Historical Papers

HP1) Postmaster General's appointment to William Isbell to serve as Postmaster at Stone Wall in Appomattox County, Virginia. Dated July 2, 1860. Joseph Holt was Lincoln's Postmaster General. Matted and framed.....$195

HP2) Patrick Henry (Virginia) Landgrant signed as Governor dated 1784. Housed in an antique frame.....$1250

HP3) Thomas Mifflin (Pennsylvania), Land Grant dated 1795 signed as Governor. Mifflin was also President of the Continental Congress, Signer of the U.S. Constitution, and an American Revolutionary General. Document is matted with a plaque and housed in an antique frame.....$750

HP4)Henry Lee (Virginia), 1792 Virginia Land Title signed by Lee as Governor of Virginia. Henry Lee a/k/a "Lighthorse Harry Lee" was also a member of the Continental Congress and an American Revolutionary War officer. He was the father of General Robert E. Lee. Large vellum document is boldly signed, matted with a descriptive brass plaque and housed in an antique frame.....$895

HP6) Nice Territorial Florida Exchange Note from Apalachicola Florida dated April 13, 1844.....$75

HP-15 1842 broadside. Selling the personal property of Hiram Finch. Lists place and time as well as what is being sold.Honeoye falls, August 25th,1842. great period piece wall decoration....................$ 25.00

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