Relic Weapons

RW1) Model 1842 musket dug at Malvern Hill decades ago.....SOLD

RW2) Model 1858 Remington New Model Army revolver .44 caliber dug in Northeast Florida.....SOLD

RW3) Mounted Artillery Officer's Saber, 1820-1840. Two piece, guard and blade with top of the grip simply sodered to the brass guard to keep the pieces together. On each side of the blade are shield-shaped langets. Monogram "AS" (probably for the company A. Spies) on one langet. Heavy quill back blade. "A W S" stamped on grip. See Peterson's reference book The American Sword page 108-109. Dug out of the sand dunes of Atlantic Beach, Florida.....SOLD

RW4) Model 1816 converted to percussion. Marked on lock plate "L. Pomeroy" "1832" and "U.S." On barrel, "1830". On butt plate, "U.S." There is a cartouche and the number 18 stamped on top of the stock near the lockplate. Initials "A L" carved on stock. Hammer cocks, trigger releases, strong spring.....$495

RW5) Model 1842 U.S. Springfield dated 1846 percussion musket found in an attic and presented here in its as-found condition.....$650

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