P1) Confederate pike from the Augusta Georgia Arsenal. This Georgia retracting bladed pike has the all original butt cap, brass and iron bands and blade. This Confederate pike is truly a remarkable weapon. Its blade is retractable and held in position by two iron catches. The oval wooden shaft was made out of two pieces of Georgia pine hollowed out to allow the double edged fourteen inch blade with its extension handle to slide in or out. Fully extended to over seven feet long! Truly an awesome and ferocious piece.....SOLD

P2) Confederate pike head as identified and described in the book American Pole Arms on page 127 as a Clover Leaf Georgia Pike. These had other uses besides the typical lance. Their sharpened edges were used as a bridle cutter to their opponent's horse and they were also used for carrying the flag. This one you will see has retained some of its original gold paint. A very nice and scarce Georgia pike head.....SOLD

P3) A real good Georgia pike, tad over 8 feet long, fixed blade, all original, no restoration. Printed reference material included.....SOLD

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