CW Navy

NAV1) Tower Short Rifle primarily for naval use. This one is complete, no problems, no repairs. Birmingham proof mark visible. Nice original example. You do not see these very often. Comes with original ramrod.....$1125

NAV2) Rare Civil War U.S. Navy leather cork filled bumper originally sold as CW surplus by Bannerman.....$275

NAV3) Civil War sailor's soap dish made of gutta-percha. "Don't Give Up the Ship" "USN with anchor" embossed on top. 1851 patented info embossed on bottom along with a vintage scratching of "F V Williams" within a drawn banner between two drawn sailboats. The patented info is also embossed in the retaining ring over the mirror inside top. Mirror is lacking some silvering.....$495

Soapdish without mirror.....$295

NAV4) Civil War battle rattle. Approximately 9 inches long and 3 3/4 inches at its widest point. Large initials "G R" and smaller initials "R M" dug in. Marked "USN" on top.....SOLD

NAV5)1850's model U.S. Navy pike. Approximately 8 feet long. Vintage old white paint. Very good strong condition.....SOLD

NAV6) Ames M1860 maker marked US Naval Cutlass with complete leather scabbard and frog. Blade is marked "1862" and "Ames Mfg. Co. Chicopee Mass.". The number "121" is stenciled on the back of the frog. Cup is very nice and the guard is stamped "7 M" and "292". Blade is very tight Cost is $1095

NAV7) Ames M1860 maker marked US naval cutlass, blade is marked "1862" and "Ames Mfg.Co. Chicopee ". Cup has a lot of character. The guard is stamped "8 M" and "813".....$595

NAV8) Ames M1860 maker marked US naval cutlass, blade is marked "D.R." "1862" and "Made by Ames Mfg. Co. Chicopee Mass." within a scroll. The guard is stamped "15M" and "330" Sharp point on blade. Blade is polished steel as issued and uncleaned. Cup has one dimple otherwise fine with a darkened patina. Grip has 100% wood and 70% leather.....$825

NAV9) Model 1841 Naval Cutlass by Ames Manufacturing Co. Identifying markings on both sides of the blade. Comes with a leather scabbard that fits but was made for a different weapon.....$1375

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