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Advertising Notes: ADV23 - 1866 - $20 - Sapolio - $45

Confederate Generals Autographs: Martin, William T. (Kentucky/Mississippi) General Martin's War Record included service under J.E.B. Stuart and Joe Wheeler. Battles he was present included Seven Days, Sharpsburg, the Tullahoma campaign, Chickamauga, Knoxville, and Atlanta. Offered here is a card signed "Will T. Martin Maj. Gen'l Cav Wheeler's Corps C.S.A.".....$295

Obsolete New York Currency: OBSNY29 - 1837 - $3.00 - Utica - $65

Obsolete Massachusetts Currency: OBSMA7B - 1836 - $10 - Boston - $75

Obsolete Indiana Currency: OBSIN8A - 1856 - $1.00 - Lafayette - $65

Obsolete Virginia Currency: OBSVA75A - 1862 - $1.00 - Surry County - $75

Advertising Notes: ADV7A - 1864 - $10.00 - T-68/UCV 1915 - $65

United Confederate Veterans Items: UCV14A) 1915 Richmond Virginia, A genuine T-68 Confederate Treasury Note used as a souvenir to the 25th U.C.V. Reunion held in Richmond Virginia in June of 1915. Comes with a little note that was pinned on the reverse that states, " Papa gave this to me......was paid off at a reunion". The note is written on the reverse of a 1918 receipt.....$125

Slave Documents: SD7) This document details the mortgage of six named slaves of the Gaillard family of South Carolina. Gaillard is an important family name in South Carolina history, especially Charleston. This document is signed by three Gaillard family members.....$225

Advertising Notes: ADV22 - 1862 - 50 cents - Richmond/Burch & Co. - $35.00

CDV's of Confederate Generals: RAT) Toombs, Robert A. (Georgia) CSA Secretary of State resigned July 1861 when appointed to brigadier general in the Provisional Army. General Toombs was present in the Peninsula, the Seven Days, and the Second Manassas campaigns. Wounded at Sharpsburg (Antietam). Offered here is a clean cdv photograph of the Statesman/CSA General.....$195

Obsolete Louisiana Currency: OBSLA84A - 1862 - $3 - Cook & Brother, New Orleans - $225

James Monroe Autographs: Presidential landgrant signed in full "James Monroe" and dated 1821 for land in Ohio to John Eversole of Fairfield County, Ohio. Very nice condition.....$595

Confederate Leaders Autographs: Toombs, Robert A. (Georgia) CSA Secretary of State resigned July 1861 when appointed to brigadier general in the Provisional Army. General Toombs was present in the Peninsula, the Seven Days, and the Second Manassas campaigns. Wounded at Sharpsburg (Antietam). Offered here is a clean signature cut from an album page (he adds "Ga.") neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$175

Obsolete North Carolina Currency: OBSNC1A - 1874 - $10 - Charlotte - $85

Governors Autographs: Forsyth, John (Georgia Governor 1827-1829). U.S. Secretary of State 1834-1841 under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Free franked cover dated April 21, 1837 signed.....$85

Confederate Generals Autographs:

McLaws, Lafayette (Georgia), Matted with a black & white glossy photograph is the third page of a letter (pages 1 & 2 included and also a full typed transcript) of a letter written to J.R. Pennypacker, Editor of the Philadelphia Weekly Press. Datelined Savannah Georgia, April 30th 1886. References the mutual respect between him and General Sickles, mentions Sickles at the Battle of Round Top the morning of July 2nd Gettysburg, the article that he (McLaws) wrote on the Maryland Campaign in 1862, and the importance of publishing a "true history of campaigns". (History should be factual, not political or opinionated.) "Very truly yours, L McLaws".....$375

Vice Presidents Autographs: William A. Wheeler, Vice President, born 1819 in New York. Clean dark signature neatly matted with a black & white glossy photo......$75

Vice Presidents Autographs: Adlai E. Stevenson, born 1835 in Kentucky. Vice President of the U.S, 1893--97 serving Grover Cleveland. Signed inscription on a postal cover "A. E. Stevenson" matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$95

Union Leaders Autographs: Bates, Edward (Missouri). Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General. Free Franked Signature cut from the cover postmarked Washington D.C. dated Oct. 26, 1864. Nice dark brown signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$195

Confederate Leaders Autographs:

Memminger, Christopher G. (born in Germany, raised in South Carolina). First Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederacy. Nicely matted black & white glossy along with a dark signature cut from a document.....$225

Civil War Books: 73) Life and Campaigns of General Robert E. Lee by James D. McCabe, Jr. This is one of the early books on General Lee. Published in Atlanta (as well as others cities) in 1866. This being a First Edition. Steel plate engraving of General Lee along with several maps present including two large fold out maps. Original covers present and do show effective repairs however rustic. Good readable copy......$295

Civil War Books: 589) Southern Generals, Their Lives and Campaigns by William Parker Snow written in 1865 and published 1866. 473 pages. A treasure trove of steel plate engravings accompany the 18 comprehensive biographies. Good strong readable copy. Pages are brighter than what appears in the pics...............$375

Confederate Generals Autographs: Stewart, Alexander P. (Tennessee) A Letter Signed on University of Mississippi stationary datelined Oxford, March 27, 1880. Nicely penned letter matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

Confederate Leaders Autographs: Yulee, David Levy (Florida). Born in the Virgin Islands, his family moved to Florida where he grew up. Yulee was the first person of Jewish ancestry elected to the U.S. Senate. Known as the "Father of Florida Railroads". He was a strong supporter of the Confederate Cause and was imprisoned after the War along with other CSA leaders. Offered here is a bank draft datelined Fernandina Florida July 21st, 1878. Yulee signs as President. Neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$225

Civil War Books: 20) The Lost Cause by Edward A. Pollard. Pollard was the editor of the Richmond Examiner during the War. He was imprisoned at the close of the War along with other CSA officials for his loyalty to the Confederate Cause. The book covers the entire War in its 752 pages. Southern histories written by Southern authors are very important to one seeking to know the truth on the causes and actual history of the War Between the States. Includes several steel plate engravings. Original First Edition dated 1866.....$275

Herbert Hoover Autographs: Inscribed (silver print) Photograph by famed photographer Fabian Bachrach. Very nice 7 1/4" x 9 3/4".....$350

Vice Presidents Autographs: Henry A. Wallace, Vice President to Franklin D. Roosevelt. A hand written note signed responding to a request for a photograph. The note is written on the same sheet as the request.....$75

Governors Autographs: Herbert Lehman (New York) A typed letter on personal letterhead dated November 22, 1949 signed. A note of appreciation to a friend and campaign worker. Mentions "enjoying a rest in Florida where we are basking in beautiful sunshine".....$30

Vice Presidents Autographs: Alben W. Barkley, Vice President to Harry S. Truman. Large signature of the Vice President clipped from the closing of a letter. Matted with a copied photograph.....$75

Confederate Leaders Autographs: Mallory, Stephen R. (Florida). CSA Secretary of the Navy. (He was never Secretary of the US Navy). The photo matted with the signature is a color lazer copy. Looks nice. The signature with rank is a cut from an album page.....$150

CDV's of Confederate Generals: THT2) Thomas Hart Taylor (Kentucky). Chest up view of General Taylor in his Confederate uniform. CDV is backmarked E. & H. T. Anthony of New York.....$275

Counterfeit Notes: CT-66 - 1864 - $50.00 - Havana Counterfeit - $285

Colonial & Continential Currency: CC52A - 1776 - 8 Dollars - Virginia - $195

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