. Smith.....$2295

Forrest, Nathan Bedford (Tennessee) Nice full color portrait of Forrest matted with a 25 cent banknote bearing his printed signature. Framed in an antique gold leaf frame.....SOLD

Forrest, Nathan Bedford (Tennessee) Document hand signed (autographed) by Forrest as president of The Selma, Marion and Memphis Railroad Company. Printed on the reverse of one of his railroad's bonds. Dated September 1, 1869.....$995

French, Samuel Gibbs, (New Jersey) A note written and signed on a war date document.....$250

Fry, Birkett D., (Virginia) Signed coupon from a Tallahassee Manufacturing Company interest bearing bond as Secretary. Wounded at Seven Pines, Sharpsburg, and Chancellorsville. Performed notable service at Gettysburg and participated in "Pickett's Charge" where he was wounded once more and captured. Released in time to take part in the siege of Petersburg. Promoted to brigadier general on May 24, 1864.....$175

Gartrell, Lucius Jeremiah (Georgia). Fought at First Manassas (where his 16 year old son was killed), was elected to the CSA Congress, and commanded his brigade of Georgia Reserves in South Carolina. Offered here is a nice clean signature with "Atlanta Georgia" from an album page matted with a black and white glossy photo......$225 (Click images to view larger)

Gibson, R.L. (Louisiana) Check signed and nicely framed.....$155

Gladden, Adley H. (South Carolina) Killed in Action at the Battle of Shiloh April 6, 1862. An Endorsement Signed as Brigadier General and dated November 6th, 1861.....$375

Gordon, George Washington (Tennessee) Cover addressed in his hand to his sister in Columbia Tennessee. Postmarked Sandusky Ohio July 15 (1862). Return address signed with rank of Captain (made General in 1864) as a Prisoner of War at Johnson's Island, Sandusky Ohio.....$275

Gordon, John B., (Georgia). Colorful 14" x 18" document from the Memphis Tennessee business, the Southern Life Insurance Company. Gordon was President of the Atlanta Department and has signed boldly as President. Dated October 1, 1875.....$225

Gordon, John B. (Georgia). Personal check signed "J B Gordon" drawn on the Citizens Bank of Georgia (Atlanta) dated December 11, 1880. Matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$275

Green, Thomas (Texas), Framed write-up along with a bold signature. Overall size is 8" x 10".....$125

Green, Thomas (Texas). Nice war date signature, dark and clean. Matted with a black & white glossy. I have had several signatures over the years but all have been pre-war as clerk of the Texas court. There are sadly no post-war signatures as he was KIA 1864 at Blair's Landing, Louisiana. I can offer this wardate signature.....$250

Hampton, Wade (South Carolina) Original cdv photograph of Wade Hampton nicely matted with his autograph and words "I am Resp'y Yours, Wade Hampton". All for $550

Hampton, Wade (South Carolina) This is an original steel plate engraving of General Hampton in his CSA uniform matted with his signature on a card. He adds, "So(uth) Ca(rolina).....$275

Hardee, William J. (Georgia) Letter from a Selma Alabama attorney who has attached a clip signature of Gen'l Hardee and sent honoring a request. Signature is very dark and 2 1/2 inches long.....SOLD

Hays, Harry T. (Tennessee) Letter from New Orleans dated 1867 to a collector of autographs. Hays sends his own along with Gen. Beauregard's. Mentions Generals Bragg, Forrest, and Pemberton as no longer being in the city. Double matted with a photo cdv and housed in a nice burled walnut frame.....$475

Hood, John Bell (Kentucky), Scarce signature "John B. Hood" and pre-war rank as "Brevet Second Lieutenant of Infantry". Matted with an original steel plate engraving and housed in an antique frame.....$575

Hood, John Bell (Kentucky), Signature removed from a document Hood signed as President. The document could have been related to his cotton brokerage or insurance business. It is neatly matted with an original cdv portrait of Hood in his CSA uniform housed in an original brass mat from a photographic case of the period.....$695

Hood, John Bell (Kentucky), Signature with rank neatly matted with his portrait cdv with Anthony backmark housed within original album mount.....$750

Hood, John Bell (Kentucky), pre-war Signature with rank matted with a vintage portrait of him in his CSA uniform.....$495

Hunton, Eppa (Virginia). Confederate Brigadier General who was wounded in action as a result of his participation in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. Signed document dated May 13, 1854. A pay-order signed as cashier of the Farmer's Bank of Alexandria matted with a black & white glossy.....$200

Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall" (Virginia) war time autograph with rank of Lt. General housed in an antique frame with copied photos and a brass plaque with a short biography. A stunning piece!.....$4950

Johnson, Bradley T. (Maryland), DS.....$130

Johnston, Albert Sidney (Kentucky), nice clean and dark clipped signature attached to a note from Johnston's wife referencing the signature.....$595 (SOLD)

Johnston, Joseph E. (Virginia), Nice clean and dark signature matted with a CDV of Johnston as CSA General.....$395

Johnston, Joseph E. (Virginia). Large dark signature nicely matted with an original steel plate engraving......$295 (Click image to enlarge)

Johnston, Joseph E. (Virginia). Partly-printed document signed "J.E.Johnston", dated in Washington on Dec. 11, 1879 concerning his receipt of the Official Register of the United States from the Secretary of the Interior. Very nice throughout. There is a faint docketing hand stamp upper left corner verifying shipment December 11, 1879......$375

Jones, John Robert (Virginia) Scarce large albumen real photograph of Jones nicely matted with his signature clipped from an album page. He adds, "Virginia". Jones led the Rockingham Confederates serving under Stonewall Jackson at First Manassas and Robert E. Lee at Antietam.....$525

Jones, John Robert (Virginia). Very neatly penned signed letter all in the hand of Jones. Written from Harrisonburg Virginia dated March 18th, 1887, Jones responds to a request for an engraving of his likeness.....$625

Jones, Samuel (Virginia). Beautifully written wardate ALS with rank. Datelined Chattanooga Sept. 2, 1862.....$950

Jones, William E. Grumble (Virginia), ADS, sig. on verso, KIA 1864.....$195

Jones, William E. Grumble (Virginia), Killed in Action 1864. Nice clean document approx. 9 3/4"x 15 3/4" dated October 1852 in Ft. Merrill Texas. Document is titled "Monthly Summary Statement of Funds Received and Disbursed".....$150

Jordan, Thomas (Virginia), ALS, initialed "T.J.".....$130

Lawton, Alexander (Georgia), ALS, 1855.....$225

Lee, Fitzhugh (Virginia), Typed letter 8" x 5" laid to an album page 8 1/2" x 6 1/2", datelined Glasgow Virginia March 30, 1895. Signature is neatly accomplished in black ink. Tipped to the letter is an original photograph of Lee circa 1895 originally made for a stereoview card. Lee sits in his study at his roll top desk. Letter has good content mentioning General Ewell, Battle of Manasses, 1st Virginia Cavalry, and General R.E.Lee.....$335

Lee, Fitzhugh (Virginia), Cabinet card autographed at the bottom adding "Virginia" and also signed on the reverse with notations.....$495

Lee, Fitzhugh (Virginia), Actual personal calling card of Fitzhugh Lee (engraved) and autographed on reverse. Adds 'Virginia' matted with photographic CDV and framed with double glass in order to see both sides of card.....$375

Lee, Fitzhugh (Virginia). Signature card adding "Virginia" matted with an original steel plate engraving of Lee in his CSA uniform. This engraving of Fitzhugh Lee is scarce.....$275

Lee, George Washington Custis (Virginia). Eldest son of Robert E. Lee who was also a CSA General. Offered here is a Wardate August 27, 1864 endorsement from Headquarters signed with rank of Brigadier General "G. W. C. Lee". Matted with a Wartime cdv photograph of the general in his Confederate uniform. Two cents revenue stamp applied on the reverse.....$750

Lee, George Washington Custis (Virginia). Clean, dark signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

Lee, Robert E. (Virginia), Nice signature large and dark, matted and framed in antique frame along with a steel plate engraving.....$3150

Lee, Robert E. (Virginia), Darkly penned signature with rank "Capt. Engrs." removed from the printed document relating to improvements of the Mississippi River. Matted with an original steel plate engraving of Lee. Housed in an antique frame.....$3250 (Click images to enlarge)

Lee, Robert E. (Virginia). Nicely penned signature "R.E.Lee" . Matted with a real cdv photograph from the War of the great general. A nice pair.....$2495

Lee, Stephen Dill (South Carolina) S. D. Lee was the youngest lieutenant general of the Confederacy. Wartime An Endorsement Signed with rank matted with an original photograph by Mathew Brady sold by the firm of Selby & McCauley of Baltimore. Housed in an original cdv album page.....$625

Lee, Stephen D. (South Carolina), Signature with rank clipped from a larger document neatly matted with a black and white photograph.....$195

Lee, Stephen D. (South Carolina), Real photo cabinet card photograph autographed with rank and "CS Army" and with position as "Cmdg Corps (of the) Army of Tenn.:".....$750

Lee, Stephen D. (South Carolina) Signature matted with an etching of the good general. Reads "Stephen D. Lee Columbus, Miss(issippi)".....$175

Lee, Stephen D. Lee (South Carolina) Full signature matted with a copy CDV photograph housed in an antique album page.....$175

Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh (Virginia), A letter signed from Burke's Station, Fairfax County Virginia and dated March 18, 1880. Refers an inquiry to the great Southern pastor and writer Rev. J. Wm. Jones in Richmond. Matted with a cdv photograph with Anthony backmark Nice and clean.....$995

Lee, William Henry Fitzhugh (Virginia), This is a franked House of Representatives cover (1891) addressed to Dinwiddie County, Virginia.....$250

Logan, Thomas M. (South Carolina). Signed stock (Seattle, Lake Shore, and Eastern Railway Company) certificate as seller (on verso) of the 100 shares dated 1890. General Logan served with Wade Hampton, Micah Jenkins, and finally fought Sherman in the Carolinas in the closing operations of the War.....$250

Lomax, Lunsford (Virginia) Wardate A Note Signed. Headquarters Department of Northern Virginia 20 October 1863 Special Order No. 258 A transfer request from the 4th Va. Cavalry. General Lomax responds, "Resp'y returned 4th Va. Cavalry not in this Brigade". "L.L.Lomax Brig. Gen'l".....$275

Longstreet, James (South Carolina). Nice dark signature on a bank check drawn on the Riggs National Bank in Washington D.C. matted with an original steel plate engraving by A.H. Ritchie published in 1864 by George P. Putnam.....$495

Longstreet, James (South Carolina) Offered here is a cdv photograph of Longstreet in his CSA uniform. Photograph is backmarked E. & H. T. Anthony. Signature is nice and clean. He adds "Lt. Gen. CSA". Matted.....$850 (Click images to enlarge)

Longstreet, James (South Carolina) Large signature with "Yours Truly" matted with an original hand colored wood block engraved portrait removed from an 1800's publication.....$495

Longstreet, James (South Carolina) Dark signature matted with a cdv photograph.....$695

Lovell, Mansfield (D.C.) CDV of General Lovell in his CSA uniform backmarked Anthony in gold gilt. Matted with a clean dark signature.....$325

Mackall, William W. (Maryland). Served on the staffs of Albert Sidney Johnston, Braxton Bragg, and Joseph Johnston. Offered here is his signature with rank matted with a glossy photograph.....$395

Magruder, John B. (Va.) Nice clean signature "J Bankhead Magruder" neatly matted with an original cdv photograph.....$425

Mahone, William (Virginia), Signed ornate stock certificate as railroad President, scarce uncancelled.....$295

Mahone, William (Virginia) Large Wartime endorsement clip signed as Brigadier General circa 1861/1862.....SOLD

Mahone, William (Virginia) Offered here is a letter signed on U.S. Senate stationary (however from Petersburg Virginia) along with a handwritten copy. Content referencing the location of his old Division on April 2nd 1865.....$295

Mahone, William Nicely matted original steel plate engraving (scarce) with a dark signature of General Mahone.....$275

Marshall, Humphrey (Kentucky) CSA General mostly engaged in Kentucky and western Virginia. He was related to John Marshall, Union General William Birney, and a lawyer by profession. Offered here is his signature cut from an album page adds "Ky" neatly matted with a 1930's black and white copy of a photo of a portrait of Marshall.....$175

Martin, William T. (Kentucky/Mississippi) General Martin's War Record included service under J.E.B. Stuart and Joe Wheeler. Battles he was present included Seven Days, Sharpsburg, the Tullahoma campaign, Chickamauga, Knoxville, and Atlanta. Offered here is a card signed "Will T. Martin Maj. Gen'l Cav Wheeler's Corps C.S.A.".....$295

Maury, Dabney H. (Virginia), An Endorsement Signed. Dated and with rank. (Translated) "Head Quarters District of the Gulf, Mobile February 5, 1865 Respectfully referred to ____ D H Maury Brig. General Commanding". Matted with an original silver print photograph.....$375

Maxey, Samuel B. (Kentucky/Texas), Signature from an album page matted with a silver print photograph. Nice and clean, much better than average.....$195

McLaws, Lafayette (Georgia), Promoted to Major General May 23, 1862. Commanded at Seven Days Battles, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Signed document, a State of Georgia Internal Revenue tobacco tax receipt. Nicely matted with a black & white glossy photo.....$150

McLaws, Lafayette (Georgia) Real photo cabinet card inscribed "Very respectfully, L. M. Laws Maj Genl C.S.A. custom matted.....$595

McLaws, Lafayette (Georgia), Matted with a black & white glossy photograph is the third page of a letter (pages 1 & 2 included and also a full typed transcript) of a letter written to J.R. Pennypacker, Editor of the Philadelphia Weekly Press. Datelined Savannah Georgia, April 30th 1886. References the mutual respect between him and General Sickles, mentions Sickles at the Battle of Round Top the morning of July 2nd Gettysburg, the article that he (McLaws) wrote on the Maryland Campaign in 1862, and the importance of publishing a "true history of campaigns". (History should be factual, not political or opinionated.) "Very truly yours, L McLaws".....$375

McMahon, Martin T. (Virginia), DS.....$60

Mercer, Hugh W. (Georgia) On Georgia banknote.....From $75

Mercer, Hugh W. (Virginia/Georgia). Commanded at Savannah and took part in the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. Offered here is an original glossy gelatin print of General Mercer in his CSA uniform matted with a wartime signature with rank. Signature is clean and dark.....$195

Mercer, Hugh W. (Georgia) On $100 Georgia banknote.....$450 (Click to enlarge)

Mercer, Hugh W. (Georgia) On $2 Georgia banknote framed including a poem 'The Lost Cause'.....$95

Morgan, John T. (Alabama), Signed card matted with a black & white copied photo placed in a period CDV album page.....$125.

Morgan, John T. (Alabama) Photograph and signature matted in simple frame.....$225

Mosby, John Singleton (Virginia) Not a CSA General but Colonel of Mosby's Partisan Rangers. Nicely matted and framed original photograph cdv and bold signature.....SOLD

Francis T. Nicholls (Louisiana), Louisiana State document signed in New Orleans 1878 as President of the Funding Board......$235

Nicholls, Francis T. (Louisiana). Portion of a State of Louisiana document showing where Nicholls has signed as Governor. Matted with a color copy of Nicholls in his CSA uniform......$165 (Click images to enlarge)

O'Neal, E.A. (Alabama) A.L.S. on State Letterhead of Alabama, executive office letterhead, 1884.....$250

Paxton, Elisha Franklin (Virginia), Assigned to the command of the Stonewall Brigade, signature on Banknote.....$1250 (Click image to view larger)

Paxton, Elisha Franklin (Virginia), Born in Rockbridge County, entered the CSA army as a lieutenant of the Rockbridge Rifles, was a member of the staff of Stonewall Jackson with rank of major and assistant adjutant general. November 1862 promoted to brigadier general. Killed in the front of his line May 3, 1863. Buried in Lexington within a few feet of Jackson. Matted ten dollar Rockbridge banknote signed as President along with a portrait photograph.....$875 (Click images to view larger)

Pemberton, J.C. (Pennsylvania), framed display with bold, clipped signature.....SOLD

Pemberton, J.C. (Pennsylvania), nicely matted signature underneath "Very truly yours.." along with a copied engraving.....$350

Pendleton, A(lexander) S(wift) "Sandie" (Virginia). CSA Lt. Colonel. A very scarce 9 line war date Autograph Endorsement Signed January 19, 1864, reading in full: "Private McCown re-enlisted under act of Congress & has never received Transportation home and back or commutation therefore, to which he is entitled by law. A.S.Pendleton, Lt. Col. & a.a.g. Jany 19th 64". All in his hand.....$975

Pendleton, A(lexander) S(wift) "Sandie" (Virginia). Signature with rank of Lt. Colonel A.A.G. attractively matted with a color glossy photograph..............$425

Pendleton, W(illiam) N(elson) (Virginia), Lee's Chief of Artillery, framed display with real photograph and signature with rank, reads "Brig. Genl. & Ch. of Arty, A.N.Va.".....$450

Pendleton, W(illiam) N(elson), (Virginia), Lee's Chief of Artillery. A scare and fine content A.L.S., 4 pages, from Staunton Va. Jan. 27, 1871 to Governor Thomas Reynolds of Missouri appealing for funds to erect a church in the memory of Robert E.Lee, Speaks of Lee as our "Model Commander and friend". There is alot of content referencing the devastation of the South by Northern tyranny. Closes with mention of the Hereafter, "that better country where the weary are at rest." Must read entire letter to get the full impact.....$850

Perry, Edward A. (Florida), Led the 2nd Florida Infantry which fought with R.E.Lee. Signed document as Florida's Governor.....$275

Pike, Albert (Arkansas), Nice clean and dark signature matted with a cdv as CSA General.....$395

Pike, Albert (Arkansas). Neatly penned signed letter all in the hand of Albert Pike to Col. John Nelson referencing a legal matter.....$400

Polk, Leonidas (N. Carolina) Nice framed hand colored cdv along with $50 Louisiana bank note.....$TBD

Preston, William (Kentucky). Served on the staff of his brother-in-law General Albert Sidney Johnston. Appointed brigadier general on April 14, 1862 and took part in the battles of Corinth, Murfreesboro, and Chickamauga. Offered here is a dark signature "W. Preston" underneath "Truly & Sincerely" handsomely matted in a Confederate butternut color with a color laser portrait housed in an original antique photographic album page.....$165

Price, Sterling (Virginia) Moved to Missouri at the age of 22 where he farmed, entered politics, and became Governor. Served as CSA general in operations largely in Missouri, Arkansas, Corinth Mississippi, and Texas. Offered here is an original cdv photograph matted with a fine signature on an album page titled "Missouri". He adds his residence "Keytesville".....$325 (Click images to view larger)

Pryor, Roger A. (Virginia) Nicely matted real photo cdv of General Pryor with a dark signature.....$250

Pryor, Roger A. (Virginia), Nice color lazer copy of a cdv photograph of Pryor housed in an antique cdv album page matted with a gold gilt signature card.....$145

Quarles, William A. (Virginia/Kentucky). Fought gallantly in the Atlanta campaign and in Hood's Tennessee invasion. Wounded and captured at the Battle of Franklin. Offered here is a State of Tennessee, Memphis, Clarksville, & Louisville RR bond. Quarles has signed as president of the railroad......$350

Randolph, George Wythe (Virginia). Organized the Richmond Howitzers and served in the Peninsula Campaign and present at Big Bethel. Also Secretary of War in Jefferson Davis' cabinet. Clipped signature with rank.....$250

Ransom, Matthew (N. Carolina), Signed card, comes w/banknote.....$175

Rodes, Robert E. (Virginia) CSA Major General whose battles include First Manassas, Seven Pines (severely wounded), Gaines' Mill, South Mountain, and Sharpsburg. He received his promotion to major general for his services at Chancellorsville (May 1863). He led his division at Gettysburg, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania. Major General Rodes was mortally wounded at Winchester on September 19, 1864. Offered here is a cdv portrait of Rodes (a color lazer copy) housed in an antique cdv mat and Rodes' signature with his rank of Major General. Both neatly matted.....$1850

Ross, Lawrence S. (Texas). CSA General who fought in 135 battles having 5 horses shot from under him. Commended by Joseph Johnston, Van Dorn, Hardee, Forrest, S.D.Lee, and W.H.Jackson. Offered here is a nicely matted signature card with a glossy photo.....$295

Rosser, Thomas (Virginia) Commanded a company at First Manassas, wounded at Mechanicsville, served with Jeb Stuart and the 5th Virginia Cavalry, wounded at Kelly's Ford, commanded the Laurel brigade, and then commanded Jubal Early's cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley. Participated in the Battle of Five Forks and operations up to Appomattox. He refused to surrender, was captured, and then paroled in May. It is interesting that later he was a brigadier general of U.S. Volunteers serving with other former CSA generals in the Spanish- American War (1898). Offered here is a Virginia company stock certificate he has signed as president.....$225

Rust, Albert (Virginia/Arkansas) He was colonel of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry, served under Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and appointed brigadier general March 4, 1862. He served Trans-Mississippi under Sterling Price, General Hindman in Arkansas, and under Generals Pemberton and Richard Taylor in Louisiana. Offered here is a clipped signature from an album page neatly matted with a copied photo. He adds, " El Dorado" which at that time was his home.....$150

Semmes, Raphael (Maryland), Confederate Rear Admiral. Nice real photo of the Confederate commander of the destroyer CSS Alabama, matted with a nice clean full signature and housed in an antique frame.....$750

Smith, Edmund Kirby, (Florida) CSA lieutenant general in command of the Trans-Mississippi Department from 1861-1865. Clipped signature with war time rank "Lt. Gen'l, Com'dg" matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$275

Smith, Edmund Kirby, (Florida). Manuscript document signed "E. Kirby Smith Col. C.S. Army". One page. Measures 6 1/4" x 7 1/2". Docketed on reverse "Lynchburg, Virginia May 13, 1861". Receipt for 60,000 musket ball cartridges and 100,000 percussion caps. Cost is $375

Smith, Gustavus (Kentucky), war date signature with rank matted and framed with real photo cdv by Anthony from a Matthew Brady negative.....$395

Smith, William (Virginia), ADS, 1846 as Virginia Governor.....$195

Smith, William (Virginia). Nice Civil War period photograph backmarked by Anthony of former Virginia Governor in his CSA uniform artfully matted with his signature cut from an album page. Smith adds "Warrenton Va.".....$425

Sorrel, Gilbert Moxley (Georgia). General Sorrel was constantly at General Longstreet's side from First Manassas to the Wilderness. He was wounded in the leg at Petersburg while serving in General Mahone's division and was shot through the lung at Hatcher's Run in February 1865. Offered here is a wartime note signed as General mentioning Major General Longstreet "G M Sorrel". Nicely matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$495

Steuart, George Hume (Maryland). Entered the Confederate service as Captain of Cavalry and soon thereafter commanded units such as the 1st Maryland Infantry and several Virginia regiments. After the War for many years served as commander of the Maryland division of the United Confederate Veterans. Offered here is his signature with rank on lined paper matted with a b/w glossy photograph.....$195 (Click images to enlarge)

Steuart, George Hume (Maryland) Signature as Brigadier General matted with a b/w glossy portrait.....$275

Stevens, C.H. (South Carolina) Signed banknote from the Planters & Mechanics Bank of South Carolina in Charleston. Document is in very nice and clean condition.....$495

Stewart, Alexander P. (Tennessee). Wardate forwarding endorsement as Major General neatly double matted with a photograph and housed in a stately frame.....$395

Stewart, Alexander P. (Tennessee), nicely matted wardate forwarding endorsement as Major General.....$295 (Click images to enlarge)

Stewart, Alexander P. (Tennessee) A Letter Signed on University of Mississippi stationary datelined Oxford, March 27, 1880. Nicely penned letter matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

Stuart, JEB (Virginia) autograph of the flamboyant and daring cavalry general housed in an antique frame with a copied photo and brass plaque with a short biography.....SOLD

Taliaferro, William B. (Virginia), photo CDV with Anthony backmark nicely matted (with V-cuts) with a bold signature "Ever most affectionate your husband" and note "I wrote in great haste", hardwood frame.....$625

Taylor, Richard (Kentucky), war-date letter signed with rank of "Lieut. Gen.". General Taylor's desperate plea to Mississippi Governor Clark for weapons.....$1650

Terry, William R. (Virginia). Wounded seven times in battle including Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. Commanded the Stonewall Brigade from May 20, 1864 to the end. Offered here is a black and white glossy photograph nicely matted with a signature on an album page. Terry adds "Va.".....$225

Tilghman, Lloyd (Maryland/Kentucky) Commissioned Brigadier General on October 18th, 1861. His service to the Confederacy was primarily in Tennessee and Mississippi. He was KIlled in Action during the Battle of Champion's Hill in Mississippi. Signature with rank clipped from a Confederate document. Matted with a copy of a cdv photograph housed in an antique album page.....$595

Toombs, Robert A. (Georgia). Nice signature of Toombs adding "Washington, Ga." neatly matted underneath real cdv image of Toombs.....$275

Trimble, Isaac R., (Virginia/Maryland) Major General who participated in Pickett's charge at Gettysburg where he lost a leg and was captured. Endorsement Signed with rank.....$275

Twiggs, David E., (Georgia). Major General Twiggs (CSA) was the oldest officer to leave the US army for the Confederate army. Large dark signature with his US rank matted with a glossy photo.....$135

Vance, Robert, Signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$125

Walker,John G. (Texas), Closely clipped signature adds, Brig.Genl.C.S.A. Most of the "A" is clipped off.....$75

Wayne, Henry C. (Georgia). For much of the War, he was adjutant and inspector general for the State of Georgia. He was also for a time in command of the Georgia militia. Offered here is a letter signed on his State of Georgia office's letterhead wardated Sept. 23, 1864.....$375

Weisiger, David A. (Virginia). Partly-printed DS, signed "D. A. Weisiger", one page, 8" x 4", dated June 12, 1869. Document from the Citizens' Savings Bank of Virginia, recording the deposit of $300. Signed at the conclusion by Weisiger as Cashier.....$225

West, Absalom M. (Alabama/Mississippi), Signed stock (Mississippi Valley Company) certificate as company president dated 1883. West was a Confederate Militia General who served as Brigadier General of the Mississippi state troops. Attractive document.....$125

Wharton, G.C. (Virginia), Framed clipped sig w/laser copy image.....$TBD

Wheeler, Joseph (Georgia), CSA Major General who had sixteen horses shot under him while in battle. His exploits were second only to Nathan Bedford Forrest. Here is a rather special example. Envelope is postmarked Wheeler, Alabama dated Jan. 8, 1943, stamp is WWII patriotic "Win the War", notation on obverse "General Joe Wheeler CSA-USA Given by his daughter", reverse is personalized "Miss Annie E. Wheeler Wheeler, Alabama". Enclosure is clip signature of Joseph Wheeler in brown ink. Gen. Wheeler was also a general and hero of the Spanish-American War. Signature is circa 1860s.....$225

Wheeler, Joseph (Georgia), Here is a nice clean signature of Gen. Wheeler matted with a real photo cdv which is backmarked by E. & H.T. Anthony. Tax revenue stamp present.....$495 (Click images to enlarge)

Wickham, Williams C. (Virginia), One page document, both sides. Signed 9/10/64. Private P. Nelms Co. A, 2nd Va. Cavalry detailed to procure a fresh horse from his home in Buford County. Several officers have signed including CSA General Williams Carter Wickham, Col. Thomas T. Munford (Brigade Commander, Army of the Valley), A(lexander) S(wift) "Sandie" Pendleton, son of CSA General William Nelson Pendleton, was Jackson's ordnance officer and favorite aide. Jackson treated him like a son. He penned most of Jackson's battle reports and the two men were for the most part inseparable. KIA 9/22/64. He was a Lt. Col. at the time. Is buried in Lexington Cemetery near Jackson's grave. Other officers who signed are Robert C. Wilson (WIA 3 times) John Owen Lashley (KIA) James L. Jones, and James Breckenridge (KIA). Lots of copied reference material provided.....SOLD

Williams, John Stuart "Cerro Gordo" (Kentucky). Commanded the Department of East Tennessee. Present here is his nice dark wartime signature with rank and "CSA" matted with a portrait of him removed from an old book.....$225 (Click images to enlarge)

Wise, Henry A. (Virginia) Fought in campaigns under Robert E. Lee and campaigns under Pierre Beauregard. Was Virginia Governor 1856 to 1860. Offered here is a large dark signature matted with a real photo cdv of Wise taken by Mathew Brady and published by E. Anthony.....$350 (Click images to enlarge)

Wright, Marcus J (Tennessee). Boldly penned signature with rank. There is a light ink bleed resulting in the "ghosting" effect. Matted with a glossy photograph.....$175

Wright, Marcus J. (Tennessee), a one sheet card stock folded for two pages of manuscript. Front page imprinted "The Autograph Collection of Howes Norris, Jr." and below is 24 lines of a poem which is continued on the inside with an additional 16 lines, then signed "Marcus J Wright", dated in Washington Sept. 17, 1904. Blank inside page has a small portrait of Gen. Wright in his CSA uniform.....$150

Young, Pierce Manning Butler (Georgia). Commanded the cavalry of Cobb's Legion, served with Wade Hampton, worked on the defense of Augusta Georgia, and fought General Sherman in the Carolinas. Buried in Cartersville Georgia near his old plantation. Offered here is a nice signature "P M B Young" adding "Georgia" cut from an album page neatly matted with a glossy photo of Young in his CSA uniform.....$150

Young, Pierce Manning Butler (Georgia) Nice and clean large dark signature with rank matted with a glossy photograph.....$225

Zollicoffer, Felix (Tennessee), Nice dark signature with a "Nashville Tenn." matted with a cdv marked by Mathew Brady.....$450

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