This is an original Twenty Shillings note from the Province of Pennsylvania issued pursuant to the April 25, 1759 Act. Signed by Chevalier, Morris, and Humphreys. Reverse states " To Counterfeit is Death" and Printed by B(enjamin) Franklin and D. Hall". Note has been matted with an antique steel plate engraving and placed in an antique frame.....$625. Note alone is $495

Large vellum reproduction of the Bill of Rights signed by astronaut & senator John Glenn, special prosecutor Archibald Cox, Sec't of Treasury C. Douglas Dillon, documentary film producer Ken Burns, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, and others. Cost is $150 framed.

This is an original sling for carrying the flagpole. It came to me from a lifelong collection of flags and staffs (including pikes). It is approximately 27" long. The cup is approximately 2 inches outside diameter. The true color is darker than the photos. Leather is black. Cloth is a drab brownish green with golden threads.....$275

1830's - 1840's U.S. Bell Crown Helmet. *The best we have seen!.....SOLD

1830's U.S. Army Mounted (cavalry) hat. Very hard to find. The hat appears to be beaver pelt (I think). The brim is black cloth hand sewn on a hard paper board. Paper head liner is present with embossed store keeper's stamp "B.H. Stone Brunswick Maine". Thin black ribbon is complete. The hat plate is very nice (eagle, shield, war trophies).....SOLD

Real photograph of Blackfoot Indian Chiefs. Photographer used available postcard stock. His intent was not for postal use, only to take advantage of the paper stock.....$75

Photograph of Chief " Many Tail Feathers".....$75

45 star Spanish-American War era printed flag, 21" x 12" on open stitched muslin. Staple holes show it was affixed to a staff at one point. Numerous rust stains present, otherwise fine.....$135

Giuseppe Garibaldi, namesake of Civil war New York Italian troopers Garibaldi's Guards. Garibaldi was an Italian patriot and soldier. Major figure in Italian unity movement of the mid-1800's. Letter signed in French, 1873.....$350

Giuseppe Garibaldi, nice bold signature.....$195

New Jersey colonial currency dated 1759 and is for thirty shillings. Quite unique being torn in half and then sewn back together. This was a practice of banks transfering funds. In order to reduce casualty or loss, the banks would tear the notes in two, send one carrier down one route and another down a second route until met at their destination. Thieves planning a robbery would be disappointed when discovered a bag full of half notes (worthless).....$65

New York colonial currency dated 1776 and is for four shillings.....$75

Two bank checks 1869 and 1872 from Chicago showing the same view of the city however different due to the loss from the Great Fire of 1871 and then the subsequent rebuilding of the city.....$45

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