Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th. President, Texas, 1963-1969, Democrat.

Framed and attractively double matted in red, white and blue with two photos of the couple and a color standing portrait of the President along with a signed and inscribed card Lyndon B Johnson and also Lady Bird Johnson.....$235

Nicely framed typed letter with gilt letterhead from Austin, Texas, 1972, signed "LBJ".....$135

Photograph of President Johnson on July 28, 1965 introducing Abe Fortas as his appointee to the Supreme Court and John Chancellor as White House correspondent for NBC. Matted and framed with signatures of both Johnson and Fortas and a copy of a news article covering Fortas' resignation in 1969.....$195

Nice 8" x 10" b/w glossy photograph signed in blue ink "Lyndon B Johnson".....$175

Matted 8" x 10" b/w photograph inscribed and signed.....$125

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