Sheet Music

SM1)(2)"Camps, Tramps, and Battlefields". Music to "Maudie Moore" enclosed. Chicago, 1865.....$25 each

SM2)(2)"Mother Kissed Me in My Dream". Sung by Mme. Anna Bishop. Words by George Cooper. Music by J.R. Thomas. New York, 1864.....$35 each

SM3)"Tell Me of My Darling Boy".The Mother's Reply to Just Before the Battle. Song and chorus by Harry Buckline. Toledo, Ohio, 1864.....$35

SM4)"Memory Bells, Darling, How Can I Forget Thee?" Sung by Mr. Frank Leslie, of Bryant's Minstrels. Written and composed by Henry Tucker. New York, 1863.....$30

SM5)"I Am Lonely Tonight".Written by G.W.H. Griffin.....$25

SM6)"Charming Collection of Music".Music of "The Refugee" enclosed. Composed by Will S. Hays.Louisville, Kentucky, no date of publication.....$25

SM7)"Kiss Me ,Mother, Kiss Your Darling". Song and chorus. Words by Letta C. Lord. Music by George F. Root. Cleveland, 1864.....$30

SM8)"Dear Old Southland", music by Turner Layton, Lyric by Henry Creamer, sung by Sophie Tucker. Published by Jack Mills Inc.....$35

SM9) "Away Down South in Heaven", 1927, words by Bud Green, music by Harry Warren. Published by Shapiro, Bernstein and Co, Inc, NY.....$15

SM10)"Darling Nelly Gray", A Song with Chrous by B.R. Hanby. Published Augusta, GA and New Orleans, LA.....$150

SM11)"Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, or The Prisoner's Hope", Song and Chorus by George F. Root, 1864. Published by Root and Cady, Chicago, IL.....$50

SM12) "My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night", 1853, written and composed by Stephen C. Foster, as sung by Christy's Minstrels. Published by Firth, Pond, and co., NY.....$50

SM13) "National Melodies", published by 'Russell & Colman'.....$TBD

SM14) "Just After the Battle" published by Root & Cady, 1863 in Chicago.....$50

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