Official 1939 Baseball Bulletin: Eight typed pages titled "Official Bulletin No. 12". Addressed to "All Major League Clubs and All Others Concerned". Contains a wealth of 1939 baseball information including contracts, player transfers, and suspensions.....SOLD

Berra, Yogi b. 1925 Catcher with a 19 year career (1946-1965) mostly with the New York Yankees. Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame 1972. Offered here is an original cardboard Baseball Star Card #1 (removed from a cereal box) neatly matted (in NY team colors) with a nice ball point pen signature on a made-for-signature decorative slip.....$69

Flood, Curt. b. 1938 d. 1997. Center fielder from 1956-1971 mostly with the St. Louis Cardinals. Dominated the 1960s becoming a three time All-Star, two time World Series champion, and seven time Gold Glove Award winner. Offered here is an original 1968 Topps #180 baseball card neatly matted (in St. L team colors) with a large St. Louis Cardinals logo sticker with his signature in black felt tip pen.....$59

Ford, Whitey. b. 1928 in New York. Pitcher who spent his entire 16 year career with the New York Yankees. Voted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. Was 10 time All Star, 6 time World Series, winner of the Cy Young Award, voted World Series MVP (1961), and was presented the Babe Ruth Award. His #16 was retired by the New York Yankees. Offered here is Whitey Ford's 1961 baseball card #160 matted with a signed postcard on the reverse. The postcard is postmarked June 7th, 1975.....$69

Hunter, Jim "Catfish" b.1946 d. 1999 Pitcher from 1965-1979 Kansas City Athletics (moved to Oakland in 1968) and also New York Yankees. Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1987. Offered here is an original 1969 Topps # 235 baseball card neatly matted (in KC team colors) with his full signature in ink (ballpoint pen).....$69

Kell, George. (Third Baseman, Detroit Tigers 1946-1952, 10 time all-star, 1949 American Leaue batting title, Baseball Hall of Fame 1983). This is an original 1952 Topps #246 George Kell baseball card matted with his autograph.....$75

Kubek, Tony. b.1935 (Shortstop, New York Yankees 1957-1965, 4 time All Star, 3 time World's Series champion, 1957 American League Rookie of the Year). Offered here is an original 1961 Topps # 265 Tony Kubek baseball card matted with his (ball point ink pen) autograph.....$59

Law, Vernon. b. 1930 (Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates) Played 16 seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1960 won the Cy Young Award and was instrumental that year in the Pirates winning the World Series. Offered here is a vintage 1960 newspaper clipping, an autographed signature card, an original Topps #81 1952 baseball card, a vintage early 1960's kid's "tatoo", and an early 1960's Topps portrait collectible stamp....SOLD ($100)

Lolich, Mickey. (Pitcher, Detroit Tigers 1963-1975, 1968 World Series MVP). This is a real photo postcard inscribed and autographed by Mickey Lolich...... SOLD ($35)

Mantle, Mickey (New York Yankees great) Nicely matted ball point ink signature with a Topps #82 Baseball Archives card.....$225

Nelson, Rocky. (First Baseman, five different teams, a star in the 1960 World Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates and participated in the 1952 World Series with the Brooklyn Dodgers). This is a real photo postcard matted with a ballpoint signature on a card.....SOLD ($35)

Perry, Gaylord. (Pitcher, San Francisco Giants 1962-1971, Baseball Hall of Fame 1991). Perry is the only pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues. Offered here is his 1970 Topps #560 card matted with his signed personal check.....$69

Robinson, Frank. b. 1935. Outfielder, Manager, Cincinnati Reds/Baltimore Orioles 1956-1976 (player), 1975-2006 (manager), two-time World Series champion, Baseball Hall of Fame 1982, only player to win MVP in both American and National leagues, triple crown winner, top 10 all-time home run hitter. Offered here is a nicely matted in Cincinnati Reds team colors an original cardboard Baseball Star Card # 182 (removed from a cereal box) with a clean and large ball point pen signature written on the reverse of a postcard mailed to a fan dated May 21, 1975.....$69

Terry, Bill. (First Baseman, New York Giants 1923-1936, 1933 World Series champion, Baseball Hall of Fame 1954). This is a signed check from the Jacksonville Baseball Company made out to Louis Miles for $72.90. Date is June 30, 1960. Signed checks are very collectable!.....$100


Gabriel, Roman. (Quarterback, Los Angeles Rams 1962-1972, Philadelphia Eagles 1973-1977, 4 time Pro Bowl selection, 1969 NFL MVP). This is a signed note on Boston Breakers stationary inscribed "To Tommy". The Boston Breakers were a United States Football League (USFL) team for one year only in 1983. Roman Gabriel was the Offensive Coordinator. Included is a 1973 Nabisco Pro Faces sticker card of Gabriel with the Rams.....$50

Jaworski, Ron. (Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles 1977-1986, one time Pro Bowl selection) . This is a signed inscribed photograph on glossy card stock from Ron Jaworski's Eagles' Nest Golf & Country Club.....$45

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