Slavery Documents

SD1) Slave 'Bill of Sale', North Carolina, nicely matted and framed with 1862 N.C. banknote.....SOLD

SD2) Slave related letter and original envelope, 1858.....SOLD

SD3) "The Star" newspaper from Raleigh, North Carolina dated February 14, 1812. Four printed pages on two sheets which have been professionally silked for preservation. Articles of interest include "Land and Negroes for Sale", "Twenty Five Dollars Reward" for a runaway slave featuring a wood block engraving of a slave running, and "My Negro man Brister" who was in a Raleigh jail charged with murder.....$85

SD4) Manumission document.....SOLD

SD5) Alabama pre-printed legal form, indictment for trading with slave.....$175

SD6) Portland, Maine, 1862, Union letter with reference to Confederates possesing the city & fear of loss of slave property.....$TBD

SD7) This document details the mortgage of six named slaves of the Gaillard family of South Carolina. Gaillard is an important family name in South Carolina history, especially Charleston. This document is signed by three Gaillard family members.....$225

SD8) Bill of appraisment and inventory of the estate of A.J. Fannin of Dallas County, Alabama, 1844. List includes 36 slaves shown by name, sex and value. Also included is an extensive list of other property. At the end of the inventory it is stated that "one gold hour watch, one loom, and small lot of old bed clothes given to the negroes of the estate". Three legal size pages.....SOLD

SD9) From Bourbon County, Kentucky. War date September 7, 1861. Division of slaves from the James Collins estate. Five named slaves.....$225

SD10) Mississippi Slave Division from Claiborne County dated 1850 being a division of John Powell's slaves, listing 31 slaves by name.....$250

SD11) Slave Bill of Sale, manuscript document signed "Wm Bing" dated Nov. 19, 1814 documenting the sale "unto James King Junior of Sullivan County, Tennessee a negro man named Antony aged between twenty five and thirty years...and the said negro unto...James King his heirs and assigns against the just claim of any person whatsoever I will warrant and defend...for life....".....$275

SD12)Appraisal of estate of Joseph Beckman of Pike County Georgia wardate December 17th, 1862. Sixty-two entries including twenty-six slaves listed by name, age, sex, and value. Two pages 8" x 12" written on both sides.....$300

SD13) Bill of Sale for slaves 1863 (wardate). Bourbon County Kentucky. Sold by Nicholas Talbot to Henry Bruce the following slaves....Anthony Jr. 20 yrs.....Allen 14 yrs....Charlotte 24 yrs. and her two children, George 3 yrs. and Moses one year....warrant the title to said slaves and warrant them slaves for life. June 18, 1863. Signed. Very nice and clean. Approx. 8" x 7 1/2".....$325

SD14) Slave Auction Bill of Sale, Princess Anne County (Virginia) 1852 Manuscript Document signed and reads in part: "Joseph Overstreet being the highest bidder became the purchaser of slave Betsy at the price of $796 to hold the said slave Betsy free from the claims" of several named people. Fine Condition.....$395

SD15) Slave Hire Document all script for forty slaves and their values from the Bennett Plantation of Alabama for the year 1858. One blue sheet watermarked paper approximately 16" x 9".....$195

SD16) Promissory Note dated 1860 and signed by three individuals......"money borrowed to pay for slaves of Rockford Estate"......$85

SD17) Georgia Slave Bill of Sale dated Jan. 30, 1852. For negro man named Joe about 28 years old and warrants "the said boy a slave for life". Silked for preservation.....$175

SD18) Georgia Bill of Sale dated May 2, 1843, $450 for "a negro man slave named Prince about 25 years William have....forever". Silked for preservation.....$195

SD19) Here is an Indenture (or Agreement) dated November 4th, 1815 in Clarkstown County of Rockland, New York. Hendrick Tenure places his "servant" named Harry who is eleven years old into the custody of Isaac Blauvelt to dwell and serve for a period of seventeen years. Harry is to serve honestly, orderly, and obediently to his Master and his assigns faithfully.....$165

SD20) An official court document from Garrard County, Kentucky in 1812. It is an inventory and appraisment of the estate of John Jones. It is one large sheet of heavy laid paper measuring approximately 15 1/2" x 13", folded, to grant four sides of manuscript. A listing of typical plantation holdings including horses, cattle, blacksmith tools, and 28 named slaves with values. Signed by the Clerk of the Court.....$225

SD21) This document is from Lumpkin County, Georgia and is dated 1848. This is an official court document, an inventory and appraisment of the estate of John Hollenshead. It is one sheet approximately 14 1/2" x 7 1/2" with both sides of manuscript. A listing of a typical farming homestead including acreage, five adult slaves by name and two children each with values. Also furniture, cattle, tools, a still, shotgun, and a Bible. A good look into the times............Document is signed by the Clerk of the Court and the Justice of the Peace.....$175

SD22) Pickens County, Alabama. Legal petition to the Honorable John A. Jackson, Judge of the Court of Probate, Pickens County, Alabama to order the sale of slaves to settle the estate of Sophira Clark. Proceeds were to be divided among the children of the deceased. Four named slaves with their appraised values totaling $4,750.....$150

SD23) "Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette" dated May 3, 1822. One sheet folded for "four" pages. Paper's slogan "......Live like Brothers" however has several slave ads announcing rewards for runaways, and slaves for sale. Also articles signed in type by John Quincy Adams and James Monroe......$85

SD24) Document recording the listing of slaves sold......$175

SD25) Iredell County (Statesville/Mooresville) North Carolina slave Bill of Sale dated November 11th, 1859. $1,200 "for a Negro Boy named Sandy which said Negro I warrant to be sound in body and mind and the title good". Nice and clean on blue paper.....$225

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