Lincoln's Cabinet

Bates, Edward (Missouri). Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General. Free Franked Signature cut from the cover postmarked Washington D.C. dated Oct. 26, 1864. Nice dark brown signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$195

Fessenden, William P. (Maine) served in the cabinet of Abraham Lincoln as Secretary of the Treasury from July 1864 to March of 1865. Offered here is a nicely matted black & white glossy photograph with a signature dated Nov. 20, 1864 in Washington D.C. as Sec'y U. S. Treasury. "Resp'y & truly W. P. Fessenden".....$225

Seward, William H. (New York) Abraham Lincoln's (and also Andrew Johnson's) Secretary of State who survived an attempt on his own life the night of Lincoln's assassination. He was also the 12th Governor of New York and an U.S. Senator. Besides his work in Lincoln's wartime Cabinet, he is known for engineering the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Offered here is a Letter Signed datelined Washington, May 7, 1858 complying with his correspondents request.....$225

Seward, William H. (New York), Nice signature neatly matted with a large original steel plate engraving.....$125

Seward, William H. (New York). Free frank signature on postal cover (envelope) matted with an original cdv photograph backmarked via a paper label "L.E. Walker Dealer in paper and fancy goods Warsaw, New York".....$395

Smith, Caleb Blood (Indiana). Offered here is Smith as Lincoln's Secretary of the Interior, a position he only held for about a year. He died in 1864. Difficult to find as Secretary.....$195

Speed, James (Kentucky), Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General. Succeeded Edward Bates resignation and served under Andrew Johnson until July 1866. Signature with rank "Atty Genl" neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$195

Usher, John P. (Indiana). Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Interior 1863---1865. Dark ink autograph matted with a black and white photograph.....$149

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