Union CDVs of Generals, Soldiers, and Politicians

The picture is below its description.


UCDVAN) Collection of photographs of Generals and Admirals by C.D. Fredrick's of Broadway New York. Numbered on obverse. Identified on reverse.....$100

UCDVRA) Photograph of Union General Robert Anderson (Kentucky). In command of Ft. Sumter during the opening bombardment of the War.....$75

UCDVNB) Photograph of Union General Nathaniel Banks (Massachusetts). He was Governor of Massachusetts 1858-61. Backmarked by Anthony/Brady.....$75

UCDVAB) Photograph of Union General Ambrose Burnside (Indiana). Commanded various forces throughout the theatre. Invented the breech-loading rifle. Post war governor of Rhode Island and later a senator. Backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$100

UCDVBB) Photograph of Union General Benjamin Butler (New Hampshire). Military governor of Louisiana, once commanded the Army of the James and the Army of the Potomac. Post war Governor of Massachusetts. Backmarked by C.C.Giers of Nashville Tennessee.....$95

UCDVSC) Photograph of Union General Silas Casey (Rhode Island). Active in the Peninsular Campaign and the District of Washington. Author of two volume System of Infantry Tactics. Cdv backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$75

UCDVJF) John Gray Foster (New Hampshire). Most of his service was in the Carolinas. Backmarked by Anthony/Brady.....$75

UCDVWF1) William Buel Franklin (Pennsylvania). Commanded several Brigades and Divisions in Virginia. Wounded at Sabine Cross Roads. After the War was vice-president and general manager of Colt Fire Arms Manufacturing Company. Backmarked by Anthony/Brady.....$85

UCDVWF2) William Buel Franklin (Pennsylvania).....$85

UCDVQG1) Union General Quincy A. Gillmore (Ohio). Commanded the Districts of Kentucky and Ohio and the Dept. of the South. Backmarked by Anthony/Brady.....$110

UCDVQG2) Here's another great photo of General Gillmore. Different uniform. Different pose.....$125

UCDVUG) Ulysses S. Grant (Ohio), General In Chief of the Armies of the United States as of March 12, 1864. Nice and clean cdv photograph.....$175

UCDVHH) Gen. Henry Halleck, verso - 'Markens Gallery', Frederick, MD......$125

UCDVWH) Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock (Pennsylvania). Real photo CDV.....$250

UCDVSH) General Samuel Heintzelman (Pennsylvania). Commanded various forces throughout Virginia. Wounded at 1st Manassas (or Bull Run). Backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$75

UCDVJH) Union General Joseph Hooker (Massachusetts). Nicknamed "Fightin' Joe". Much of his service was in Virginia and the eastern Tennessee/Northern Georgia areas. Obverse attributes to Mathew Brady 1862.....$125

UCDVOH) Union General Oliver Otis Howard (Maine). Lost his right arm at Fair Oaks in March '62 and continued to command throughout the War, remained in the Army to fight Indians until retirement in 1894, and founded Howard University for Negroes in Washington D.C. He was one of 15 army officers to receive the Thanks of Congress for Gettysburg. Offered here is a photographic CDV.....$145.

UCDVEK) Union General Erasmus Darwin Keyes (Massachusetts). Most of his service was in Virginia. Nice CDV backmarked WhiteHurst Gallery 434 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C......$125

UCDVHK) Photograph of Union General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick (New Jersey). Nicknamed "Kill Cavalry", he fought in most campaigns of the War including Gettysburg. Backmarked Anthony/Brady.....SOLD

UCDVJL) Photograph of Union General John A. Logan (Illinois). Served in the Army of Tennessee, the Atlanta Campaign, and was awarded the Congressional Medal. Real photo cdv backmarked Brady/Anthony.....$110

UCDVGMc) Photograph of Union General George McClellan (Pennsylvania). For awhile he was Commander-in-Chief of the Regular Army. Presidential candidate in 1864. New Jersey governor (1878-81). Backmarked by A.Winch of Philadelphia.....$85

UCDVIM) Photograph of Union General Irvin McDowell. Copy of a real photo cdv housed in an antique photo album page mounted with full signature with rank. Cdv with Anthony/ Brady backmark.....$175

UCDVGM) Union General George Meade (Pennsylvania). Born in Spain to U.S. parents. Was Artillery Commander of the Army of the Potomac from just before Gettysburg to the end of the War. Cdv backmarked C.C. Giers of Nashville Tennessee.....SOLD

UCDVGM1) Union Major-General George G. Meade with printed ID on reverse.....$85

UCDVMM) Union General Montgomery C. Meigs (Georgia/Pennsylvania). Served as Quartermaster General throughout the War. Real photo cdv backmarked by Brady/Anthony.....$110

UCDVOM) Union General Ormsby Mitchel (Kentucky). His commands included the Dept. of Ohio, Army of the Ohio, Dept. of the South and X Corps. Died on Oct.30, 1862 at Beaufort S.C. of yellow fever.....$85

UCDVWM) Union General William Reading Montgomery who already had a long military career before the War. He organized the 1st New Jersey Volunteers. Cdv with Anthony/Brady backmark.....$75

UCDVJP) Civil War CDV of Major General John Pope (Kentucky). Commanded several armies including the Army of Virginia. Backmarked Charles Taber & Co. of Massachusetts.....$65

UCDVBMP) Prentiss, Benjamin Mayberry, Union general born in Virginia. Served within the Army of Tennessee and then the District of East Arkansas......$65

UCDVWR1) Photograph of Union General William Rosecrans. Printed advertisement on the reverse for a San Franciscan optician. Neat and seldom seen.....$65

UCDVWR2) Photograph of Union General William Rosecrans. Oval laid on a printed mat etched in gold gilt. The imprint at the bottom reads, " T.M. Schleier Artist" "Nashville Tenn". Far above the ordinary.....$75

UCDVWR3) Here's another great photo of General Rosecrans backmarked by Nashville photographer C.C.Giers.....$125

UCDVCS) Original cdv photograph of Union General Carl Schurz (Germany/Wisconsin). His service included the Army of Va. and the XI Corps Potomac. Post war service included Sec't. of the Interior. Cdv backmarked Charles Taber & Co. of Mass.....$65

UCDVWS1) Winfield Scott (Virginia) Designed the North's military strategy "The Anaconda Plan". He was Lincoln's highest ranking officer and chief military advisor. Was a veteran of every U.S. war since 1812. Real photo cdv backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$85

UCDVWS2) Original cdv of General Winfield Scott which has been hand tinted. Seldom seen colored.....$100

UCDVWHS) William H. Seward (New York) Secretary of State in Lincoln's Cabinet. He was also a former Governor of New York. He was attacked himself the night of Lincoln's assassination. Best known for his purchase of Alaska from Russia. Attached to the reverse of the cdv is the paper label of "L. E. Walker" of Warsaw New York.....$125

UCDVFS) Photograph of Union General Franz Sigel. Oval photograph laid on a printed mat etched in gold gilt. Exhibited on the reverse is a Pittsburgh merchant's paper applied advertisement. "John W. Pittock Bookseller, Stationer, and News Dealer." The paper advertisement is on top of D. Appleton & Co. backmark, A.A.Turner photographer. A copy of this backmark is included.....$85

UCDVHS) Photograph of Union General Henry Slocum (New York). He was the senior major general present on the field of Gettysburg commanding the XII Corps.....SOLD

UCDVWS) Image of General William Sprague (Rhode Island). Was Governor of Rhode Island from 1859 to 1863. As a Colonel, commanded a regiment at 1st Bull Run where a horse was shot from underneath him.....$50

UCDVJS) Nice photograph of General Julius Stahel (Hungarian), recruited the 8th New York (1st German Rifles). Medal of Honor Recipient.....$75
UCDVEMS) Carte de visite real photo of Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War in Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet. A Mathew Brady image but lacking backstamp. Revenue stamp on reverse.....$150

UCDVGS) Real photo cdv of General George Stoneman (New York), cavalry commander, Major General, and post war governor of California. Backmarked Anthony/Brady......SOLD
UCDVES) General Edwin Vose Sumner (Massachusetts). Named Major General USV on July 4, 1862. He died March 21, 1863 in New York on the way to his new command in Missouri.....$125
UCDVAT) CDV of Union General Alfred Terry (Connecticut). Recruited the 7th Connecticut. Was the first Civil War volunteer officer to attain the grade of major general, U.S. Army. Backmarked by Anthony......$110

UCDVGT) Union General George H. Thomas (Virginia) Nicknamed "The Rock of Chickamauga". Was 1 of 13 officers to receive the "Thanks of Congress". Photo by seldom seen Kentucky photographers Klauber & Campbell of Louisville.....$110

UCDVJW) Nice photograph of General John Ellis Wool (New York) . Fourth ranking general in the Federal army. Commanded the Dept. of the East. Backmarked Anthony/Brady.....$100


UCDVSD) Photograph of Union Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont (New Jersey). Helped plan the War's naval efforts and participated in aggressive operations toward South Carolina. Fabulous Anthony/Brady backmark with an attached paper label of the (seller) establishment Wm. E. Abbott of Boston.....$85

UCDVAF) Rear Admiral Andrew H. Foote (Connecticut). He was given command of the western flotilla at the beginning of the War. Real photo cdv with the desirable Mathew Brady backmark on the reverse. It is housed in its original album mount.....$125

UCDVJW) Admiral John Lorimer Worden (New York), Commander of the Monitor. He retired in 1886 as Rear Admiral. This very good quality wartime photographic cdv is backmarked on the reverse by Anthony.....$150


UCDVS1) Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth, Colonel of the 1st. New York Fire Zouaves, officially the 11th. New York Infantry.....$175

UCDVS2) Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth. Colonel of the New York Fire Zouaves. Shot and killed by the proprietor of the Marshall House Tavern in Alexandria Va. for trying to steal the CSA flag from the roof of the building. The proprietor was then shot and murdered by Ellsworth's friend Pvt. Francis E. Brownell.....$75

UCDVS3) Depiction of Florence Nightingale and the Wounded Soldier......$50

UCDVS4) Two amputees, one with flag has G.A.R. member's badge pinned to chest, the other soldier holds rifle. Two folds across image......$135

UCDVS5) Cavalry officer in full uniform with cavalry sword and scabbard. Backmark of Wm. P. Gaut, Photographer, Mt. Sterling, Illinois.....$125

UCDVS6) Union officer with the 5th. NY Vols. Duryea's Zouaves armed with a sword. Backmark is R.A. Lewis 152 Chatham Street, New York.....$175

UCDVS7) Unidentified Union soldier in occupied Richmond (see backmark).....$95

UCDVS8) Union soldier identified as Chas E. Brieham (sp.?) 1st Lt 25th U.S. Infantry in Pensacola Florida.....$195

UCDVS9) Photograph of Sgt. Amos Humiston of the 154th NY Vols. Known as the father of the "Children of the Battlefield"......SOLD

UCDVS10) Actual cdv photograph of Sgt. Humiston's children known as the "Children of the Battlefield".....$175

UCDVS11) Unknown Virginia Corporal with artillery sword, verso - Photo by McAdams.....SOLD


UCDVJA) John A. Andrew, Governor of Massachusetts, active abolitionist, and as Governor raised the famed 54th Mass.....Nice cdv @ $50
UCDVSD) Stephen A. Douglas (Illinois) United States Senator and also Representative. He was the designer of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and largely responsible for the Compromise of 1850. He is most remembered however for defeating Abraham Lincoln in a Senate contest (Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858) but lost to Lincoln in the 1860 Presidential Election. Offered here is a photographic cdv published by D. Appleton of New York.....$95

UCDVWS) William Sprague, Governor of Rhode Island and Colonel in command at 1st Battle of Manassas (or Bull Run depending on where you're from). Fought at the Battle of Williamsburg and took part in the Yorktown seige.....$75

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