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Uncle Davey's Gift Certificates. Can be made for any amount you choose.

2021 Edition: "Confederate Treasury Notes: An Illustrated Price Guide & Reference Book" by Dave Nelson. This must have book for the Confederate currency collector is loaded with reference material and current banknote values. Now updated for 2021 and includes images of all 72 types of CSA banknotes plus descriptions, identification of people and artwork, quantity of notes issued, names of engravers and printers, and an inventory checklist. There are also some examples of counterfeit banknotes issued during the war, bank notes signed by CSA generals, notes with advertisements on them, bank notes with portraits of CSA generals, and other special interest notes. 75 pages. Signed and inscribed by the author upon request.....$15

2021 Edition: "Confederate Treasury Bonds: An Illustrated Price Guide and Catalog" by Dave Nelson. Includes color photos of all major types of bonds, identification of people and artwork, the number of bonds issued, the names of the engravers and printers, current estimates of bond value, and inventory notes and checklist. 167 pages. Paperback. Signed and inscribed by the author upon request.....$20

"The Confederates" poker chip set. Created using authentic images and artwork from genuine Confederate currency. The fronts of the chips feature portraits and settings as they are seen on actual Southern bank notes, while the backs of the chips showcase large numeric medallions surrounded by the eleven states of The Confederacy in their order of secession. Good for 3-5 players.....$25

Original Confederate Treasury Bond dated March 2, 1863. The portrait upper left is of Jefferson Davis. The vignette upper right is of a view over Richmond. The principle amount is $1000. Comes with four attached interest paying coupons. Nicely matted in a black wooden frame trimmed in gold.....$175

Statue titled "Seaman CSA" Would look good among your CW Navy collectibles. Cost is $49.50

Collectors plate by the 'Hamilton Collection', J.E.B. Stuart, 8" round.....SOLD

Collectors plate by the 'Hamilton Collection', Nathan Bedford Forrest, 8" round.....$35

Collectors plate by the 'Danbury Mint Collection', Jackson & Lee: Generals in Gray, General Lee, 'Oh, I Wish He Was Ours', 8" round.....$35

Collectors plate by the 'Danbury Mint Collection', Jackson & Lee: Generals in Gray, General Lee, 'The Last Council', 8" round.....$35

Collectors plate by the 'Danbury Mint Collection', Jackson & Lee: Generals in Gray, General Lee, 'The Generals Were Brought to Tears', 8" round.....$35

Civil War statuette, simulated brass casting of polymer, 'Seaman CSA'.....$25

Civil War statuette, simulated brass casting of polymer, 'Rebel Yell'.....$25

Civil War statuettes, simulated brass casting of polymer, 'N.B. Forrest'.....$25

Portrait of Forrest double matted and set in a hardwood frame with a brass plaque titled "Gen. Nathan B. Forrest" mounted.....$45

Nicely double matted and framed print of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his men. The artist is Don Stivers as stated on the mounted brass plaque. Overall dimensions 10 1/8" x 8 3/4".....$45

UD-1 Civil war 1861 copper/nickel Indian head cent.Grades "Fine", comes packaged in a nice plastic holder to protect its value............................$40.00

UD-2 Original Spencer bullet for a Civil War Spencer Carbine rifle. Comes in a glass topped cotton filled box with a red felt liner and an information sheet.....$35

UD-3 1861 dated "Love" token. These were usually made from dimes or 1/2 dimes with one side buffed and engraved with a sweethearts initials in very fancy script or monogram. These were usually kept close to the heart, hince the name "Love Tokens.....................$35.00

UD-3A 1860 quarter dated "Love" token. The reverse is monogrammed "E. M.V.".....$45

UD-4 1861-O Seated half dollar in G-VG condition. This is known as the Confederate 1/2 dollar because it was minted while the New Orleans mint was still under Southern control.......$75

UD-5 After the war broke out everyone began hoarding small change which started being a big problem for store owners. One of the first coins minted to help ease this was the 3-cent nickel made just for the purchase of postage stamps. This example is graded EF-45 by the American Numismatic association and is dated 1865....$35.00

UD-6 1862 dated seated liberty dime in Fine condition.Comes mounted in a nice plastic holder...........................$35.00

UD-7 1863 dated Indian head cent mounted in a nice lucite holder with black matt that is imprinted in gold letters,"U.S.Civil War Cent 1863 Gettysburg. This coin is representative of the coins carried by our brave soldiers during that terrible time......$25.00

UD-8 Stone Mountain 1925 commemorative 1/2 dollar struck in limited quantity as a Civil War memorial. Features Generals R. E.Lee & Stonewall Jackson on horseback. Priced from $45 to $125.

UD-9 Offered here is a cotton filled box with a glass top which holds a bullet pulled by a worm screw out of the barrel (misfired), a Southern coin button, a Southern flower button, and a shoe buckle.....$35

UD-10 Original March 1932 edition of the Confederate Veteran Magazine....$15.00

UD-11 Original New York Herald Newspapers for 1861 thru 1865 with lots of war news and some very interesting ads. ................................$15.00

UD-12 Offered here is an original 1864 fifty dollar Confederate banknote issued from Richmond Virginia. Matted and framed with double glass so the reverse can be seen.....$85

UD-13 Original Civil War postal cover (obverse only) with an illustration of Jefferson Davis and his signature. Neatly housed in a simple frame.....$125

UD-14 Nicely framed and matted display of an 1863 Alabama 10 cents banknote, a Federal soldier's coat button, and three different type of bullets. There is a ding on the side of the hardwood frame.....Reduced from $125 to $95

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