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Assorted Newspapers by State


AN-133)”Evening Bulletin”, San Francisco, CA, May 4, 1863. Mormon newspaper. ref. to an Indian fight that took place near ‘extensive Mormon settlement’ and that soldiers received no help from the settlers and that the Mormons may have promoted the attack…..SOLD


AN-132)”The Connecticut Courant”, Hartford, CT, February 23, 1803. $25 reward for a runaway negro man named Simon. Reference to election of Jefferson to the Presidency. Ad for spectacles for sale. Ad for runaway indentured black named Henry Johnson…..$45

AN-143)The Daily Times, Hartford, CT, April 24,1841. Front page multiple advertisements, including one for the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Article on Florida’s Everglades. Several editorials in reference to United States Bank. Election results for 1841 Connecticut election……$35


AN-75)”The Atlanta Constitution”, Atlanta, GA, October 5, 1920.Total and complete coverage of the 1920 World Series between the Indians and the Dodgers. Includes an article about the infamous “Black Sox” scandal. Babe Ruth covers the series in the sports section. Article on the first woman to hold the office of Sheriff in North Carolina. Suspect is questioned by police in Wall Street bombing case…..SOLD


AN-72)”The Daily True Delta”, New Orleans, LA, March 8, 1860. Ad for the sale of ninety valuable slaves. Illustrated ad for a Cherokee cure for gonorrhea. A sheriff’s sale in New Orleans with both English and French text. Sale of a large sugar estate with a list of 75 named slaves. Mention of free negroes owning slaves. Many other slave ads for sale and for hire. An illustrated ad for Lea & Perrins….$95

AN-93)”The Daily True Delta”, New Orleans, LA, March 18, 1860. Ad for Illinois Central Railroad, direct route from New Orleans. A masked ball at the Odd Fellows Hall. Ad for a cylinder cotton gin. Oakland plantation for sale with 73 negroes. Sugar plantation for
sale with 51 negroes. Sale of a sugar plantation with 75 slaves listed by name and age……SOLD

AN-94)”The Daily True Delta”, New Orleans, LA, March 7, 1860. A ship arriving from Appalachicola, FL. Numerous ads fro slaves at auction. Oakland plantation for sale with 73 negroes. Ad for the sale of a sugar plantation with 75 slaves listed by name and age. Sale of choice field hands and house servants. Sale of Maryland and Virginia negroes. $500 reward for the return of a mulatto woman named Patsy. $100 reward for a negro named John Brown who speaks, reads and writes both English and French…..SOLD


AN-126)”Portland Pleasure Boat”, Portland, ME, March 19, 1857. Small local paper. Four pages. Conservative and religious content. Contains several poems……SOLD


AN-32)”Baltimore Weekly Sun” Baltimore, MD, August 28, 1852. 32nd Congress. Runaway slave ad. David L. Yulee reference and excellent content on negroes returning to Africa…..SOLD

AN-61)”National American”, Bel Air, MD, August 15, 1856. Millard Fillmore as President addresses the issue of protection of slave property. Also includes 3 ads for the sale of slaves…..SOLD

AN-76)”The Daily Mail”, Hagerstown, MD, August 27, 1962. Headline of the Mariner launch to Venus. Article on the proposed nuclear test ban treaty by the U.S. and Great Britain……SOLD


AN-5)”New England Galaxy”, Boston, MA, April 13, 1821. Reference to the geological and soil conditions in Florida and the Okefenokee Swamp. (single page)……$45

AN-6)”Massachusetts Spy”, Worcester, MA, August 1, 1821. Reference to a parade by the West Point Corps of Cadets, St. Augustine, FL, and Andrew Jackson, Governor of the Floridas……$45

AN-7)”New England Palladium”, Boston, MA, July 9, 1811. Reference to Fanueil Hall. An account of a duel between George Poindexter, a member of Congress, and Abijah Hunt, a wealthy merchant. Hunt was killed…..SOLD

AN-10)”Massachusetts Spy”, Worcester, MA, December 8, 1819. Geographical description of Florida, Spanish refusal to ratify treaty ceding Florida to the United States. An account of the battle of Braddock’s Fields. (single page)…..$35

AN-13)”Massachusetts Spy”, Worcester, MA, July 25, 1821. Proclamation of Gen. Andrew Jackson on taking possession of Florida from Spain. Vote for admission of Missouri to the Union with a prohibition against denying rights to blacks. Reference to a $3000 reward in a breach of promise case. (single page)…..$50

AN-20)”Hampden Patriot”, Springfield, MA, March 4, 1819. A lengthy speech by Henry Clay criticizing Andrew Jackson for execution of Indian prisoners without trial. References to Florida and the Seminole War…….$35

AN-21)”The Weekly Messenger”, Boston, MA, May 4, 1812. Reference to the occupation of Amelia island by U.S. troops. Desertion of Spanish troops from St. Augustine……$45

AN-22)”The Weekly Messenger”, Boston, MA, April 10, 1812. Address to the House by James Madison. Embargo for 60 days with war declared at the end of that period. Election results posted……SOLD

AN-23)”Hampden Patriot”, Springfield, MA, March 11, 1819. Editorial rebuttal of Henry Clay’s speech against Andrew Jackson. A reference to the invasion of Florida and fugitive negroes seeking refuge there…….$35

AN-29)”Columbian Centinel “, Boston, MA, Septembeer 18, 1813. Ad for “a young woman with a good breast of milk, wishes to take a child to nurse.” References to John Calvin and Oliver Cromwell. Drafting of militia to serve in the war with England. Numerous descriptions of minor battles……SOLD

AN-30)”Columbian Centinel”, Boston, MA, Septmeber 15, 1813. Battle accounts from the war with England. Report on hostilities with the Creek Indians. A public dispute between William Jones, Sec. of the Navy, Lemuel Taylor and Joshua Barney……$50

AN-34)”Boston Daily Journal”, Boston, MA, April 4, 1864. War dated paper with excellent content. Reference to the free colored citizens of Louisiana. Reference to Generals Meade and Grant. Rebel attack on Paducah. Hospital at Vicksburg burned. Maximillian not to recognize Confederate government…..SOLD

AN-35)”Boston Daily Journal”, Boston, MA, April 5, 1852. Announcement of patent on Singer’s sewing machine. Assault on John Jay, defense attorney in a fugivitve slave case…..SOLD

AN-40)”Independent Chronicle and Universal Advertiser”, Boston, MA, February 9, 1797. Ten dollars reward for capture of a runaway mulatto — servant of Jonas Whitman. Ad for a wet nurse. Excerpts from message of President to both houses of Congress. Runaway indentured boy who stole a black and white dog. Reward 1 cent for boy, 1 dollar for dog……SOLD

AN-44)”The Weekly Messenger”, Boston, MA, July 8, 1814. Forfeiture of crown by Napoleon. A dispatch from Lord Wellington, describing the Battle of Toulouse. Action by the Coldstream Guards. Abolishment of slavery in England and all of its dominions. Naval battle with British on the Patunxent River. British occupy Pensacola. Reference to St. Marys, GA. Indian massacre at Boone’s Lick, TN. Mention of Amelia Island as an American port under blockade by the British…..SOLD

AN-49)”Massachusetts Spy” , Worcester, MA, July 3, 1821. One cent reward for a runaway indentured servant. The delivery of Florida to U.S. authorities by Spain. Reference to St. Augustine and Amelia Island. A report on the execution of two Indians convicted of the murder of two soldiers…..$25

AN-52)”Columbian Centinel”, Boston, MA, Decmber 4, 1813. War operations in the Great Lakes region. Reference to William Henry Harrison’s expedition against the British and Indians. Six negroes run away from Yorktown to the enemy…..SOLD

AN-53)”Columbian Centinel”, Boston, MA, December 1, 1813. Accounts of the war against the British. Letter from Andrew Jackson on action against the Creek Indians. Appointments to faculty at the University of the Sate of New York, College of Physicians and Surgeons. Ad
for the sale of opium……$35

AN-88)”Boston Recorder”, Boston, MA, January 31, 1824. Anti-slavery sermon by Rev. Evanson. Development of a smallpox vaccine. Attempts to abolish capital punishment in Pennsylvania. Africans rescued from a slave ship in Baltimore…..SOLD

AN-125)”The Liberator”, Boston, December 20, 1861. Large well-illustrated masthead illustrating black life on the auction block and emancipation. Tribute to Colonel E. D. Baker, abolitionist hero killed at Ball’s Bluff……$75

AN-145)The Liberator, Boston, September 6, 1861. Article on Lincoln administration slavery policy. Article on the cause of the war, which garrison claims to be slavery. Article on General Butler’s contraband of war. Text of Major General John C Fremont’s proclamation regarding confiscation of insurrectionist proprty and slave emancipation…..SOLD

AN-151)The Boston Post, Boston, MA, May 16, 1864. Article on the Battle of the “Wilderness”. Article on the Confederate ram CSS ALbemarle. Brief article on the death of US General Wadsworth. Also a l isting of wounded Massachusetts officers. Short article on the death of Jeb Stuart at Yellow Tavern. Many well-illustrated advertisements……SOLD

AN-152)The Boston Post, May 14, 1864. Articles on the battles in the Wilderness in Virginia, with some reports. News that general Sherman occupied Dalton, GA. report on the Battle at Spotsylvania wherein US General Winfield Scott Hancock’s men captured 7000 CS prisoners and 30 to 40 cannon. Also, a report that says Lee was wounded in the Wilderness engagement……SOLD

AN-153)The Boston Post, May 13,1864. Article on Grant’s campaign against Lee. Article on the Hero of Italy, Garibaldi. Excerpt of the campaign entitled “The Advance Toward Richmond”. Back page has excerpted reports from field correspondents in Virginia and Georgia about the various campaigns, with casualty list. Many well-illustrated advertisements…..SOLD

AN-154)Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston, MA, February 1, 1864. Front page article on a draft imposed by President Lincoln. Reference to a Union cavalry victory in the vicinity of Knoxville, TN…..SOLD

AN-155)Boston Daily Advertiser, January 26, 1864. Reference to John Hunt Morgan. Reference to Longstreet operating in East Tennessee. Excerpted Correspondence between General Longstreet and US General J.G. Foster, commanding forces in East Tennesee……SOLD

New Hampshire

AN-106)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH. May 27, 1817. An anecdote of Ben Franklin. Large earthquake in the Yucatan. Governor Knight’s inaugural address. Gen. Wood tiger hunting in India. Snipe hunting in India…..$45

AN-107)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, June 10, 1817. $25 reward for capture of escaped convict Isaac Worthen. News from House of Representatives. Ad for a wax museum featuring George Washington, Napoleon and Columbus. Masonic notice.
Trustees meeting of Dartmouth University……SOLD

AN-107a)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, May 20, 1817. Letter by order of Emperor Napoleon. Reference to the Battle of Austerlitz. New Hampshire elections. Town paupers runaway $150 reward for stolen pocketbook. Meeting of the proprietors of Concord Bridge…..SOLD

AN-108)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, April 8, 1817. Laws signed by Pres. James Madison. Simon Bolivar victory in SA battle. One cent reward for indented apprentice, age 19,light complexion. James Monroe authorizes sale of public lands. Commodore Perry’s victory on Lake Erie……$35

AN-109)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, February 1, 1814. Letters written by James Monroe, John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. Laws of the state of New Hampshire. News of the war……SOLD

AN-112)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, December 31, 1816. An anecdote of Patrick Henry’s skill as an orator and advocate. Indiana admitted to the Union. Proposed amendment to the Constitution. 48 prisoners held in state prison……$35

AN-113)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, December 10, 1816. Proceedings from the Fourteenth Congress. News of the arrival of the Princess of Wales at Tunis. One cent reward for an indentured apprentice boy……$35

AN-114)”New Hampshire Patriot”, Concord, NH, December 17, 1816. Lengthy address by James Madison. News from the Senate and House of Representatives. Mississippi petitions for statehood……$45

New York

AN-NY1) “The Sun” New York, dated January 27, 1835. One sheet folded for four printed pages. Has nice flattering article on the climate and the fertileness of Jacksonville Florida and the St. Johns River. Lots of neat ads…..$50

AN-11)”New York Observer”, New York, September 7, 1836. Election of Sam Houston as President of Texas. Reference to Oglethorpe University in Georgia. Seminole attacks outside Jacksonville, Florida on Black Creek and Cedar Swamp. Campaign of U.S. military against the Seminoles. Sugar cane production in Liberia. (single page)……SOLD

AN-15)”New York Daily Tribune”, New York, July 20, 1855. Rejection of a claim against the United States by British holders of Florida bonds. Missouri convention dispute over the issue of whether new states will be slave or free. Reference to a plantation with slaves 20 miles west of Tallahasee. (single page)……$35

AN-16)”Daily Graphic”, New York, February 2, 1881. A pictorial paper with numerous illustrations of Jacksonville and St. Augustine. La Villa courthouse and jail, Fort San Marco, Windsor Hotel, Harriet Beecher Stowe residence at Mandarin and many other historical sites from the First Coast region. (pages missing)……SOLD

AN-26)”Morning Courier and New York Enquirer”, March 7, 1835. Want ad — “a colored woman of good character as a waiter.” wanted — “a situation by a young woman as wet nurse, with a fresh breast of milk.” Also tobacco prices, opium for sale, ice cream ad and table of bank note values……$45

AN-46)”New York Observer”, New York, January 20, 1836. Accounts of the Seminole war,including a brutal attack by a joint force of Seminoles and runaway negroes. The negroes mutilated the surviving whites except for some few who escaped by playing dead. Reference to
Generals Gaines and Scott. Also an article on the New York Colonization Society……$65

AN-47)”Shipping and Commercial List”, New York, June 3, 1840. Numerous illustrated advertisements. Listing of a schooner Heroine bound for Jacksonville, FL. Mention of schooners Francis and Empire docked at St. Augustine…….$25

AN-48)”Brother Jonathan”, New York, July 6, 1861. Nice masthead of an elderly gentleman reading in his office library. Includes the “Story of Inez”, a legend of Florida. Numerous war reports and a number of indictments for piracy. Account of the capture of the privateer Savannah. An advertisement for a comical book of “nigger talk.”……SOLD

AN-50)”The Independent”, New York, April 4, 1867. An anti-slavery poem by Alice Cary. Article on a visit to a black church in Jacksonville, FL. Includes an entire sermon given by thennegro pastor of that congregation…..SOLD

AN-55)”National Anti-Slavery Standard”, New York, June 3, 1854. Strongly abolitionist paper. Reference to the Missouri Compromise and Nebraska bill. Several fugitive slave cases and a report on man-hunting in New York…..SOLD

AN-65)”The New York Ledger”, New York, April 10, 1858. Story of a settler, Jonas Parker,and his negro servant Tom, who saved his life during an Indian attack. A religiously oriented paper, filled with moral anecdotes and sermons…..$20

AN-91)”New York Herald”, New York, December 29, 1862. Southern bank notes wanted — SC, NC, GA, AL, TN. Situations wanted as wet nurses.Situation wanted by a respectable colored girl as a chambermaid. Men wanted for U.S. Navy. The pirate ship Alabama captures vessels.
Escape of the Alabama from Martinique……SOLD

AN-92)”The New York Times”, May 20, 1873. Article protesting the decoration of Confederate graves at Arlington cemtery. Mexican and Kickapoo raids in San Antonio, Texas. Funeral of Union General Canby in Indianapolis. Ad for Booth’ Theater, Edwin Booth, manager
and proprietor…..SOLD

AN-96)”The Star of Delaware”, Delhi, NY, December 10, 1859. A single sheet supplement to the American Star. Execution of John Brown described in detail. Ad for ambrotypes……$75

AN-98)”The New York Herald”, New York, October 6, 1863. Edwin Booth to appear as Richelieu. Ads for burlesque shows. Numerous ads for Broadway theaters. Ninth week of “The Ghost of Uncle Tom” at Wood’s Minstrel Hall. George Christy’s Minstrels. Invasion of
Mexico. Occupation of Knoxville by rebels. Operations of N.B. Forrest. Capture of rebel steamer Herald. revolutionary schemes of the ultra-abolitionists. prize money offered for capture of vessels. Ad for double guns from William Greener. Numerous ads for military
substitutes. Southern bank notes wanted…….$35

AN-99)”New York Tribune”, New York, August 4, 1863. Extensive war news on the front page. Effect of Emancipation Proclamation. 2 Confederate officers shot for recruiting in Kentucky. Officers needed for colored regiments. Attack on Charleston. Siege of Ft. Wagner.
Battle of Manassas Gap, invasion of Pennsylvania by Lee……SOLD

AN-100)”The New York Herald”, New York, October 13, 1863. Numerous ads for Broadway theaters. Construction of Suez Canal underway. preparations to attack Charleston. Privateer Florida spotted off Gibraltar. A rebel raid in Missouri. Skirmish at Blue Spring, TN.
Numerous ads for military substitutes…….$25

AN-101)”New York Tribune”, New York, August 28, 1863. War news of Meade, Rosecrans, Grant and Burnside. Ft. Sumter in ruins. Beauregard protest use of Greek Fire against Charleston. Engagement with Fitzhugh Lee. Pursuit of Quantrell’s raiders. Destruction of
Lawrence, Kansas. Loss of U.S. Brig. Gen. Bainbridge. Reference to John Hunt Morgan and also black Confederate soldiers……$75

AN-102)”The New York Herald”, New York, May 14, 1863. War news from SC. Severe battle at Clinton, Mississippi. Sketch of Stonewall Jackson……$45

AN-127)”The New York Times”, New York, December 1, 1858. reference to Nicaragua emigrants. Ads for Singer’s sewing machine. Several ads for female employment and femal educational establishments. Signed letter from President James Buchanan. Long article pertaining to national currency system……$20

AN-130)”The New York Times”, New York, May 20, 1873. Article on Mexican and Indian raids in Texas. Reference to funeral of General Canby in Indianapolis. Many ads for domestic labor. Proposal for military supplies to be delivered to military installations in the Dept. of the South. Editorial on Tammany Hall and corruption……SOLD

AN-134)”The New York Herald”, NY, July 16, 1865. Article on peace conference with Indian leaders. Reports from Freedmen’s Bureau in Alabama and Louisiana. Article on the trial of Mary Harris. Articles on slave labor v. free labor. Ref. to Camp Douglas military prison camp. Various articles on Virginia. Articles on post-war conditions in the South, hardships on women, etc. editorial on appointment of William Marvin as provisional Governor of Florida and progress of Southern reconstruction. backpage articles on the oil industry and securities fraud……SOLD

AN-135)”New York Daily Tribune”, NY, April 2, 1862. Report of events at Island No. 10.Article on the Constitution, States’ Rights and the war. Articles on the slavery issue in the District of Columbia. References to capture of Jacksonville and St. Augustine by Union forces. Reference to Parson Brownlow. Seizure of forts on Jekyll and St. Simon’s Islands. Reference to wretched conditions in Florida with letter excerpted. reference to Calvin Robinson. References to the Merrimac. Article on black troops in War of 1812. Reports on events in Congress……$45

AN-137)The New York Herald, March 13, 1862. Cover article on the creation of the new Military Departments, listed by area with boundaries and names of commanders. Also shows area of the Confederate states. Biograpical sketches ofthe commanders of the CSS Virginia, Capt. Franklin Buchanan and Lt. Catesby Ap R Jones. Includes casualty list from the USS Congress, attacked by the CSS Virginia……$50

AN-139)The New York Herald, March 10, 1862. Front page map of Hampton Roads, scene of the engagement between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia, with article. Listing of Union vessels engaged by the CSS Virginia. Back page article on the Confederate evacuation of Cockpit Point, with map. COndition sensitive……SOLD

AN-140)The New York Herald, April 15, 1862. front page map of Confederate positions around and on island No. 10, with corresponding article. Article on the siege of Yorktown. Article on appearance of the Virginia at Hampton Roads. Article on Unionism in the South. Csualty list from Battle of Shiloh. Condition sensitive…..SOLD

AN-141)New York Sunday Morning News, December 25, 1836. Original Christmas Day Newspaper from 1836. Editorial article that prophesies civil war 24 years before it actually comes. Reference to Nullification Crisis of 1828……SOLD

AN-142)The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 27, 1861. Lead article on preparations for war in various Northern and Confederate states. Article on Southern sentiments on war. Article on Tammany Hall’s support of Union war effort. Copy of order of New York State Adjutant General mobilizing and organizing New York State Militia. reference to General Beauregard……SOLD

AN-144)New York American, Tuesday, October 12, 1830. Reference to Nullification Crisis, and letter of response by James Madison, one of the framers of the Constitution. Text of letter included on back page. Reference to Resolutions of 1798. Proclamation by Andrew Jackson repealing laws restricting Anglo-American trade……$75

AN-148)Moore’s Rural New Yorker, January 11, 1862. Beautiful masthead on front page. Front-page article calling for farmers to grow more crops. Article on the Seizure of Confederate States Ambassadors Mason and Slidell……$20

AN-149) Moore’s Rural New-Yorker, Rochester, New York January 4, 1862. Content includes portrait of General Benjamin Butler with article and an article on the bombardment of Ft. Pickens Florida…..$25

AN-150)The New York Herald, July 10, 1865. Article on the first TRansatlantic cable. Article on postwar Reconstruction in America from the European perspective. Brief article on the wartime expenditures of the state of Conneticut……SOLD

AN-156)New York Weekly Tribune, June 18, 1853. Includes Canadian news, Father Gavazzi speech in Quebec, rage, riot, bloodshed. California, the price of labor in San Francisco, lists wages by profession. Railroad to the Pacific, Col. Benton on the Pacific RR and the Indian Tribes. Slave trade in Cuba. South carolina law, that any black person that enters the state will be arrested and placed in jail……$50

AN-157)The Rural New Yorker, September 26, 1863. Many informative articles on horticulture and farming. A cure for chapped hands. VArious articles on the war, including Battle of Chickamauga and the text of proclamamtion by Lincoln to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. Several well-illustrated advertisements……$50

AN-158)The Rural New Yorker, March 7, 1863. Editorial about women farmers. Article on Brinkerhoff’s Patent Churn, with illustrations. Article on making “Sirup” from sugar cane. Reference to General Hooker and the Union Army in Virginia. Reference to Union operations in Mississippi in the area of the Yazoo Pass……$20

North Carolina

AN-NC1)”Newbern Weekly Progress” dated October 11, 1862. One large sheet, folded to produce 4 pages of reading material. Newbern was under yankee occupation at this time and consequently this paper is of the Northern persuasion. Most all of the newspaper is devoted to the War…..$125

AN-NC2) “Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette” dated May 3, 1822. One sheet folded for “four” pages. Paper’s slogan “……Live like Brothers” however has several slave ads announcing rewards for runaways, and slaves for sale. Also articles signed in type by John Quincy Adams and James Monroe……$85

AN-NC3) “The Star” newspaper from Raleigh, North Carolina dated February 14, 1812. Four printed pages on two sheets which have been professionally silked for preservation. Articles of interest include “Land and Negroes for Sale”, “Twenty Five Dollars Reward” for a runaway slave featuring a wood block engraving of a slave running, and “My Negro man Brister” who was in a Raleigh jail charged with murder…..$85

AN-NC4) “The Daily Journal”, Wilmington NC, June 30,1858. There are some runaway slave ads present…..$75

AN-83)”The Daily Journal”, Wilmington, NC, October 24, 1854. Front page ads for runaway slaves. Discovery of cannibalized remains of Sir John Franklin and his party. Auction sale on page 3 of goods and chattels……SOLD


AN-2)”The Crisis”, Columbus, OH, March 26, 1862. A strongly pro-southern newspaper totally against the settlement of freed negroes in Ohio. Alot of content on Negroes coming into Ohio, Jefferson
Davis’ letter on Ft. Donelson, Union soldiers upset about the politics of the War (the slavery issue) because they joined up solely to preserve the Union. Another article “The Confederate Account of the Terrific Pea Ridge
Battle”. Also Commodore S.F.Dupont’s Official Florida Report to Gideon Welles referencing possession of Port Royal, Fernandina, Fort Clinch, David Yulee, and Gen. Lee…….$95

AN-57)”Anti-Slavery Bugle”, Salem, OH, September 22, 1848. Publication of the Western Anti-Slavery Society. Reference to Daniel Webster and Gen. Zachary Taylor……SOLD

AN-62) “The Crisis”, Columbus, OH, July 27, 1864. A war-dated Copperhead paper. Accuses Lincoln of waging war against white men for the benefit of negroes. Strongly pro-southern, pro-states rights, anti-federal imperialism paper……SOLD

AN-147) The Anti-Slavery Bugle, January 18,1856, Salem, Columbia County, Ohio. Incendiary article on the Southern system of labor. Complete text of Governor Samuel P. Chase’s inaugural address when elected Governor of Ohio……SOLD

AN-149) Moore’s Rural New-Yorker, Rochester, New York January 4, 1862. Content includes portrait of General Benjamin Butler with article and an article on the bombardment of Ft. Pickens Florida…..$25


AN-3)”Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser”, Philadelphia,PA, June 18, 1812. Ad for sale of first quality opium. Reference to ship Mercury and the embargo of American goods by the British……$35

AN-115)”Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier”, Philadelphia, PA, September 16, 1839. A formal demand made by the Spanish minister for L’Amistad. Blacks to be taken to Hartford. The court and grand jury to hear the case. Their counsel anticipates their discharge as they are not slaves under the law of Spain and cannot be demanded under stipulation of the treaty with Spain……SOLD

AN-116)”Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier”, Philadelphia, PA, September 17, 1839. A lengthy article on the slave trade and right of search. An article from the Charleston Mercury speaks against freedom for the Amistad blcks. Another lengthy article argues against freedom for the Africans and calls for them to be taken back to Havana and their fate to be decided by a mixed committee of English and Spanish commissioners…..SOLD

AN-117)”Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier”, Philadelphia, PA, September 20, 1839. An article calling for the Amistad blacks to be punished as pirates and murderers. This article from the Cincinnati Gazette by an anti-slavery editor cannot justify the actions of the Africans under existing laws among nations. News of unrest in the Cherokee nation in Arkansas dispelled. Another captured African named Buleod or Woolevan died from disease. A murder in Mississippi resulted from a dispute over ownership of a negro…..SOLD

AN-118)”Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier”, Philadelphia, PA, September 26, 1839. Court at Hartford denies motion under writ of habeas corpus and leaves decision on Africans to District Court. District Court investigating the case. Africans provided food, clothing and medical care. Attorneys for Africans refuse bail as it would be based on their appraisement as slaves. Indian raids in St. Augustine, FL……SOLD

AN-119)”Pennsylvania Inquirer and Daily Courier”, Philadelphia, PA, October 3, 1839. Death of Indian Chief Onayaka of the Onandagas. Description of the Amistad’s Africans and their leader. Conversations with Don Pedro Montez and Don Jose Ruiz, the owners of the Amistad. “If the Africans leave the United States, it will be to return to

AN-120)”Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser”, Philadelphia, PA, June 14, 1806. Article on an approaching solar eclipse with diagram illustration. Ad for spectacles with illustration. Ad for a
woman with a fresh breast of milk to employ as a wet nurse. Ad for a woman wanted to manage a dairy farm……SOLD

AN-129)”The Saturday Evening Post”, Philadelphia, Sept. 3, 1825. Editorial reference to Oliver Cromwell. Articles on vitiating bedchambers and preserving hams……$25

AN-136)”The Saturday Evening Post”, Philadelphia, September 24, 1825. Editorial article on the American Revolution. Nicely illustrated ads for furniture and other commodities. Ad for artificial teeth with illustration…..SOLD

South Carolina

AN-SC1)”The Charleston Mercury” dated May 2, 1864. Very nice condition and has terrific content on Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, a mention of the small son of Jefferson Davis dying from a balcony fall, and there are slave auction ads in the classifieds…..$150

AN-SC2)” Charleston Daily Courier” Confederate States of America, dated October 1, 1863. One sheet, printed on both sides, well circulated with some crude repairs. Lots of battle content, large content of Morris Island engagement (the movie “Glory”) and list of killed and wounded from the Battle of Chickamauga. Ads for runaway slaves. Reports from both CSA and SC governments…..$150

AN-SC3)”Charleston Daily Courier” Confederate States of America, dated December 22, 1862. One sheet folded to produce four pages of text. Lots of battle content and General Lee’s Official Report…..$160

AN-9)”Charleston Courier”, Charleston, SC newspaper, 1858. Complete and suitable for display. Contains many quaint ads for products and professional services. Also contains several ads for runaway slaves and slaves for sale. Content references issues which ultimately led South Carolina to secession……SOLD


AN-VA1)Daily Dispatch, Richmond Virginia, June 29, 1864. Two sided one sheet. Published General Orders by CSA Gen. James Kemper. War news include Petersburg and movements of Gen. Grant. Reports on Joe Johnston and John Hunt Morgan…..$150

AN-VA2)Daily Dispatch, Richmond Virginia, July 1, 1861. One large sheet folded to yield 4 printed pages. Very nice condition all over. A lot of information regarding England and one column from the Dublin Nation. Report from the Virginia State Convention. Several ads for runaway slaves……$150

AN-VA3)Daily Dispatch, Richmond Virginia, May 3, 1861. One large sheet folded to yield 4 printed pages. Nice acceptable condition. Very early War date issue with lots of political news regarding the War. Reports on the blockading of the South. Announcement of the Secession of Tennessee. Ads for runaway slaves…..$150

AN-VA4)Daily Richmond Whig, Richmond Virginia, November 27, 1861. One large sheet folded to yield 4 printed pages. Lots of West Coast Florida news. Confederate activity in the Western theatre. The Slidell and Mason Affair. There are some tears at the folds which have been mended with archival tape. Ads for Negro hire and Negroes at auction…..$135

AN-VA5)Daily Examiner, Richmond, March 14, 1865, single sheet printed on both sides for 2 pages of text. Rather nice condition. Some wrinkles. Letter signed in print Jefferson Davis, content on Sherman in North Carolina, Sheridan and Custer in the Valley, and armed slaves in the Confederate Army…..$125

AN-VA6)Daily Richmond Examiner, April 16, 1864, one sheet printed on both sides for 2 pages of text. Content includes Nathan Bedford Forrest’s expedition, Rewards for runaway slaves, letter from Thomas Goode of the 14th Virginia Infantry with names of his men, content on the Battle of Cane River,
more mention of Forrest, and a paragraph on the sinking of the Maple Leaf by a torpedo off the coast of Jacksonville Florida. Plus 1/2 column describing the new U.S. currency. Some tape covering splits. Paper is thicker than most and is toned…..$145

AN-85)”Richmond Enquirer”, Richmond, VA, February 6, 1823. Filled with congressional news, back page auctions and runaway slave ads. A report on the ceding of Cuba to Great Britain……SOLD

AN-86)”Richmond Enquirer”, Richmond, VA, January 21, 1823. War with pirates on the Spanish Main. Establishment of a territorial government in Florida. A trust sale of negroes and books. Back page ads for runaway slaves and negroes for sale……$95

AN-87)”Richmnond Enquirer”, Richmond, VA, January 21, 1823. Twenty negroes wanted to hire for the balance of the year. Capture of a negro slave in Albemarle county, VA. List of vessels in the squadron under orders of Commodore Porter to cruise against the pirates…..SOLD

AN-122)”The Daily Examiner”, Richmond, VA, November 1, 1864. Much news of the war and news of capture of Union soldiers and officers. Reference to a law relating to Negroes. Anti-Lincoln editorial…..$150

AN-123)”Daily Richmond Examiner”, Richmond, VA, January 21, 1863. News of engagement at Fort Arkansas. News of the attack on the Yankee fleet off Galveston, TX. Article on the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. News from the Confederate Congress and Virginia legislature……SOLD

AN-124)”Daily Richmond Examiner”, Richmond, VA, August 21, 1862. Reference to movements of General McClellan’s army. Excerpts of several new laws. News from the front. News from the Confederate Congress and Virginia Legislature…….SOLD

AN-160)Daily Richmond Examiner, May 9, 1864.Article on fight at Spotsylvania Court House. Reference to the capture of General Seymour. List of wounded officers received into a hospital in Richmond. Reference to the receipt of 53 Union officers to be quartered in Libby Prison…….SOLD

Washington, D.C.

AN-25)”National Intelligencer Extra”, Washington, DC, November 17, 1818. A lengthy address by James Monroe in reference to the capture of Amelia Island by a band of buccaneers. Reference to fugitives and slaves finding asylum in Florida. Spanish provocation of the Seminoles to raid across the border into Georgia. A defense and justification of his decision to allow Andrew Jackson to pursue the
Seminoles into Florida on a punitive expedition……..SOLD

AN-45)”National Intelligencer Extra”, Washington, DC, November 14, 1820. An address by President James Madison concerning a possible treaty with Spain, the floating debt accumulated during the War of 1812 and construction of forts at Mobile, Dauphin Island and Rigolets (inlet to Lake Ponchartrain). Reference to a law for the suppression of the slave trade and capture of slave ships……SOLD

AN-54)”National Intelligencer”, Washington, DC, February 9, 1847. Speech of Mr. Calhoun before the Senate on the War with Mexico. Cut from paper. Addresses the slavery issue. (single page)……SOLD

AN-58)”The Globe”, Washington, DC, September, 21, 1840; September 30, 1840. Mr. Buchanan’s remarks before the Democratic Sate Convention. Addresses the abolition issue. Details of abolitionist gains in political offices. Article on cotton gin and cotton cleaner.
Debate over the federalism v. states rights issue. Both issues of paper……..$55

AN-78)”National Intelligencer”, Washington, DC, June 8, 1841. Mention of New Georgia, an African colony populated by liberated slaves. $200 reward for capture of Robert Butler, $50 for George Brown, $200 for William Owens, $75 for George Smoot…..$75

AN-80)”National Intelligencer”, Washington, DC, September 30, 1841. Samuel Colt’s brother arrested for murder. $50 reward for the capture of Laura, $100 for a negro named Lewellen, $100 for a negro boy named Hamlet, $100 for the mulatto Dandridge and $100 for a negro named Richard……$65

AN-81)”National Intelligencer”, Washington, DC, July 10, 1841. $300 reward for a negro man named Peter. Only $150 if captured in the state of Maryland or the District of Columbia……$65

AN-82)”National Intelligencer”, Washington, DC, August 10, 1841. Battle with Indians in Florida. Capture and confinement of a runaway slave named Jerry Bayler. Arrival of a military force in St. Augustine. $35 reward for a mulatto named Henry. $200 for a negro runaway named Ben…….$85

AN-128)Fragment of an unknown Washington paper dated February 11, 1865. Much Lincoln content. Measures 11.5 inches x 8.75 inches……SOLD


AN-42)”The Manitowoc Tribune”, Manitowoc, WI, December 31, 1868. Johnson issues pardon and amnesty to “rebels’. Reports from St. Augustine, FL. Much content on Union Pacific Railroad……$35

AN-51)”The Manitowoc Tribune” , Manitowoc, WI, Decmber 17, 1868. A report on the final message given by President Andrew Johnson. Advertising for Masonic and Odd Fellows organizations. Reference to St. Augustine, the Ku Klux Klan and carpetbaggers. Mention of
carpetbaggers coming to the South to obatin wealth and political power by exploiting the negro vote…….SOLD


AN-146)The Independent, September 29, 1864. References to events in the Shenandoah Valley and with the Army of the Potomac. Reference to a prisoner exchange. Reference to a reported capture of Mobile, Alabama…….SOLD