Millard Fillmore, 13th. President, New York, 1850-1853, Whig.

Thirteenth President of the United States. Document Signed "Millard Fillmore" as President. Washington, August 26th, 1850. Fillmore appoints Isaac S. K. Reeves to the rank of "Captain in the 1st Regiment of Artillery, effective from April 1st, 1850. The document bears a fine, bold signature at lower right. It is additionally co-signed by Secretary of War Charles M. Conrad who would ultimately join the Confederate Congress during the War Between the States. This beautifully engraved with patriotic designs document is matted within an old but handsome frame.....$750

Nicely matted Full Signature Card of Millard Fillmore adding "Buffalo Dec. 27, 1871" together with a real photo cdv by Mathew Brady. The famous Brady hallmark is seen within the photo. Reverse backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$525

Fine signature adding "Buffalo, Oct.18th, 1872" on a small card neatly matted with a steel plate engraving.....$395

Signature cut from an album page neatly matted with an original cabinet card photograph of a painting of Fillmore. There is gold gilt on the card's edges.....$295

Signature "M. Fillmore" handsomely matted and framed with brass plaque.....$265

Fine portrait from the 'White House Gallery' book of 1907. Includes facsimile signature. Page size measures 15 1/2" x 19 1/2". Portrait size is 9 1/2" x 13".....$150

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