Powder Flasks & Shot Pouches

PF1) American Flask & Cap Co. large brass powder flask approx. 9 3/4" tall. Spout marked "Am. Flask & Cap Co.", "Drams", and numerals. Flask is pictured in Riling's The Powder Flask Book on page 292.....$275

PF4) Batty (Powder Flask Company) marked brass powder flask. "Peace" patriotic design. 10" tall 4" wide. Marked "Batty" and dated "1847". Flask is pictured on page 362 in Riling's book titled The Powder Flask Book.....$550

PF6) Brass powder flask heavily embossed in the artwork "Colt's Patent". No breaks in the seams. Flask is pictured and numbered (#825) in Riling's book on page 354.....$750

PF13) Copper and brass large powder flask marked "Hawksley". This is pictured in Riling's book The Powder Flask Book on page 110.....$350

PF25) Am. Flask & Cap Co. leather covered tin w/brass end.....$150

PF26) Horn/brass/leather w/horntip measure. Possibly War of 1812 era.....$250

PF27) "Patriotic Peace Flask" all original, deep brown patina throughout, marked "1848" "Batty", measuring cap unscrews easily, no cracks at seams.....$550

PF28)Brass gunpowder flask with the patriotic motif for the .31 Whitney pocket pistol. Excellent condition, still functional. Hard to find.....SOLD

PF29) Small powder flask with patriotic eagle motif. Similar one pictured in Rapley's reference book "Colt Percussion Accoutrements" page 341. Embossed on both sides. Measures 4 1/2".....$350

PF30) Horn flask with brass fittings. Measures 9 1/2" straight. Leather strap of undetermined age is included.....$450

PF31) Identified powder horn and documents to David F. Scheihing who was a cavalryman (a sergeant) in Company E of the 4th Missouri Cavalry. The powder horn is very nice all over. Beautifully etched with large patriotic motif with eagle, shield, and E.Pluribus Unum. It is 14 1/2" NOT allowing for the curve. Comes with his beautifully framed marriage certificate dated October 18, 1866. Also present is his Discharge from the Army in 1876 handsomely triple matted and framed. There is a pocket on the back of the frame which holds several photocopies of his army records.....$1250

PF32) Nice powder horn which measures 10 1/2" long without the curve. The brass spout is all original.....$195

SP1) Small shot pouch made of canvas and wood.....$50

SP2) Shot pouch made of leather and brass.....$125

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