Soldiers' Letters & Poems

SLET1) Soldier's letter written on regimental stationary (Van Buren Light Infantry Co. G 102nd Regiment NYSV) from Camp King Washington D.C. May 21, 1862. Namesake of regiment is Thomas Brodhead Van Buren. Content is basically dealing with sending some money home with mention of his regiment moving toward Williamsburg (Va.). The Battle of Williamsburg was in May of 1862.....SOLD

SLET2) Colorful,'Charles Magnus' lettersheet, union soldiers depicted, lined on verso.....$45

SLET3) Confederate soldier's letter from Richmond, VA. to his cousin, June 21, 1861, good content, 4+pp.....SOLD

SLET4) Patriotic illustrated letter and cover, June 2, 1862.....$55

SLET5) Confederate letter datelined May 6th 1864, 18 miles from Fredericksburg, Camp at Hospital. Speaks of his wounds (3) and particularly in his left arm. Battle may last 4 days. Will try to get a furlough and go to Richmond.....SOLD

SLET6) Poems written during the Civil War by a soldier, two sided.....$55

SLET8) Letter from headquarters, 'Rocket Battalion, Nov. 29, 1861, 2+pp, excellent content w/short poem also.....SOLD

SLET9) Soldier's letter (Michael Clancy, 9th. Mass Regt.) from Alexandria, VA., April 6, 1864 to a lawyer regarding a bounty(pension).....SOLD

SLET11) Nice colorful songsheet by Charles Magnus of the ballad "The Boys of Uncle Samu'l." Printed on lined notepaper.....$45

SLET12) Songsheet by James Gay, the celebrated Army Song publisher. Dated 1863 and printed on lined notepaper.....SOLD

SLET14) Enlisted soldier M.M. Tallman writes from Albany, New York dated August 28, 1861, three pages on one folded sheet. This is a very patriotic letter and comes with the original illustrated and stamped envelope (cover). Tallman was a member of the Ellsworth Regiment Albany.....SOLD

SLET15) Easy to read soldier's letter written from Alexandria Virginia Nov. 12, 1862. Patriotic cover present. Signed H. Le Camp 162nd Regt. New York State Vols. Company B Capt. King.....$75

SLET16) Patriotic stationary soldier's letter datelined Camp Anderson November 9th, 1861 To Aunt Sophia. Some camp news and movement of troops. Signed William O. Rowland. Patriotic cover included.....SOLD

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