State Bonds

SB1) State of Alabama $500 bond issued April 1, 1861. Signed by Alabama's 1st wartime governor Andrew B. Moore. He was governor until Dec. 2, 1861. Attached are sixteen coupons.....$150

SB2) State of Arkansas colorful $10 War Bond with ten coupons attached. Dated August 17th, 1861.....$100

SB3) State of Florida $1,000 Bond w/ fifty-four $40 in Gold coupons attached. Issued from Tallahassee January 1, 1870. Bond has no cancellations, gold seal intact, and bares two signatures of Governor Harrison Reed. Serial # 3355. Very attractive.....$2450

SB4) State of Missouri $100 Bond w/ten $5 coupons intact signed by Claiborne Fox Jackson - Governor in 'exile'.....SOLD

SB5) State of North Carolina bond dated January 1, 1863 signed by Governor Zebuleon Vance. There are 59 coupons attached.....$350

SB6) State of South Carolina bond offered to investors in London. Funds raised were to help South Carolina meet the needs of Reconstruction. Dated 1871 from Columbia.....$145

SB7) Florida Territorial Bond issued from Tallahassee in 1835 and signed by Governor J(ohn) H(enry) Eaton. Document is one sheet folded with all four sides printed. Very nice paper embossed seal present.....$1025

SB8) (Florida Territorial) Southern Life Insurance and Trust Company (St. Augustine) $1,000 Bond with 46 attached coupons. Issued from St. Augustine Aug.1, 1839. Nice clean bond with embossed seal and bares the signature of Florida's Governor Richard K. Call.....$1025

SB9) State Bond of Florida "school fund" $1000 payable in Gold coin, Act of 1873.Signed by Florida Governor O.B. Hart.....$350

SB10) Territory of Florida $1,000 bond dated January 1st, 1838 signed by R(ichard) K(eith) Call as Florida Governor. John Gamble signs on verso. Large oval paper Territory of Florida seal present.....$450

SB11) State Bond of Louisiana 1892. Signed by Governor Murphy J.Foster. Heavy rubber stamps in purple ink, "Purchased and retired". Sold for signature value.....$ 35

SB12) Missouri State Bond. $1000 bond with signature of CSA general Sterling Price.....$395

SB13) Wilmington & Northern Railroad. Bond signed by Henry A. Dupont, president, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery at the battle of Cedar Creek, Va. during the Civil War.....$100

SB14) $1000 State of Louisiana. Signed by Governor Richard Leche. 1938. Punch cancel affects a few letters; otherwise fine.......$45

Isham Harris (Tennessee) Confederate Governor of Tennessee signed State of Tennessee $1,000 bond dated April 1, 1862 in Memphis. Five interest baring coupons present. Large red overprint $1,000.....$295

$100 State of South Carolina dated January 1st, 1861. Money raised was for the military defense of the State. South Carolina had seceded just 10 days prior to this document’s signing. It would be another 9 days before the State of Mississippi on January 9th would join South Carolina into establishing the new Confederate States of America.....$175

SB15) $1000 State of South Carolina. Signed by Governor Robert Scott. Dated June 1, 1869.....$75

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