Signer of the Declaration of Independence Robert Morris. Known as the "Financier of the American Revolution" Morris served in the Pennsylvania legislature, the Second Continental Congress, and the U.S. Senate. He is regarded as a Founding Father of the United States. Offered here is a clear signature from a document magnificently matted and framed with enclosures. Each of the four velvet matted items are individually wood trim framed into the larger velvet mat and professionally housed in a hardwood frame. The covering is plexiglass.....SOLD

This is an original Twenty Shillings note from the Province of Pennsylvania issued pursuant to the April 25, 1759 Act. Signed by Chevalier, Morris, and Humphreys. Reverse states " To Counterfeit is Death" and Printed by B(enjamin) Franklin and D. Hall". Note has been matted with an antique steel plate engraving and placed in an antique frame.....$625. Note alone is $495

This is an original sling for carrying the flagpole. It came to me from a lifelong collection of flags and staffs (including pikes). It is approximately 27" long. The cup is approximately 2 inches outside diameter. The true color is darker than the photos. Leather is black. Cloth is a drab brownish green with golden threads.....$275

45 star Spanish-American War era printed flag, 21" x 12" on open stitched muslin. Staple holes show it was affixed to a staff at one point. Numerous rust stains present, otherwise fine.....$135

New Jersey colonial currency dated 1759 and is for thirty shillings. Quite unique being torn in half and then sewn back together. This was a practice of banks transferring funds. In order to reduce casualty or loss, the banks would tear the notes in two, send one carrier down one route and another down a second route until met at their destination. Thieves planning a robbery would be disappointed when discovered a bag full of half notes (worthless).....$65

New York colonial currency dated 1776 and is for four shillings.....$75

Two bank checks 1869 and 1872 from Chicago showing the same view of the city however different due to the loss from the Great Fire of 1871 and then the subsequent rebuilding of the city.....$45

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