Theodore Roosevelt, 26th. President, New York, 1901-1909, Republican.

Signed Presidential Marine Appointment to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps dated January 23, 1908. Beautiful vignettes capture one's attention.....$900

Boldly signed Presidential document, framed.....$450

Letter dated December 15, 1898 signed on nice letterhead.....$395

Closing with full signature Theodore Roosevelt dated (as President) neatly matted with a color photograph removed from a publication.....$350

Completely signed full name 4 1/2" long spelled out Theodore Roosevelt on his personal stationary "Office of Theodore Roosevelt" at the New York address on Madison Avenue of the Kansas City Star. Dated November 1, 1918, Roosevelt responds to the son of a departed friend.....$350

Completely signed "Theodore Roosevelt" at the closing of a letter matted with a copy portrait print and nicely framed.....$325

Dark signature completely spelled out "Theodore Roosevelt" on a card with an original (turn-of-the-century) small oval silver print photograph attached. Neatly matted with an original silver print real photo postcard portrait of exceptional clarity.....$345

Clip signature nicely matted with a steel plate engraving and framed.....$275

Short typed note from his personal residence signed and completely spelled out Theodore Roosevelt. Signature is on the light side but not as light as scanner shows.....$250 (Click image to view larger)

Fine portrait from the 'White House Gallery' book of 1907. Includes facsimile signature. Page size measures 15 1/2" x 19 1/2". Portrait size is 9 1/2" x 13".....$150

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