Olde Florida

"Asseola A Seminole Leader". Large hand colored lithograph published by Daniel Rice and James Clark of Philadelphia circa 1842. Another spelling for Asseola is Osceola which was used by Florida officials in naming many Florida properties (Osceola National Park, Osceola County, etc.). Nicely matted and housed in a hardwood frame.....$1,250

(Marianna) Receipt for Slaves 11/10/1849. A written receipt listing the 37 slaves by name and their distribution among 5 heirs to the estate of William H. Robinson. Signed on reverse by William E. Anderson (Confederate General of the Florida Militia) as County Judge. Interestingly, actually filed in 1870. Florida related slave documents are quite scarce.....$395

Territory of Florida $1,000 bond dated January 31st, 1835 signed by Territorial Governor John Henry Eaton and on verso John G. Gamble (Gamble Plantation) as President of the Union Bank of Florida. Paper embossed seal "The Territory of Florida" present.....$1,095

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