Union Generals & Admirals Autographs

Banks, Nathaniel P. (Massachusetts). Offered here is a signed and dated 1889 thank you note. The note is nicely matted with a real photo image mounted to an album page. The note is penned on lined paper. Banks was a General in the Union Army, Governor of Massachusetts, and also Military Governor of Louisiana during the War.....$225

Butler, Benjamin F. (New Hampshire) Beautifully framed display containing a picture, a small field book, two period spoons and a good content letter with his bold signature (1870). Overall size is 21 1/2" x 26".....$550

Butler, Benjamin Franklin (New Hampshire/Massachusetts) Patriotic letter sheet 5" x 8" illustrated with a portrait of General Butler matted with a large signature adding "Mass". He held the rank of Major General USV, was an active criminal lawyer, as well as a politician holding the office of Military Governor of New Orleans, member of Congress after the War, and Governor of Massachusetts 1883.....$135

Casey, Silas (Rhode Island) Signature with rank. Also a cdv engraving by Wells.....$125.00

Chamberlain, Joshua L. (Maine) Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valiant defense of Little Round Top, Gettysburg. Full signature on stock certificate signed as president.....$1250

Clay, Cassius Marcellus (Kentucky). Major General who spent most of his time not on the battlefield but as Minister to Russia. Offered here is a signed card matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$250

Crittenden, Thomas Leonidas (Kentucky) Framed display containing a CDV (verso - Louisville, Ky. backmark) and a bold signature as a U.S. Colonel (retired).....$150

Dix, John A. (New Hampshire) Real photo CDV backmarked by Boston photographer J.W. Black neatly matted with a dated full dark signature.....$195

Farnsworth, John Franklin (Quebec/Michigan) Nice, bold signature with period CDV.....$150

Franklin, W.B. (Pennsylvania) Signature on trimmed receipt from U.S. Treasurer's Office (1895) along with Indiana Governor Levi Morton.....$55

Gillmore, Quincy A. (Ohio) Signature card adds "Maj.Genl". Neatly matted with a CDV of an engraving by Elias Dexter of New York.....$135

Grant, Ulysses S. (Ohio) General of the Armies of the United States and later 18th U.S. President. Nice clean signature matted with a steel plate engraving and housed in an antique frame.....SOLD

Grant, Ulysses S. Original steel plate engraving from the 1800s matted with a signature removed from a letter......SOLD

Gresham, Walter Q. (Indiana). Brigadier General who fought at Corinth and other Mississippi operations through Vicksburg, then to Kennesaw Mountain and Leggett's Hill where he was wounded by a sharpshooter. He was breveted Major General at war's end and returned to his political career. Was U.S. Postmaster General, then U.S. Secretary of Treasury, then U.S. Secretary of State. Offered here from an album page is a large signature as Postmaster General.....59

Hancock, Winfield Scott (Pennsylvania). Served at Fredericksburg, Chancellorville, and Gettysburg among others. Closing of a letter in part, " I am very truly Your obd't Serv't Winf Scott Hancock". Nicely matted with a real photo cdv.....$495

Hardie, James A. (New York), ADS, 1863 Treasury Dept. Letterhead.....$150

Hartranft, John F. (Pennsylvania) ADS, 1866 Auditor General's Office document with bold signature.....$75

Hartsuff, William (Michigan), Clip.....$89

Hawley, Joseph R. (Connecticut) Signature card adds "Conn.".....$75

Logan, John A. (Illinois), Nice framed display including CDV, political ribbon/pin and a bold signature.....$325

Logan, John A. (Illinois), Real photo cdv of Logan backmarked by Anthony/Brady neatly matted with a dark and bold signature.....$195

McCalls, George A. (Pennsylvania), nicely framed and matted CDV and bold signature.....$150

McClellan, George B. (Pennsylvania), Wardate 1862 real photo CDV by Mathew Brady neatly matted with a wardate 1861 signature with rank.....$425

McDowell, Irwin (Ohio). Fought at Manassas Junction, commanded a corps of the Army of the Potomac, and participated in the Battle of Second Manassas. Copy of a real photo cdv housed in an antique photo album page mounted with full signature with rank......$175

McDowell, Irwin (Ohio) Nice clean signature with rank neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$125

Miles, Nelson A. (Mass.), ALS, 1901.....$125

Morgan, Edwin D. (New York), Large signature on card adds "New York"......$40

Patterson, Robert (Ireland & immigrated to Pennsylvania), Major General of Pennsylvania Volunteers and commanded the Dept. of Pennsylvania and the Army of Shenandoah. Clipped signature from an album page.....$65

Pope, John (Kentucky) Nice, clear clipped signature with rank mounted with fine steel plate engraving.....$150

Porter, David D. (Pennsylvania), Nice, full signature along with fine CDV.....$225

Porter, David D. (Pennsylvania). Nice signature with rank of Vice Admiral handsomely double matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$145

Porter, Fitz John (New Hampshire). Steel plate engraving double matted with signed quote.....$195

Rosecrans, William Stark (Ohio), served as Register of the Treasury (1885-1893) in the Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison Administrations. However he is best known for his record in the U.S. Army serving as a Major General during the American Civil War. Offered here is a signed and dated card of introduction matted with a glossy portrait.....$195

Scott, Winfield (Virginia), Nice, clear clipped signature mounted with fine CDV.....$295

Sewell, William J. (New Jersey), Union Major General who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service commanding a brigade at Chancellorsville. Dark signature matted with a glossy photograph.....$125

Shafter, William R. (Michigan) Wounded in Action at Fair Oaks and received the Medal of Honor. Signature with rank neatly matted with a black & white portrait removed from an 1800s publication.....$125

Sheridan, Philip Henry (New York) . Best known for his Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Nice clean signature neatly matted with a period cdv.....$250

Sherman, William Tecumseh (Ohio). Infamous for his "Torched Earth policy, he ironically offered sympathetic terms for Gen. Joe Johnston's surrender in North Carolina and lobbied Congress after the War for a less than harsh Reconstruction. Offered here is a Civil War period cdv neatly matted with a large and clean signature.....SOLD

Sickles, Daniel E. (New York), personal card on which General Sickles has penned a personal message to a Col. Pullen referencing a pass and kind regards. Nice oversized card and ink is dark.....$225

Smith, Andrew Jackson (Pennsylvania) Signed General Orders No. 55 dated August 17, 1863 in Columbus Kentucky.....$125

Spinola, Francis (New York), Special Orders signed 1862.....$450

Sprague, William (Rhode Island) Clip signature and fine CDV. Sprague was the war Governor of R.I. .....$150

Thomas, George H. (Virginia). War date CDV in uniform. Full cut signature laid at bottom mount.....$195

Wallace, Lew (Indiana) Union General and Commander of the VIII Corps. New Mexico governor 1878-1881. He is best remembered for his novel "Ben Hur", basis for the classic movie. Matted hard-to-find cdv with a clip signature.....$295

Wells, William (Vermont). Union General who fought at Gettysburg. Received the Medal of Honor. Check signed and dated June 5th 1880. Matted with a 4" x 6" black and white glossy photograph.....$125

Wool, John Ellis (New York). Nice complete note from Troy New York dated 1867 in regard to the sending of his autograph. Matted with a real photo cdv by Brady. General Wool commanded the Department of the East.....$275

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