Medical Instruments

MI1) Surgeon's Operating Kit used to perform operations such as foreign object removal and amputations. Manufactured by Gemrig who was in business from 1861-1865. Beautiful wood case houses 26 items.....$2595

MI2) Very nice wood box containing eleven surgical instruments. Box is marked Charriere of Paris.....$975

MI3) Medical Field Scales. The closed box is 6 3/4 inches long and 3 3/16 inches wide. Embossed eagle with shield on top of box (Military Issue). Three brass weights included. Rope is original.....$375

MI4) Boxed Set of 3 Instruments. The closed box is 8 1/8 inches x 3 inches. The 3 instruments range from 7 1/2 inches long to 6 1/8 inches. One of the instruments is ivory.....$375

MI5) Civil War vintage surgeon's Scalpel/knife. Maker marked Down (London). Steel and ebony construction.....$275

MI6) Surgeon's scalpel. Marked S M A W. I believe to be a London maker. Civil War vintage. Polished steel and ebony.....$125

MI7) Surgeon's bistaury (scalpel). Polished steel and ebony. Maker marked Arnold & Sons (London).....$150

MI8) Scalpel/eraser. This surgeon's tool actually had a dual purpose. Pre-Civil War documents were printed on vellum (thin layer of sheep's skin). When a mistake was made the writer would simply scrape the area and rewrite. Steel and ebony.....$75

MI9) Bone handled small scalpels.....$TBD

MI10) Ebony handled dental picks and steel extraction tools, priced as set but will piece out.....$500

MI11) Bone handled scalpel, 'Stand, T. Renshaw & Sons, Sheffield.....$TBD

MI12) Ebony handled scalpel, 'J. Rodgers & Sons, 6 Norfolk St., Sheffield.....$TBD

MI13) Glass eye.....$150

MI14) Medical measuring glass with case.....$TBD

MI15) Medical/surgical sponge probes.....$75 each

MI16) Surgeons Tool similar as photographed in Dammann's book, "Civil War Medical Instruments & Equipment" page 26. Holder is tortoise shell. Marked "A.L. Hernstein".....$225

MI17) Medical Service sword, a Civil War dress sword marked "Ames Mfg. Co. Chicopee Mass." on the blade and also on the brass scabbard. Iron letters "M S" on shield designed guard. Raised eagle on brass grip. Etched blade of floral pattern and military trophies. Really a beautiful sword!.....$2,500

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