Woodrow Wilson, 28th. President, Virginia, 1913-1921, Democrat.

Handsomely framed presidential document serving as an appointment to the office of Captain in the Corps of Engineers dated September 13, 1916. Excellent Wilson piece.....SOLD

Framed presidential document serving as an appointment to the rank of First Lieutenant of Infantry dated August 6th, 1914. Very attractive document.....SOLD

Woodrow Wilson..Presidential appointment signed (war date) Feb. 6, 1918. Nice dark and bold signature. Dept. of Justice seal intact. Custom matted and framed to overall size of 21" x 17".....$450

Presented here is a 5"x 8"silverprint photograph dated 1912 by Moffett of Chicago of Wilson, signed "Woodrow Wilson" with the date "1913". Neatly matted.....$350

Nicely matted signature of Woodrow Wilson with a steel plate engraving.....$225

1920 Woodrow Wilson calendar, portraits of the Presidents are shown throughout the months. Within each date is printed a wise saying from one of the pictured Presidents, 9" x 16".....$65

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