Governors Autographs

Sherman Adams (New Hampshire), TLS, 1954.....$35

Lemuel Arnold (Rhode Island), (3)ALS, 1818, 1829.....$65 each

Conrad Baker (Indiana). State of Indiana document signed on December 18th, 1865 by Baker who was the acting Governor as well as the Lieutenant Governor.....$115 (Click images to enlarge)

Nathaniel Banks (Mass.) ALS with nice, bold signature.....$75

Aaron Bliss (Michigan), DS.....$60

George Boutwell (Massachusetts), (1851-1853) Signature nicely matted with b/w glossy photo.....$95

James Bowdoin (Massachusetts), ALS, 1760.....$175

Thomas Bragg (North Carolina), ADS, 1857.....$325

Thomas Bragg, North Carolina Governor 1855-1859. Attorney General Confederate States of America. Signature as Governor neatly matted with a 5x7 glossy photograph.....$175

John Branch (N. Carolina, 1817 - 1820/Fla. Territory, 1834 - 1845), ALS, 1829.....$95

George Briggs (Massachusetts), ALS/Free Frank, 1842.....$75

John Brooks (Massachusetts), ALS, 1819.....$150

Edmund G. Brown (California), (1959-1966), (2)TLS, 1959 and 1981.....$25 each

Joseph E. Brown (Georgia), Signed check, 1880.....$75

Farris Bryant (Florida), ALS, 1962.....$45

Simon B. Buckner (Kentucky), A very nice document signed as Kentucky Governor 1888.....$325

Millard Caldwell (Florida), ADS, 1946.....$25

Tod R. Caldwell (North Carolina), (1871), ADS, 1871.....$75

R(ichard) K. Call (Florida), Twice territorial Governor (1836) and (1841), very nice $1,000 Bond issued from St. Augustine Aug. 1, 1839.....$1025

William C. C. Claiborne (Virginia). Signed document as Governor of the Territory of Orleans dated 1807. Nice and clean certification of a Justice of the Peace for the City of New Orleans. Nicely matted with an original steel plate engraving of Governor Claiborne. Prior to this governorship, he was Governor of the Territory of Mississippi in 1801 and after he was Governor of Louisiana 1812-1816.....$295

Clark, Edward (Louisiana) Wartime Governor of Texas (March 1861- November 7, 1861 signed Treasury Warrant wardate October 1, 1861 matted with a color portrait.....$125

Cobb, Howell (Georgia) Matted real photo cdv along with a signature.....$350

LeRoy Collins (Florida), (1957), TLS, 1957.....$45

Alfred E. Colquitt (Georgia) Governor of Georgia (1877--1882). CSA Major General at the Battle of Olustee, Florida. Signature nicely matted with a color glossy 4" X 6" photograph.....$125

Thomas Corwin (Ohio), (1837), ALS, 1837.....$55

Channing Cox (Massachusetts), (1921-1924), (3)TLS, 1921.....$25 each

George Washington Crawford (Georgia), (1843-1847), Signed land grant for Indian Lands.....$500

J.J. Crittendon (Kentucky), Photo w/ clipped sig......SOLD

William P. Duval (Florida), Florida Territorial Bond as Administrator, guaranteed and signed by William P. Duval. In 1822, Duval was appointed 1st Territorial Governor of Florida by President Monroe and re-appointed by Presidents Adams and Jackson......$495

John Henry Eaton (Florida Territory), Florida Territorial Bond issued from Tallahassee in 1835 and signed by Governor Eaton.....$1025

Arthur Fenner (Rhode Island), (1789-1805), ADS, 1785.....$75

James Fenner (Rhode Island), (1809), ALS, 1809.....$175

John S. Fine (Pennsylvania), TLS w/2 sigs, 1953.....$35

John Fisher (Pennsylvania), Clip.....$20

Foote, Henry Stuart (Mississippi Governor 1852-54, Senator 1847-1851) (CSA Congressman representing Tennessee) (born in Virginia). Nice real photo CDV with full gold gilt borders by Gurney & Son of New York, neatly matted with dark bold signature.....$195

Forsyth, John (Georgia Governor 1827-1829). U.S. Secretary of State 1834-1841 under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Free franked cover dated April 21, 1837 signed.....$85

George R. Gilmer (Georgia), ADS (Land Grant w/seal), 1821.....$225

Wade Hampton (S. Carolina)(Also CSA General), CDV, Clip.....$TBD

Isham Harris (Tennessee) Confederate Governor of Tennessee signed State of Tennessee $1,000 bond dated April 1, 1862 in Memphis. Five interest baring coupons present. Large red overprint $1,000.....$295

O. B. Hart (Florida), ADS, 1873.....$350

John F. Hartranft (Pennsylvania) ADS, 1866 Auditor General's Office document with bold signature.....$75

William Hendricks (Indiana) Signature clipped from a document neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph. Hendricks was only the third Governor of Indiana (1822-1825). He was also an U.S. senator from 1825 to 1837.....$65. Click images to enlarge.

Patrick Henry (Virginia) Landgrant signed as Governor dated 1784. Housed in an antique frame.....$1250

Luther Hodges (North Carolina), TLS, 1960.....$35

Philip H. Hoff (Vermont), TLS, 1968.....$25

Spessard L. Holland (Florida), ADS, 1944.....$25

Sam Houston (Virginia), Governor of Tennessee 1827-29, Commander-in-Chief of the Texan Provisional Government, President of the Republic of Texas 1836-38 and 1841-44, Governor of Texas 1859-61, and other military and political positions. Nice 1860's steel plate engraving of Houston matted and housed in an 1850's frame with a complete document signed by Houston. This is a Treasury Warrant from the State of Texas to pay for services rendered for protection of the frontier, 1860.....SOLD

George W. P. Hunt (Arizona), (1912-1919, 1923-1928, 1931-1933), TLS, 1913.....$125

Claiborne Fox Jackson (Missouri), Governor in 'exile', Missouri Bond signed.....$175

Claiborne Fox Jackson signature on a Missouri 1862 ten dollar bill. Most of the "signatures" on these notes are Jackson facsimiles. This one is not. It is hand signed in brown ink. The others are machine printed in black ink. Matted with a b/w glossy photo.....$125

Sam Jones (Louisiana), TLS, 1944.....$25

Otto Kerner (Illinois), Signed 8" x 10" photo, ND.....$20

Edward J. King (Massachusetts), Signed 4" x 6" photo, 1982.....$25

Henry Smith Lane (Indiana), Was Governor for two days in 1861 making him Indiana's 13th Governor. Was influential in the nomination of Abraham Lincoln. Offered here is his signature on light stock paper nice and clean. He adds "Ind'a". Neatly matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$100

Richard Leche, Governor of Louisiana, signed $1,000 State of Louisiana bond, 1938.....$45

Fitzhugh Lee (Virginia), TLS, 1898.....$250

Fitzhugh Lee (Virginia) Entire letter completely written in the hand of Fitzhugh Lee as Governor of Virginia on official letterhead from the Governor's office datelined from Richmond Virginia August 16th, 1887. The one sheet measuring 9 1/2" x 7 3/4" is folded with manuscript writing on three sides (or pages). Lee's signature is 4 1/2" long. Accompanied with a typed transcript.....$250

Henry Lee (Virginia), 1792 Virginia Land Title signed by Lee as Governor of Virginia. Henry Lee a/k/a "Lighthorse Harry Lee" was also a member of the Continental Congress and an American Revolutionary War officer. He was the father of General Robert E. Lee. Large vellum document is boldly signed, matted with a descriptive brass plaque and housed in an antique frame.....$895

Herbert Lehman (New York) A typed letter on personal letterhead dated November 22, 1949 signed. A note of appreciation to a friend and campaign worker. Mentions "enjoying a rest in Florida where we are basking in beautiful sunshine".....$30

John Letcher (Virginia), Governor of Virginia 1860-1864. He was imprisoned for several months after the surrender. Governor Letcher is pictured on some of the Virginia Treasury banknotes. Offered here is a real photo cdv by Anthony of Letcher as Virginia's governor. It is matted with his dark ink signature.....$195

John Letcher (Virginia). Original 1862 Virginia Treasury banknote $1 denomination fully signed and numbered matted with Letcher's signature adding "M.C." (Member of Congress). The banknote bares the portrait of Letcher as Virginia's wartime governor 1860-1864. The autograph as member of Congress would date 1851-1859.....$99 (Click images to enlarge)

John Letcher (Virginia), Governor of Virginia 1860-1864. Document signed as Governor dated June 24th, 1860. State of Virginia seal attached.....$195

Francis R. Lubbock (South Carolina/Texas) Governor of Texas 1861-1863. Served on the staff of Jefferson Davis 1864-1865. Was in Richmond with Davis when the CSA military collapsed. Both fled and were captured together in Georgia. Lubbock was imprisoned at Ft. Delaware for eight months. Texas Treasury Warrant signed....$225

Lester Maddox (Georgia), Booklet signed w/wife, Virginia Maddox, 1967.....$65

Thomas R. Marshall (Indiana). State of Indiana document signed as Governor and dated Dec. 26th, 1912. Marshall was also Vice President under Woodrow Wilson......$195. Click images to enlarge.

John W. Martin (Florida), Signed card, 1926.....$TDB

Robert Masey (Pennsylvania), (2)Autographs on State of Pennsylvania letterhead.....$25 each

James McDowell (Virginia), 1843-1845, ADS, 1844.....$65

Paul McNutt (Indiana), 1933-1937.....$TBD

Thomas Mifflin (Pennsylvania) Land Grant dated 1796 signed as Governor. He was the 1st Governor of Pennsylvania, President of the Continental Congress, a Signer of the Constitution, and an American Revolutionary War major general. The document is approximately 20 1/2" x 11 1/4". This is a land grant to Henry Donnel for a tract of land called Walnut Bottom in Bald Eagle Township in Lycoming County. The vellum document is quite nice and lays behind an irregularly cut mat.....$500

John Milton (Florida), Signature on Florida banknote, 1861.....$125

Edward Morgan (New York), Clip.....$40

Lot Morrill (Maine 1858-1860) Served as Secretary of the Treasury 1876-1877 in the Cabinet of U.S. Grant. Morrill was also a US Senator 1861-1877. Offered here is the signed closing of a letter "Yours Truly, L.M.Morrill" matted with a b/w glossy photograph......$75

Levi Morton (New York), (VP fo Benjamin Harrison), (1895), TLS, 1894.....$75

Marcus Morton (Massachusetts). (1815), (4)ALS, 1815.....$45 each

Francis T. Nicholls (Louisiana), Louisiana State document signed in New Orleans 1878 as President of the Funding Board......$235

Nicholls, Francis T. (Louisiana). Portion of a State of Louisiana document showing where Nicholls has signed as Governor. Matted with a color copy of Nicholls in his CSA uniform......$165 (Click images to enlarge)

Noah Noble (Indiana), ALS, 1831-1837.....$40

James Nye (Nevada Territory), Clip.....$35

Albion Parris (Maine), (1826), DS, 1826.....$110

Edward Aylesworth Perry (Florida) Gov. 1885-1889. Signed Florida document as Governor 1887 along with Sec'ty of State James L. Crawford. Perry was also a Confederate General who led the 2nd Florida Infantry which fought with R.E. Lee.....$275

Madison Stark Perry (Florida), Signature on Florida banknote, 1861.....$95

Madison Stark Perry (Florida's 4th Governor). Portion of a cover sheet addressed to Governor of Massachusetts signed "M. S. Perry". Free franked signature. Perry was Florida's governor October 5, 1857--October 7, 1861 which included the January succession and first several months of the War. Document Signed and matted with a color glossy photograph.....$225

William Pitkin (Conneticut), (1768), ALS, 1768.....$250

James Pleasants (Virginia, 1822 - 1825). ADS, 1815.....$95

A. G. Porter (Indiana), Clip.....$15

Sterling Price (Missouri)(CSA General), ADS, 1853.....$325

Harrison Reed (Florida), ALS, 1878.....$95

Abe Ribicoff (Arizona), (1960), DS, 1960.....$25

Alex H. Rice (Massachusetts), (1876-1879), ALS, 1873.....$55

Robert Kingston Scott (S. Carolina), $1000 State Bonds w/34 - $30 coupons intact.....$125

Sumner Sewall (Maine), (1944), TLS, 1944.....$25

David Sholtz (Florida), 4" x 6" facsimile signed picture.....$15

David Sholtz (Florida), TLS, content of Florida implememting the Social Security System, May 18, 1936.....$49

William Smith (Virginia), ADS, 1846....$195

Harold Stassen (Minnesota), TLS, 1952.....$25

Alexander H. Stephens (Georgia)..Portion of an album page signed from Crawfordville Georgia dated 1879 matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$275

Coke Stevenson (Texas), (1943), TLS, 1943.....$25

Phillip Stone (New York), (1826), ALS, 1826.....$40

Littleton W. Tazewell (Virginia, 1834 - 1838), ADS, 1832.....$95

Francis Thomas (Maryland), $10 Bank note signed, 1840.....$50

Z.B. Vance (N. Carolina), ALS.....$125

Z.B. Vance (N. Carolina), ADS, Stock Certificate.....$TBD

George C. Wallace (Alabama), signed 3" x 5" card.....$45

George C. Wallace (Alabama), 8" x 10" signed picture.....$59

Thomas H. Watts (Alabama) who was Governor during the Civil War years of 1863-1865. Signed document as Governor dated Dec.8th 1861 from the Executive Department of Ala. Matted with an original State of Alabama ten dollar bill issued on January 1st, 1864 with Watts' portrait. The banknote is hand dated and hand signed by the state treasurer and state comptroller (W.J.Green). W.J. Green is also the name on the document that Watts is requesting a gallon of whiskey for medical purposes.....$225

Thomas H. Watts (Alabama), ALS, Nov. 6, 1888.....$225

Mark White (Texas), (1984), Signed 4" x 6" photo & TLS, 1984.....$25 each

William Whyte (Maryland), (1873), ALS, 1873.....$55

Henry Alexander Wise (Virginia), ADS, 1856.....$165

Oliver Wolcott Jr. (Connecticut), ALS, 1779.....$35

Joseph A. Wright (Indiana) Nice signature adding "Rockville Indiana". Joseph Wright was the tenth Governor of Indiana (1849-1857) and U.S. Senator from Indiana 1862-1863 (during the Civil War).....$49 (Click images to enlarge)

Richard Yates (Illinois), ADS, 1862.....$50

Richard Yates (Jr.) (Illinois) Typed Letter Signed on personal letterhead dated Dec. 27th 1913.....$40 (Click image to enlarge)

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