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Lincoln's Cabinet: Smith, Caleb Blood (Indiana). Offered here is Smith as Lincoln's Secretary of the Interior, a position he only held for about a year. He died in 1864. Difficult to find as Secretary.....$195

Governors Autographs: Edmund Randolph (Virginia's 7th Governor). He helped to create the U. S. Constitution, served as Secretary of State (Washington's Cabinet) and U.S. Attorney General (Washington's Cabinet). Signature on parchment.....$150

Minnesota Currency: MN2 - 1858 - $3 - State of Minnesota - $195

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA198D - 1853 - $50.00 - Planters Bank (Hugh W. Mercer) - $250

Slavery Related Documents: SD2) Washington D.C., Washington County, March 6th, 1839. Mary Larrance in consideration of one dollar, has manumitted and set free the negro boy Henry 23 years of age sound and healthy and competent to earn his living by labor and do hereby declare the said negro to be free from all claims and service. Interesting document that shows wear and tear at the seams. These documents were known as "Freedom Papers" and were carefully folded and carried by the newly emancipated slave when leaving the care and custody of his former owner. If stopped along the way under the pretense of being a "runaway", this document was proof he was Free and thus allowed to journey on. This document does show heavy folds, patina, and some splits.....$495

U. S. Currency: FR-1801 - 1929 - $10.00 - Minneapolis - $125

Gift Items: Portrait of Stonewall Jackson double matted and set in a hardwood frame with a brass plaque titled "Gen. Stonewall Jackson" mounted.....$45

Civil War Books: 81) Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, 2 Volumes, 1888, green cloth covers with gold gilt lettering and illustrations. All engravings, illustrations, maps, and 986 pages including index present. First Edition.....$250

Missouri Currency: MO15 - 1860's - $50 - State of Missouri - $150

Bullets: BUL3) .58 Caliber paper cartridge for the U.S. Springfield. All original paper with miniball and black powder inside. Original string pull attached.....$135

Missouri State Currency: MO12 - 1860's - $20 - State of Missouri (Jefferson City) - $115

U. S. Currency: FR-619 - 1902 - $10.00 - Richmond Va. - $295

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA24A - 1862 - 25 Cents (E) - W & A RR in Atlanta - $60

U. S. Currency: FR-87 - 1907 - $5.00 - Woodchopper - $225

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA198B - 1856 - $10.00 - Planters Bank (Hugh W. Mercer) - $150

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA21B - 1862 - 10 Cents (C) - W & A RR in Atlanta - $45

UCV Reunion: UCV22A) Jacksonville Florida 1928 Florida Division Reunion 38th Reunion. 3 3/4" x 1 1/4".....$295

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA21A - 1862 - 5 Cents (D) - W & A RR in Atlanta - $40

Confederate Cabinet: Bragg, Thomas (North Carolina). Brother of CSA General Braxton Bragg, former Governor of North Carolina, and Attorney General of the Confederate States following the service of Judah P. Benjamin. Offered here A Document Signed and dated Dec. 10th 1841 by Bragg while serving as an attorney in Jackson, North Carolina.....$225

Confederate Cabinet: Mallory, Stephen R. (Florida) Offered here is Wardate July 30th, 1864 A Document Signed as Secretary of the Navy on blue watermarked pre-printed Navy Department document sheet especially printed for the Secretary of the Treasury. Mallory is asking for funds for his department including the Marine Corps. Dark signature S. R. Mallory.....$295

Confederate Cabinet: Randolph, George W. (Virginia). A.L.S. by George W. Randolph dated August 9th 1849. Randolph was a Confederate Brigadier General, CSA Secretary of War, and is pictured on the Confederate Treasury 1864 One Hundred Dollars bill (T-65) and three different Confederate States bonds plus one variety. This signed letter is $595.

Confederate Cabinet: Seddon, James A. (Virginia). Wardate August 4th, 1864. A Document Signed twice as Secretary of War on blue watermarked pre-printed War Department document sheet especially printed for the attention of the Secretary of the Treasury. Seddon is asking for funds for Major F. W. Dillard, Quartermaster in Columbus Georgia. Signed TWICE in dark ink J A Seddon as Secretary of War. Size including the mat is 12"x 16".....$595

Confederate Cabinet: Thomas H. Watts (Alabama) CSA Attorney General (1862-1863) and Governor of Alabama (1863-1865). A Note Signed as Alabama Governor "Executive Department of Ala." dated Oct. 5th 1864, allowing the bearer one gallon of whisky for medical purposes. Signed T. H. Watts. He is featured on the State of Alabama 1864 $100, $50, and $10 currency and two CSA bonds.....$295

U. S. Currency: FR-36 - 1917 - $1.00 - Columbus' Landing - $195

U. S. Currency: FR-37 - 1917 - $1.00 - Columbus' Landing - $185

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