DAG1) Full matching leatherette case housing an image of a woman holding a book.....$75

DAG2) Seated young gentleman next to a table with a book on the table. Complete case and brass mat. All original.....$75

DAG3) Sixth plate daguerrotype portrait of a middle age man housed in a full leatherette case.....$75

DAG4) Sixth plate daguerrotype of a pretty lady housed in a full leatherette case.....$75

DAG5) Large daguerrotype of a well dressed woman wearing a large cross on a necklace. The photographer's imprint reads "E. Jacobs N.O.". Southern photography is hard to find. Large brass mats are housed in a half leatherette case.....SOLD

DAG6) Here is a daguerrotype of a pretty young woman in a dress with lots of lace wearing a cameo broach necklace and a multi cameo bracelet and lace gloves. Very nice full matching case.....$75

DAG7) Very clear image of a stately gentleman. The very top of his pocket watch chain is visible. Early pebble mat. Full leatherette case in nice condition.....$75

DAG8) Nice clear image of a young family in an early full leatherette case.....$75

DAG9) Early image of a woman and her bonnet housed in a complete leatherette case.....$65

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