KV1) Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife. Blade is 12 5/8" from point to the guard and 16 13/16" overall. Blade is also 1 3/4" wide. False edge is flat. Touchmark is 3/8". Lifetime guarantee of authenticity applies.....SOLD

KV2) Dahlgren Bowie Knife / Bayonet made for the Plymouth Naval Rifle. Excellent example.....SOLD

KV3) Civil War era Bowie Knife marked twice "Slater Brothers, Sheffield" and once with the company logo....the beehive. Fixed blade is 7 1/2" long. Horn grip is 4 5/8" long. Brass crossguard. Sharp point.....$650.

KV4) Officer's Dirk. Mexican War era. Fixed blade is 5 9/16". Sharp point and ivory grip. Comes with original scabbard.....SOLD

KV5) Revolutionary War Pike. Double edged blade. Wood handle. Threads to screw into a pole to form pike.....SOLD

KV6) Original antique bowie knife by Joseph Allen & Sons of Sheffield England. Total length is 11 1/4" long which includes the 6 7/8" blade. Blade is in very nice condition.....$275

KV7) American Dagger circa 1700-1800. The blade is symmetrical, double edged (sharp), crude, and simple. The spear-pointed blade is 5 5/8" long and 10 1/4" overall. The simple grip is a one inch diameter cylinder of wood. Both faces of the blade are convex.....$350

KV8) Early 1700s patch knife with sinew handle. Folds so it could be placed in possible bag or pocket.....SOLD

KV9) American stag handle side knife, 1860s design, typical of knife that would be worn by a hunter or frontiersman. Bowie style blade.....$150

KV10) Bowie knife made in Sheffield England. Blade in very good shape. Wood handle intact. A beautiful piece.....SOLD

KV11) 1830s era patch knife found in Ocala Florida off SR 200. Part of wood handle worn away.....$150

KV12) Bowie knife, bone handled.....SOLD

KV13) Bowie knife, bone handled, handmade.....$50

*SPECIAL* Call for great price for all above encased in wood frame with velvet matting

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