Tinware & Utensils

TNW1) Tin cup approximately 4 1/2" high, bottom diameter 4 1/2" wide.....$85

TNW2) Tin biscuit cutter.....$35

TNW3) Tin kerosene oiler can, 6 1/2" round w/removable lid.....$65

TNW4) Tin bundt cake pan.....$50

TNW5) Tin gun powder canister, 3" round x 7" tall w/removable lid.....$50

TNW6) Tin oil can, original japanned finish.....$115

TNW7) Tin coffee pot.....$85

TNW8) Large tin coffee pot.....$85

TNW9) Typical Civil War soldier's plate. This one is pewter and actually dates from 1780 - 1830.....$135

TNW10) Tin cup, 3 1/2" inches diameter.....$55

TNW11) Map or document case. All tin with sodiered seams, 16 and 3/4 inches long, 2" diameter, few dings here and there. There is one spot where the finish has worn off about 2" x 2".....$145

TNW12)Civil War era tin kerosene torch or burner. These were used to clear underbrush along railroad tracks and also for clearing a potential campsite for the troops.....$65

UT1) Very nice 3-tine fork and kitchen knife.....$45 pair

UT2) Very nice, ivory 3-tine fork.....$TBD

UT3) Ivory salt & pepper shakers, Civil war period.....$150

UT4) Bone tanners tool, Civil war period.....$TBD

UT5) Bone knitting tools, Civil war period.....$TBD

UT6) Ivory bookmark, Civil war period.....$TBD

UT7) Bone handled, 2-tine forks.....$TBD

UT8) Bone handled dinner knives, one marked 'Northampton Cutlery Co.'.....$TBD

UT9) Bone handled knife and 2-tined fork.....$TBD

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