Union Leaders Autographs

Bancroft, George (Mass.) Founder of the U.S.Naval Academy. Cut from an album page with his address. Matted with a steel plate engraving.....$150.00

Bates, Edward (Missouri). Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General. Free Franked Signature cut from the cover postmarked Washington D.C. dated Oct. 26, 1864. Nice dark brown signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$195

Brownlow, William "Parson" (Tennessee) Reconstruction Governor. Editor of the Knoxville whig. Also a Methodist preacher. A signature card, "Nashville, Apr.27,1865. I have the honor to be, very truely yours, W.G.Brownlow Governor of Tenn". Mounted with a cdv engraving.....$125.00

Bryant, William Cullen (Massachusetts) journalist, poet, editor of New York Evening Post. Credited with influencing Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. Bold signature card dated 1875 matted with an original steel plate engraving by Johnson, Fry & Co. dated 1862.....$125

Cameron, Simon (Pennsylvania) Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War. Signature matted with a copied photograph housed in an antique album page.....$95.00

Cameron, Simon (1799-1889) was an American politician who served as United States Secretary of War for Abraham Lincoln at the start of the American Civil War. Autograph Letter Signed "Simon Cameron" 1 page Middleton, April 18, 1853, addressed to W.W. H. Davis, and reads in part: "...I wrote some days ago to the President in your behalf. I also spoke to Brooherd in your favor...He is willing to serve our friends but so far has got very little for them. When they will not do justice to his position, I, a private citizen have no right to complain..." Fine condition.....$225

Cameron Simon, Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War, Wardate Nov. 15, 1864 Signature matted with a color glossy photograph.........$225

Cooper, Peter (New York) (1791-1883). Industrialist and inventor, best known for designing and building the first steam locomotive in the United States. Real photo cdv by famed photographer Jeremiah Gurney of New York matted with large dark signature.....$175

Dale, William Johnson (Mass) Surgeon General (1862) A.L.S. on official letterhead.....$69.00

Fessenden, William P. (Maine) served in the cabinet of Abraham Lincoln as Secretary of the Treasury from July 1864 to March of 1865. Offered here is a nicely matted black & white glossy photograph with a signature dated Nov. 20, 1864 in Washington D.C. as Sec'y U. S. Treasury. "Resp'y & truly W. P. Fessenden".....$225

Gunther, Charles 1864 Mayor of New York. Signed Bank check 1864.....$25.00

Lincoln, Robert Todd (Illinois) eldest son of Abraham Lincoln who was a captain in the Union Army during the War serving on the staff of U.S.Grant. He was Secretary of War 1881-1885 serving in the cabinets of James Garfield and Chester Arthur. Lincoln was a lawyer by profession. Offered here is a typed letter signed on Lincoln's law firm letterhead dated March 30, 1888. Original stamped envelope addressed in Lincoln's hand included.....SOLD

Lincoln, Robert Todd. 1907 Pullman Company annual railroad pass Lincoln has signed as company president. Nicely matted with a glossy photograph.....SOLD

Seward, William H. (New York) Abraham Lincoln's (and also Andrew Johnson's) Secretary of State who survived an attempt on his own life the night of Lincoln's assassination. He was also the 12th Governor of New York and an U.S. Senator. Besides his work in Lincoln's wartime Cabinet, he is known for engineering the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Offered here is a Letter Signed datelined Washington, May 7, 1858 complying with his correspondents request.....$225

Seward, William H. (New York), Nice signature neatly matted with a large original steel plate engraving.....$125

Seward, William H. (New York). Free frank signature on postal cover (envelope) matted with an original cdv photograph backmarked via a paper label "L.E. Walker Dealer in paper and fancy goods Warsaw, New York".....$395

Speed, James (Kentucky), Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General. Succeeded Edward Bates resignation and served under Andrew Johnson until July 1866. Signature with rank "Atty Genl" neatly matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$195

Stanton, Edwin (Ohio) Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War from 1862-1865 and Andrew Johnson's until 1868. He refused the South's pleas for a prisoner exchange at Andersonville Prison resulting in the starvation of the federal prisoners. Stanton was never charged or consequently tried in a court of law for these war crimes. Offered here is an appointment to Colonel on the staff of Major General John Wool dated July 11, 1862 signed by Stanton as Secretary of War. Comes with original transmittal envelope.....$225

Stanton, Edwin, free franked signature clip from War Department marked cover signed as (Lincoln's) Secretary of War. Nicely matted with an original steel plate engraving.....$225

Stanton, Edwin, War Date War Department Signed Document 1863 Appointment of Provost Marshal with rank of Captain of Cavalry. Headquarters at Auburn New York. Stanton signs as Secretary of War. Condition of document is less than to be desired with faults but is indeed priced accordingly at $250.

Usher, John P. (Indiana). Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Interior 1863---1865. Dark ink autograph matted with a black and white photograph.....$149

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