Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd. President, New York, 1933-1945, Democrat.

This is an original silver print photograph signed by BOTH Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. Written in ink very nicely is Christmas 1941. Photograph is matted in suede with a note on Mrs. Roosevelt's personal calling card mounted on it's imprinted The White House envelope. Note reads in part "Congratulations & good wishes to you & the baby. Somewhat belated.....from The President & myself". All housed in a very nice finely carved wood frame trimmed with a gold bead. Eleanor's signature is faded but readable. Franklin's signature is dark. may appear that the F in Franklin is feathered but it is not. It is merely written on top of a spot of something on the table. I obtained this recently from the recipient's daughter. Her mother had been one of Eleanor's secretaries.....$450

Here is a glossy 8" x 10" photograph of a painting of Mr. Roosevelt. The painting was accomplished in 1927. The photograph is also of the same time period and is matted with a signature of FDR in blue fountain pen ink. "I Franklin D. Roosevelt of Hyde Park N.Y." being on the top portion removed from a document. All nicely framed.....$289

Bold complete signature "Franklin D. Roosevelt" neatly matted with a steel plate engraving.....$235

Very nice signature mounted onto a simple portrait in a nice frame.....$225

Unique, elongated cent for the 'New Deal' era prosperity.....$25

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