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Georgia State Currency: GA2A - 1863 - 15 Cents - State of Georgia - $25

Confederate Cabinet: Breckenridge, John C. (Kentucky). Wardate February 10, 1865 signature as CSA Secretary of War. Breckenridge was also a CSA General and a former US Vice President.....$695

2021 Edition: "Confederate Treasury Notes: An Illustrated Price Guide & Reference Book" by Dave Nelson. This must have book for the Confederate currency collector is loaded with reference material and current banknote values. Now updated for 2021 and includes images of all 72 types of CSA banknotes plus descriptions, identification of people and artwork, quantity of notes issued, names of engravers and printers, and an inventory checklist. There are also some examples of counterfeit banknotes issued during the war, bank notes signed by CSA generals, notes with advertisements on them, bank notes with portraits of CSA generals, and other special interest notes. 75 pages. Signed and inscribed by the author upon request.....$15

2021 Edition: "Confederate Treasury Bonds: An Illustrated Price Guide and Catalog" by Dave Nelson. Includes color photos of all major types of bonds, identification of people and artwork, the number of bonds issued, the names of the engravers and printers, current estimates of bond value, and inventory notes and checklist. 167 pages. Paperback. Signed and inscribed by the author upon request.....$20

Federal Currency: FR-88 - 1907 - $5.00 - Woodchopper - $325

Obsolete New York Currency: OBSNY13D - 1858 - $5.00 - New York - $85

Obsolete Louisiana Currency: OBSLA49 - 1861 - $2 - N.O., Jackson & Great Northern Railroad - $65

Federal Currency: FR-39 - 1917 - $1.00 - Columbus' Landing - $185

Obsolete Nebraska Currency: OBSNE12 - 1857 - $2.00 - Tekama - $35

Obsolete Maryland Currency: OBSMD24A - 1832 - $2 - Greenfield Mills - $65

U. S. Currency: FR-235 - 1899 - $1.00 - Lincoln/Grant - $175

Slavery Documents: SD5) Receipt for Slaves 11/10/1849. A written receipt listing the 37 slaves by name and their distribution among 5 heirs to the estate of William H. Robinson. Signed on reverse by William E. Anderson (Confederate General of the Florida Militia) as County Judge. Interestingly, actually filed in 1870. Florida related slave documents are quite scarce.....$395

Slavery Documents: SD16) State of Georgia, Pike County, May 1, 1863. Estate of John Jordan. Sixty-five entries including 650 acres and 8 slaves by name plus two children, sex, and value. One page 6" x 15" written front and back. One entry is particularly disturbing "Old woman Rachael...valueless".....$275

Obsolete Maryland Currency: OBSMD18A - 1826 - $20 - Elkton - $55

Slavery Documents: SD9) Deed of Gift..... a Negro Woman named Patsy to Charlotte Jones from her mother Mrs. Winfred Lane Rodgers in 1853. Document was written December 6th, 1852 in Macon County Alabama in the presence of Lewis Alexander, Judge. "Know all men by these present that I, Winfred Rodgers, .......for in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bare to my daughter Charlotte give and grant.....a certain negro woman Slave named Patsy alias Martha about thirty years of age together with the future increase of the body to her the said Negro woman Slave.......... to the said Charlotte Jones for her sole and separate use benefit and behoof free from all liabilities for debts..." Signed by several County officials and the Justice of the Peace.....$225

Slavery Documents: SD15) Bill of Sale for Horace... Received of Miss E M C Jones eight hundred dollars as payment in full for a negro man Horace & bind ourselves to warrant & defend the title of the same this the 28th January 1857. (signed) Addison Frayer Isaac Hill.....$295

Union Generals and Admirals: Porter, David D. (Pennsylvania). Nice signature with rank of Vice Admiral handsomely double matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$145

Obsolete Florida Currency: OBSFL95 - 1843 - $2.00 - Exchange Bank of Florida, Tallahassee - $375

Louisiana State Currency: LA7 - 1862 - $1 - State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge - $70

Treasury Officials Autographs: John Sherman (Ohio) served as Secretary of the Treasury under Rutherford B. Hayes 1877---1881. He was also Secretary of State in the William McKinley administration. Offered here is a signature card as Secretary of the Treasury nicely matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$125

Olde Florida: "Asseola A Seminole Leader". Large hand colored lithograph published by Daniel Rice and James Clark of Philadelphia circa 1842. Another spelling for Asseola is Osceola which was used by Florida officials in naming many Florida properties (Osceola National Park, Osceola County, etc.). Nicely matted and housed in a hardwood frame.....$1,250

Olde Florida: Territory of Florida $1,000 bond dated January 31st, 1835 signed by Territorial Governor John Henry Eaton and on verso John G. Gamble (Gamble Plantation) as President of the Union Bank of Florida. Paper embossed seal "The Territory of Florida" present.....$1,095

State Bonds: SB10) Territory of Florida $1,000 bond dated January 1st, 1838 signed by R(ichard) K(eith) Call as Florida Governor. John Gamble signs on verso. Large oval paper Territory of Florida seal present.....$450

Indian Territory Currency: OBSIT1 - 19__ - 5 cents - Haileyville - $75

Vice Presidents: Walter "Fritz" Mondale (Minnesota) Vice President to Jimmy Carter 1977-1981. 8"x10" color glossy boldly signed in the light area.....$75

Vice Presidents: Daniel D. Tompkins (New York) Vice President to James Monroe 1817-1825. Signature matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$175

Vice Presidents: Spiro T. Agnew (Maryland). Vice President under Richard Nixon 1969-1973. Signature on a card matted with a color glossy photograph.

Vice Presidents: Nelson A. Rockefeller (Maine/New York). Vice President to Gerald Ford 1974-1977. Signed card nice and clean matted with a color glossy photograph.....$75

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