United Confederate Veterans (U.C.V.)

UCV1) 1887 Macon Georgia UCV souvenir coin of grey metal (looks pewter) about the size of a silver dollar. Obverse bares a portrait of Jeff Davis surrounded by the words, " Jefferson Davis Ex President CSA 1861-65". Reverse reads, "Re-union of Confederate Veterans Macon, Ga. Oct 26th 1887". The coin has been holed for suspension for the soldier to wear as a souvenir of the reunion.....$225

UCV1A) 1899 original CSA five dollar note from 1864 overprinted with "Confederate Veterans' Reunion, Charleston , S.C. May 1899". A great souvenir of the 1899 Charleston Reunion. The "Poem" by Jonas is printed on reverse.....$150 Click images to enlarge.

UCV2) 1905 Louisville Kentucky UCV medal, two piece brass with crossed flags. Maker marked on reverse "Schwaab's & S Co. Milwaukee".....$225

UCV3) 1906 New Orleans UCV medal, two piece brass with crossed Confederate flags.....$245

UCV4) 1907 Richmond Virginia featuring the Jefferson Davis Monument.....$195

UCV5) 1907 booklet by UCV 'The Flags of the Confederate States'.....$TBD

UCV6) Two piece silvered finish 1907 Richmond Virginia reunion of the Veteran Cavalry Association of the Army of Northern Virginia depicting Gen. JEB Stuart.....$975

UCV7) Richmond, VA. 1907.....$175

UCV8) Live Oak, Florida, 1909, 19th Reunion United Confederate Veterans. Button represents the Joseph E. Finegan Camp # 1514 U.C.V.....$425

UCV9) Reunion of Virginia, Oct. 18, 19, 20 - 1910, 'Norfolk'.....$TBD

UCV10) Two-piece brass 1912 souvenir medal from the reunion in Macon.Ga. Enamelled Confederate battleflag in the center.....$325.00

UCV11) 1914 Jacksonville,Fla. UCV reunion 2-pc brass medal featuring a Confederate veteran in uniform.....$375

UCV12) Alabama State Division U.C.V. portraits of Pettus and Morgan over the Second National CSA flag. "Delegate" on red/white ribbon. "Selma 1915" on cotton ball. Both Metals and ribbon marked Whitehead and Hoag, Newark, N.J.. Reenforcement material on back of ribbon. This is the only one I have ever seen!.....SOLD

UCV13) Richmond, VA. 1915, R.E. Lee.....$245

UCV14) Richmond, Va. 1915 Reunion.....$195

UCV14A) 1915 Richmond Virginia, A genuine T-68 Confederate Treasury Note used as a souvenir to the 25th U.C.V. Reunion held in Richmond Virginia in June of 1915. Comes with a little note that was pinned on the reverse that states, " Papa gave this to me......was paid off at a reunion". The note is written on the reverse of a 1918 receipt.....$125

UCV15) 1916 Birmingham,Al. UCV 2-pc medal featuring General R.E.Lee......$235

UCV16) Birmingham, Al. 1916, 'Souvenir'.....$TBD

UCV17) Birmingham, Al. 1916, 'Veteran' State Reunion No. 4-5, verso - Baltimore Badge & Novelty Co......$195

UCV18) Atlanta, Georgia 1917, bust of R.E. Lee with caption "Duty is the Sublimest Word in all the Languages, Do your Duty", verso - W.E Flooding, MFR, Atl., GA......$TBD

UCV18A) 1922 National 32nd Reunion Richmond Virginia. Illustrated on the top bar is the Stonewall Jackson equestrian statue. The bottom drop shows the White House of the Confederacy and also shows the Confederate Memorial Institute......$275

UCV19) 1924 National 34th Reunion Memphis Tennessee. Statue of Gen'l N.B. Forrest. The badge is penned on its original card.....$325

UCV20) 1927 National Reunion Tampa Florida, 37th Reunion badge, bust of General Edmund Kirby-Smith.....$375

UCV21) Delegate's ribbon to the Tampa Florida 1927 Reunion. Measures 6 1/2 inches x 2 1/8" inches. Considered rare....$300

UCV22) Original broadside advertising the 1927 Tampa Reunion and a fund raising effort for Stone Mountain. 3 1/2" x 8 1/2"......$125 (Click image to enlarge)

UCV23) Montgomery, Al. 1931, Scarce complete.....$345

UCV24) Coca-Cola advertisement with printed "Souvenir of U.C.V. Reunion Montgomery, Ala. June 2nd to 5th, 1931" on the reverse of a facsimile T-65 CSA Treasury note......$85 (Click images to enlarge)

UCV25) Richmond, VA. 1932, 'Delegate' (Rare, 1 for every ten camp members).....$375

UCV26) Chattanooga, Tenn. 1934, Lookout Mt. across the top, American Legion symbol in the lower right corner......$295

UCV27) Missouri Division.....$275

UCV28) Reunion celluloid button featuring Winnie Davis and R.E.Lee with crossed battle flags.....$185

UCV29) Celluloid button-Home for Confederate Women, Battle flag in the center......$ 45

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