Relic Displays

RD1) Relic display consisting of 14 Union buttons (11 coat size and 3 cuff size). Of the 14 buttons 5 have the block I on the shield for infantry. The others are General Service. In the center is a Union breastplate. The plastic plaque mounted at the bottom reads, "Battle of Crow Valley, May 1864". Crow Valley is in Georgia.....$195

RD2) Display measuring 6 3/4" x 9 3/4". Foil and solder on glass, display of eagle coat size button, tintype photo, 1864 cent, crossed sabers insignia, .58 caliber bullet with wall hanger attached.....$110

RD3) Nicely framed and matted display of an 1863 Alabama 10 cents banknote, a Federal soldier's coat button, and three different type of bullets. There is a ding on the side of the hardwood frame.....Reduced from $125 to $95

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