Tintype Photographs

Tint1) 1/6th plate tintype of seated Confederate w/kepi, half case.....SOLD

Tint2) Nice outdoor image of a sutler's wagon at a campsite presumably on a Sunday as there are townsfolk and children present. Lots of soldiers and musicians visible. Tintype is 4 1/2" wide and 3 3/8" tall. Housed in a small vintage wood frame.....SOLD

Tint3) 1/6th plate tintype of seated Confederate, full case.....SOLD

Tint4) 1/6th plate tintype of soldier with his wife, half case.....$TBD

Tint5) 1/9th plate tintype of Cavalryman with hat and insignia housed under a patriotic brass mat titled "Union Forever", in a hard gutta-purcha case.....$SOLD

Tint6) 1/6th plate tintype of seated soldier, full case.....$TBD

Tint7) 1/6th plate tintype of seated officer, full case.....$TBD

Tint8) 1/6th plate tintype of seated artillery soldier w/kepi, half case.....$TBD

Tint9) Tintype of GAR veteran.....$SOLD

Tint10) 1/6th plate tintype of armed soldier w/Hardee Hat, half case.....$TBD

Tint11) 1/6th plate tintype of officer w/wife and child.....$295

Tint12) 1/6th plate tintype of seated Confederate soldier wearing a Richmond Depot jacket and kepi, full case.....SOLD

Tint13) Framed large armed soldier tintype. The tintype is 6 3/8" x 8 3/8". It is placed in a mat 8" x 10" which is in an antique wood frame painted gold 14 1/2" x 12 1/2". There is some flaking to the image. The soldier is armed with a Bowie knife and is wearing an artillery kepi (crossed cannons insignia).....$475

Tint14) Large half-plate, 4" x 5" scarce outdoor image of Confederate forager with remarkable resemblance to our beloved Stonewall Jackson.....$SOLD

Tint15) CSA General Leonidas Polk (KIA at Pine Mountain Georgia on June 14, 1864).....$225

Tint16) Large quarter plate size (3" x 4") of a soldier wearing his kepi and great coat. Housed in a brass mat.....SOLD

Tint17) Large quarter plate tintype of armed soldier in a full leatherette case. He's holding his musket with bayonet attached and is wearing an infantry Hardee hat. He has his cap pouch, U.S. oval plate and belt, and over-the-shoulder belt with plate all clearly visible.....SOLD

Tint18) 1/6 plate tintype of Private Erich Nystrom, Company F, "Jackson Volunteers" 28th Louisiana CSA. He's also shown on the website of the 28th Louisiana. He's shown standing leaning on his rifle with his bowie knife at his side. He left the 28th around Feb. 1863 to join a mounted unit. Shown here with cavalry boots, his saber attachment behind his bowie knife and crossed sabers on hat which is pinned up on one side with tassels around brim. Mother of pearl inlaid on cotton ball motif on exterior top case. Great Confederate image.....SOLD

Tint19) Full cased tintype photograph of a soldier's wife. Would look great in a display of a soldier's personal effects.....$65

Tint20) Fully cased with matching covers tintype photograph. "My love who waits for me.".....$65

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