Confederate Leaders Autographs

Adams, John P. (South Carolina) A document signed referencing the Charleston & South Carolina Railroad. CSA Major of the 10th or 3rd Battalion Cavalry.....$ 95

Baldwin, John P. (Florida) General and Staff Major 1864.....$275

Benjamin, Judah P. (Virgin Islands) Served the Confederacy as Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State. Jefferson Davis called him the "Brains of the Confederacy". Nicely matted with a copy photograph is a clean crisp signature from a Confederate document signed as Secretary of State.....$550

Benjamin, Judah P. (Virgin Islands), Confederate Cabinet Member/Attorney General, Secretary of War, Secretary of State. Nice original piece direct from the family. Reverse of CDV is signed O.C. Benjamin in period brown ink. Matted with a note signed and dated by Judah P. Benjamin and housed in an antique frame....SOLD

Benjamin, Judah P. (Virgin Islands) One of many of the Jewish faith who supported the Confederacy. Offered here is a real photo CDV backmarked Anthony, neatly matted with a signed and dated portion of a legal document.....$495

Bragg, Thomas (North Carolina) Attorney General of the CSA (following Benjamin). Also Governor of North Carolina prior to the War. A Document Signed as the legal witness to a payment between two parties "Th. Bragg Jp" (Jurisprudence).....$225

Breckinridge, John C. (Kentucky). Wardate February 10, 1865 signature as CSA Secretary of War. Don't see many of these!.....$695

Brown, Joseph E. (Georgia) War Governor, signed 1880 Georgia bank check, colorful.....$75

Calhoun, James M. (Georgia) Mayor of Atlanta who surrendered the city on September 2, 1864 in order to protect its citizens and property. After the Confederates had withdrawn as per the terms, the Union army burned the city under General Sherman's orders (anyway). Offered here is a glossy photograph of Mayor Calhoun matted with a check from the Atlanta's City Clerk's Office dated July 1, 1864 and signed "J M Calhoun". Two months later the city surrendered. Item includes a copy of the official facts in regard to the surrender.....$125

Calhoun, J.C. (South Carolina) Vice President under John Quincy Adams. Later a statesman who died in 1850 but greatly influenced the Civil War even so long after his death. Clipped signature free frank of Calhoun matted with period steel plate engraving and housed in an antique frame.....$495

Calhoun, J. C. (South Carolina). Nice clean dark signature matted with a cdv photograph published during the American Civil War.....$395

Calhoun, John C. (South Carolina) Very nicely framed and matted vintage steel plate engraving with a complete Free Franked cover from South Carolina.....$395

Clay, Jr. Clement Claiborne (Alabama) A U.S. senator before the War and a member of the Confederate Senate representing Alabama from 1861-1863. Then a diplomatic agent of the Confederate States. Clay was pictured on several CSA Treasury one dollar bills. Offered here is a large signature from an album page neatly matted with a black and white glossy photograph. Clay adds, "Huntsville Ala.".....$149

Davis, Jefferson (Mississippi) Confederate President, Nicely matted period steel plate engraving with full spelled out signature housed in 1800's antique frame.....$750

Davis, Jefferson. Old frame 12 1/2" x 16 1/8" housing a matted steel plate engraving of Jefferson Davis and a signature card displaying his classic signature fully spelled out. Card is flanked with dried flowers typical of mourning displays. Jefferson Davis died in 1889. The entire piece is characteristic of the time period.....SOLD (Click images to enlarge)

Elmore, E.C., Confederate Treasurer.....$150

Foote, H.S. (Henry Stuart) (Virginia), Confederate Congressman (Tennessee), Mississippi Senator (1847-1851) and Governor of Mississippi 1853. Nice real photo CDV with full gold gilt borders by Gurney & Son of New York, neatly matted with dark bold signature.....$195

Haskell, John C. (South Carolina) CSA Lt. Colonel who lost his right arm (Gaines' Mill).....$75

Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro (Virginia) CSA Secretary of State. Signature matted with real photo cdv by Mathew Brady and a Confederate Treasury ten dollar banknote with Hunter's portrait lower right. The center vignette is of horses pulling a field artillery cannon into action.....$285

Hunter, R.M.T. (Virginia), Confederate Secretary of State, Nice CDV along with bold, clipped signature.....$225

Hunter, R.M.T. (Virginia), Bold signature on a green album page. Nicely matted with a portrait engraving.....$150

Hunter, R.M.T. (Virginia), Confederate Secretary of State and member of the Confederate Senate by serving as one of Virginia's senators. Imprisoned after the War. Hunter was a Senator from Virginia serving in the U.S. Senate from 1847-61 as well as having a law practice. Here is a complete letter in his hand dated 1848.....$275

Lamar, Lucius Q.C. (Mississippi). Drafted Mississippi Ordinance of Secession, raised the 19th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry serving as Lieutenant Colonel. Disabled May 1862 and resigned. Then appointed by Jefferson Davis to the office of Minister to Russia and special envoy to England and France. Years later, Lamar was a U.S. Representative and Senator. He also served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior in the first administration of Grover Cleveland as well as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Lamar was a cousin to James Longstreet. Offered here is a nice clean signature with additional "Miss" on card neatly matted with a copied portrait.....$125

Mallory, Stephen R., (Florida). Served in Jefferson Davis' cabinet as Secretary of the Navy. Prior to the War, he served in the U.S. Senate. Offered here is a signed (free franked cover) dated August 27, 1856......$150

Mallory, Stephen R. (Florida). CSA Secretary of the Navy. (He was never Secretary of the US Navy). The photo matted with the signature is a color lazer copy. Looks nice. The signature with rank is a cut from an album page.....$150

Maury, Matthew Fontaine (Virginia). Commander Maury resigned his USN commission when Virginia seceded and became a commander in the Confederate States Navy. He developed torpedo mines and armed cruisers for the Confederacy. Maury produced a chart illustrating the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean proving that a transatlantic cable would be feasible. He is known as the "Pathfinder of the Seas". Offered here is the closing of a letter matted with a black & white picture cut from a magazine. Signature reads, "Yours truly M. F. Maury:".....$125

Memminger, Christopher G. (born in Germany, raised in South Carolina). First Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederacy. Nicely matted black & white glossy along with a dark signature cut from a document.....$225

Pasco, Samuel (Massachusetts) Namesake of Pasco County Florida. Moved to Florida in 1859. Entered the CSA Army with the Third Florida Volunteers, wounded and captured at Mississippi Ridge. Paroled with the rank of sergeant and returned to Florida where he served the state with careers in education, law, and politics, a Senator both Florida Senate and U. S. Senate. Signature from an album page matted with a black & white glossy.....$95

Randolph, George Wythe (Virginia). CSA Secretary of War in Jefferson Davis' cabinet from March until November 1862. He was also a CSA General. Clipped signature with rank.....$250

Reagan, John H. (Tennessee/Texas). Served as CSA Postmaster General and also Secretary of the Treasury during the last months of the Confederacy. Offered here is a one page letter to John Scott, a writer with the Sherman (Texas) Register regarding his pleasant remarks of certain named Confederates and General John B. Hood, the "bravest of all Generals". Reagan praises the writer for having a "proud spirit of one who's a true Confederate.....$395

Seddon, James - CSA Secretary of War. Nice framed display with cabinet card and bold, clipped signature. Overall size is 8" x 11".....$275

Stephens, Alexander H., the Confederate Vice President. Dark bold signature matted and framed with a photograph.....$250

Taylor, Walter H. (Virginia). Assistant Adjutant General to Robert E. Lee. Rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Taylor was Lee's aide on a daily basis during the War. Wrote a book "Four Years with General Lee" after the War. He is pictured in the famous picture of Lee with his son GWC Lee outside the door of his home in Richmond after the War. Signature w/rank with closing excised from a Special Order nicely matted with a black & white glossy photograph....$275

Toombs, Robert A. (Georgia) CSA Secretary of State resigned July 1861 when appointed to brigadier general in the Provisional Army. General Toombs was present in the Peninsula, the Seven Days, and the Second Manassas campaigns. Wounded at Sharpsburg (Antietam). Offered here is a clean signature cut from an album page (he adds "Ga.") neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$175

Trenholm, George Alfred. (South Carolina), Confederate Treasury Secretary, framed, a signed document from the Fraser, Trenholm and Company in Charleston in 1868. His company's blockade-running ventures were legendary.....$250

Yulee, David Levy (Florida), former U.S. Senator representing Florida. He was imprisoned at Fort Pulaski after the War for his support of the Confederate Government. Nice large signature removed from an autograph album matted and framed with a copy print of Yulee.....$95

Watts, Thomas H. (Alabama), Confederate Attorney General, ALS, Nov. 6, 1888.....$175

Yancy, William L. (Georgia), an Alabama lawyer and member of the CSA Senate where he was a leader of the South Fire-Eaters and advocated secession. Fine signature removed from an autograph album page. Yancy adds, "Wetumpka Alabama".....SOLD (Click image to view larger)

Young, Henry E., (South Carolina), CSA Major and Judge Advocate on Lee's Staff. He declined the position of Judge Advocate for the CS Army along with the rank of Colonel so that he could ride with Lee as he felt that was a greater honor. Offered here is a signed document from his Charleston law office.....$125 (Click image to view larger)

Yulee, David Levy (Florida). Born in the Virgin Islands, his family moved to Florida where he grew up. Yulee was the first person of Jewish ancestry elected to the U.S. Senate. Known as the "Father of Florida Railroads". He was a strong supporter of the Confederate Cause and was imprisoned after the War along with other CSA leaders. Offered here is a bank draft datelined Fernandina Florida July 21st, 1878. Yulee signs as President. Neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

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