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Civil War Books

1) Acts and Resolutions by General Assembly of State of Virginia session of 1871-1872. Richmond printing, 549 pages. Excellent condition…..$85

2) Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of North Carolina 1861, Raleigh. Confederate Imprint. Very nice condition, 272 pages…..$175

3) Women of the War by Frank Moore, 1866. Ten steel engravings. 596 pages. Excellent condition…..$150

4) Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1861. 566 pages. Excellent condition. Soldier identified with family passed down inscription…..$300

5) Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, 2 Volumes, 1886, green cloth covers with gold gilt lettering and medallions. All engravings, illustrations, and 1,232 pages including index present. Dedicated to the American soldier and sailor…..$375

6) The American Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1864. By Appleton. 1866. 838 pages. Steel plate engravings. Missing covers, but otherwise intact. Brown staining…..$100

8) History of the United States by Alexander H. Stephens with more than 300 fine historical engravings and portraits. 1882. 1,048 pages…..$375

11) Red Tape and Pigeon-Hole Generals: As seen from the ranks during a campaign in the Army of the Potomac by a citizen-soldier. 1864. 318 pages…..$150

12) Three Years in Camp and Hospital. By E. W. Locke. 1870. 408 pages. Includes words and music to 8 songs by author……….$85

13) Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, at the Second Session 38th Congress, 1865. 558 pages. Washington, Government Printing Office. Includes Sherman- Johnston, Massacre of the Cheyenne Indians, Rosecrans’ Campaigns…..$125

14) Sketches of the Rise, Progress and Decline of Secession; With a Narrative of Personal Adventures Among the Rebels, by W. G. Parson Brownlow, editor of the Knoxville Whig. 1862. 466 pages. Steel and wood cut engravings…..$135

16) Mammy. A drama by Bernie Babcock, autographed, 1915. Setting is a plantation near Vicksburg during the War Between the States, 1862 and 1863. Story line centers around the mammy. 102 pages. Very nice…..$125

17) History of the Army of the Potomac by J. H. Stine, Historian of the First Army Corps. 1893. 69 full-page portraits…..$65

18) Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention of 1787 on Forming the Constitution,” 1821. 308 pages…..$150

19) The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith from 1593 to 1629. An 1819 Franklin Press publication in Richmond of the London edition of 1629. 247 pages…..$200

20) The Lost Cause by Edward A. Pollard. Pollard was the editor of the Richmond Examiner during the War. He was imprisoned at the close of the War along with other CSA officials for his loyalty to the Confederate Cause. The book covers the entire War in its 752 pages. Southern histories written by Southern authors are very important to one seeking to know the truth on the causes and actual history of the War Between the States. Includes several steel plate engravings. Original First Edition dated 1866…..$275












22) The Gunboat Series by Harry Castlemon, 1864, illustrated in 6 volumes, from the personal collection of Dr. Francis A. Lord. $300/set or $50 ea.

Frank on a Gunboat. 256 pages.

Another, Frank Before Vicksburg. 1864. 256 pages. As above.

Another, Frank the Young Naturalist. 1864. 253 pages. As above.

Another, Frank in the Woods. 1865. 256 pages. As above.

Another, Frank on the Prairie. 1865. 245 pages. As above.

Another, Frank on the Lower Mississippi. 1868. 236 pages. As above.

23) The Royal Path of Life by Haines and Yaggy. 1882. 607 pages. Very interesting with steel plate engravings, covers all aspects of life…..$45

24) Love Stories of Famous Virginians. By Sally Robins. National Historian, Colonial Dames of America. Printed in Richmond, VA. 1925. Illustrated. Stories include Washington, Jefferson, Marshall, Madison, Randolph, Byrd,others. 151 pages…..$65

25) A Smaller School History of the United States. From the discovery of America to the year 1872 by David B. Scott, with maps and engravings. 235 pages, 1878…..$45

26) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. By Mark Twain. Illustrated. 292 pages. 1920 edition…..$35

27) Manual for Privates of Infantry of the Organized Militia of the United States ,Distributed by the War Department. 1909. Government Printing Office, Washington…..$75

28) The Soldier Boy; or Tom Somers in the Army, by Oliver Optic,1863. 333 pages. A story of the great rebellion. Illustrated…..$75

29) The Young Lieutenant; or the Adventures of an Army Officer. By Oliver Optic. 1865. A narrative of personal adventure and sequel to The Soldier Boy. Illustrated. 373 pages…..$75

30) General McClellan and the Conduct of the War, by William Hurlbert, 1864, 312 pages. Illustrated maps including Battle of Antietam foldout…..$135

31) Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army, Being a narrative of personal adventures in the infantry, ordnance, cavalry, courier, and hospital services. By An Impressed New Yorker, Wm. G. Stevenson. 1862. 232 pages…..$100

32) The Battle of Gettysburg by Samuel Bates. Published in Philadelphia in 1875. 336 pages, including 15 steel plate engravings of battle scenes, generals, and notables along with 5 maps (one which folds out). Includes a list of Union and Confederate regiments at the battle. There is a list of names of soldiers buried in the cemetery…..$350









35) Paul and Virginia. By Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Philadelphia, 1808. 160 pages. Illustrated. A small romance novel whose characters and slaves live on a small island in the Isle of France…..$45

37) Abbott’s History of the Civil War in America. Many steel engravings and full-page maps. Vol. 1. 509 pages. 1863. Vol. 2. 629 pages…..$150 each volume or $250 for the pair.

38) Messages and Papers of the Presidents Vol. 6, 1861-1869. Covers Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Published by the Authority of Congress. 1897 edition. 758 pages. No illustrations. Pages are clean and easy to read. Original brown cloth covers…..$75

39) The Story of the Great March From the Diary of a Staff Officer, by Brevet Major George Nichols. Map and Illustrations. 1865. 456 pages…..$150

40) The History of South Carolina, by William Simms. 1860 in Charleston, S.C. Intact but only with front hardcover. 437 pages…..$95

42) Home Stories, Mary Day’s Story Book, by Phoebe Phelps, Boston,1855. 16 children’s stories, some black or slave related, 172 pages…..$50

45) The American Question, by John Bright. 1865. 278 pages. Speeches delivered in England during the war to gain English support for the Union. Very interesting from the English perspective…..$85

46) Life of General Nathaniel Lyon, by Woodward. 1862. 360 pages. Illustrated…..$75

49) The War Between the States, by Alexander H. Stephens, vol. 1, 1868. Illustrated. 654 pages. A constitutional view of the War, its causes, character, conduct and results. Engravings of Liberty Hall, Washington, Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Webster and others. Volume includes the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution…..$150

50) The Life of Jefferson Davis, by Frank H. Alfriend, 1868. 645 pages. Excellent biography of Davis, traces his life from West Point, to the Mexican War and ultimately the presidency of the Confederate States of America…..$95

51) Belle Boyd In Camp and Prison, by Belle Boyd, 1865. 464 pages. Colorful account of her exploits as a Confederate spy and Federal prisoner…..$150

52) Young Folks History of the Rebellion, by William M. Thayer, 1889. 336 pages. Reprint edition. Fanciful, fictionalized account of the war written for children…..$50

53) The Gallant Mrs. Stonewall, by Harnett T. Kane, 1957. Novel based on the lives of Stonewall and Mrs. Jackson. Signed by author…..$50

54) The Sons of the Sires, by An American, 1855. 223 pages. History of the American Party, known as the “know-nothings” by their detractors. Details the beliefs of the anti-immigrant,anti-Catholic secret society that gained power in the years preceding the Civil War…..$95

55) Dr. Fitch’s Lectures on the Prevention and Cure of Consumption, by Samuel Sheldon Fitch, 1854. Illustrated, 368 pages. Treatise on the causes, prevention and cure of pulmonary consumption, asthma and diseases of the heart…..$75

56) The North American Review, edited by Allen Thorndike Rice, June, 1888. This edition of the monthly journal describes a supreme court decision against the federal government. This was the final ruling in the dispute over the Arlington, Virginia property of Mary Custis Lee, wife of the late Gen. Robert E. Lee.(condition sensitive)…..$25

57)The Leopard’s Spots, by Thomas Dixon Jr., 465 pages, 1902. Illustrated story of carpetbaggers, reconstruction and Simon Legree set in the foothills of North Carolina…..$45

60) The Blue Coats, by Captain John Truesdale, 1867. Over 100 portraits and engravings. 510 pages. The war as seen by a Federal field officer…..SOLD

62) What Tommy Did, by Emily Huntington Miller, 1877. Illustrated. 174 pages. A 19th century version of “Dennis the Menace.” A children’s first reader…..$15

63) Everyday Classics First Reader, by Fannie Wyche Dunn, Franklin. Baker and Ashley H. Thorndike, 1923. Color illustrations. 144 pages. Book of nursery rhymes…..$10

64) Pictures of Life in Camp and Field, by Berry F. Taylor, 1875. 270 pages. Civil War soldier’s letters from the front lines…..$45

67) The Valiants of Virginia, by Hallie Erminie Rives, 1912. Color illustrations. 432 pages. Turn of the century romantic novel about a Virginia family…..$15

68) Statue of Zebulon Baird Vance, Proceedings in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol and in the Senate and House of Representatives Upon the Unveiling, Presentation and Acceptance of the Statue Presented by the State of North Carolina, 64th Congress, 1917…..$50

69) John C. Calhoun, Nationalist, by Charles M. Wiltse, 1944. Illustrated. 477 pages. Biography of John C. Calhoun. Volume I in a three volume series…..$35

70) John C. Calhoun, Nullifier, by Charles M. Wiltse, 1949. Volume II in three volume series…..$35

71) John C. Calhoun, Sectionalist, by Charles M. Wiltse, 1951. Volume III in three volume series…..$35

72) Heroes of Three Wars, by Capt. Willard Glazier, 1880. Illustrated. 450 pages. Life sketches of famous war heroes…..$75

75) Our Campaigns, by E.M. Woodward, 1865. 362 pages. A sketch of life in the Army of the Potomac under Generals McClellan, Burnside, Hooker, Meade and Grant…..$95

76) Youth’s Library of History: American Indians, 1843. Illustrated. 320 pages…..$75

77) Patient Waiting, No Loss, by Alice B. Neal (Cousin Alice),1853. Illustrated. 182 pages. Christmas stories in an orphan home…..$75

79) History of the United States, by William Grimshaw, 1821. 271 pages. A broad view of history that covers population, religion, art, science, literature, agriculture and commerce…..$75

80) Scott’s Infantry Tactics, 119 pages. Contains organizational charts and letter from the adjutant general, dated 1858…..$100

81) Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, 2 Volumes, 1888, green cloth covers with gold gilt lettering and illustrations. All engravings, illustrations, maps, and 986 pages including index present. First Edition…..$250

83) Confederate and Southern States Currency, by Grover C. Criswell, 4th ed. 1992. 415 pages…..$75

86) The Prairie, by James Fenimore Cooper, 1877. 479 pages. Classic frontier tale by the author of The Last of the Mohicans. Final book in the Leatherstocking series…..$45

89) Docas the Indian Boy, by Genevra Sisson Snedden, 1899. Illustrated. 150 pages. Stories written for children at the University School of the Leland Stanford Junior University…..$15

90) The Life of John the Baptist, by The American Sunday School Union, 1835. 99 pages. Early sunday school text…..$45

91) New Album of Richmond Views, circa 1880-90. 12 pages A pictorial souvenir album of famous or historical sites from the Revolutionary War and Civil War, in and around the city of Richmond. With map of Richmond in late 1800’s…..$85

92) North Carolina Governors, by Beth G. Crabtree, 1958. 137 pages. Brief biographies of North Carolina governors from 1585-1958…..$25

93) William R. King, 1854. 63 pages. Obituary address given before Congress at the death of the U.S. Senator, diplomat and Vice President. Served as Franklin Pierce’s Vice President for one year (1853). Original book printed by the House of Representatives,
addresses by many including R.M.T. Hunter, Stephen A. Douglas, Edward Everett, and many others. Gold gilt illustration on cover. Includes a steel plate engraved portrait of King. Inscription by a congressman present…..$65

94) Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress of the 37th Congress 1862. 910 pages. Government bindery, embossed front and back with patriotic emblems…..$125

97) The Dawn’s Early Light, by Walter Lord, 1972. 384 pages. History of the War of 1812…..$10

98) The Epic of America , by James Truslow Adams, 1932. 433 pages. A broad overview of American history…..$10

99) The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography, by Trevor N. Dupuy, Curt Johnson and David L. Bongard, 1992. 834 pages. Excellent reference on world military leader…..$50

100) Encyclopedia of American History, edited by Richard B. Morris, 1976. 1245 pages. A thorough and concise collection of entries on important dates, events, places and people in American history…..$35

102) A Stillness At Appomattox, by Bruce Catton, 1953. 438 pages. Final book in the Army of the Potomac series…..$10

103) The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln, by L.P. Brockett, 1865. 750 pages. Memoir published the year of Lincoln’s death, with lengthy chapters on the assassination and funeral. (missing front cover)…..$75

104) A Guide to Early American Homes: South, by Dorothy and Richard Pratt, 1956. 227 pages. Numerous photos of southern plantations including the homes of Jefferson Davis, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee…..$9

105) The Growth of the American Republic, by Samuel Eliot Morison and Henry Steele Commager, 1950, 2 volumes. 1748 pages. The history of the discovery and of the emergence of America from 1000 to 1950…..$15

107) The Virginians, by William Makepeace Thackeray, 1869. 2 volumes. 908 pages. Written by the noted english humorist and author. A fanciful tale of life in early Virginia…..$125

108) Handy Encyclopedia of Useful Information, edited by Lewis Copeland, 1946. 437 pages. Filled with curious facts and anecdotes…..$5

110) Joseph Jones, M. D. Scientist of the Old South, by James O. Breeden. Published 1975. 293 pages. Story of the unheralded Confederate surgeon who was the foremost expert on infectious diseases of his time…..$10

111) The Monitor Guide to Post Offices and railroad Stations in the United States and Candada, 1976. 232 pages. Facsimile of original monitor guide published by E.W. Bullinger in 1876. Limited edition of 3000 copies…..$95

112) McClellan’s Own Story, subtitled The War for the Union…..The soldiers who fought it, the civilians who directed it, and his relations to it and to them by George B. McClellan. Copyright in 1886 and published in 1887. 678 pages. Book is in exceptional condition. Lots of illustrations and a steel plate engraving of McClellan…..$175

114) Terrible Swift Sword, by Bruce Catton, 1963. 559 pages. Volume 2 in the 3 volume series, “The Centennial History of the Civil War”…..$12

115) Annals of the Army of the Cumberland, by John Fitch, 1864. 716 pages. Includes accounts of Chickamauga and Stone’s River battles. Illustrated with steel portraits, wood engravings and maps. (back cover missing)…..$150

117) Gedichte, (Hard bound, illustrated, poetic narrative. Titled and written in German.) Printed in 1800. 312 pages…..$45

119) The South in American Literature, 1607-1900, by Jay B. Hubbell, 1954. 987 pages. The history and major authors of southern literature from the colonial period to the turn of the century…..$20

120) Grant Moves South, by Bruce Catton, 1960. 564 pages. The authorized continuation of a 3 volume biography of Grant by noted historian Lloyd Lewis, which was incomplete at his death…..$10

121) See, I Told You So, by Rush Limbaugh, 1993. 364 pages. The second book by the conservative radio and television host, who is reshaping the way America thinks about political and social issues…..$15

122) The Land They Fought For, by Clifford Dowdey, 1955. 438 pages. A history of the south from 1832-1865…..$9

123) The Life of General Philip H. Sheridan. Written by F. A.Burr (Second Michigan Cavalry) and R. J. Hinton (U. S. Colored Troops). First Edition 1888, 445 pages, green cloth covers illustrated with gold gilt lettering. Lots of illustrations, clean off-white pages. Strong copy and easy to read…..$125.

125) Roots, by Alex Haley, 1976. 688 pages. Well known work of fiction which spawned the mini-series. Originally presented as a factual account of the author’s family history, it has since been revealed as a fraudulent misrepresentation of the truth and solely the product of the author’s vivid imagination…..$15

126) A Concise Encyclopedia of the Civil War, compiled by Henry E. Simmons, 1967. 221 pages. A handy reference work that covers most major events, figures and subjects of the war…..$25

127) The Richmond Raid, by John Brick, 1963. 224 pages. A historical novel revolving around the attempt, approved by Lincoln, to assassinate Jefferson Davis and other Confederate leaders, behind the lines in Richmond…..$15

128) Scarlett, by Alexandra Ripley, 1991. 823 pages. The authorized and much anticipated sequel to Gone With the Wind…..$19

129) Sword Over Richmond, by Richard Wheeler, 1986. 371 pages. An eyewitness account of McClellan’s disastrous attempt to invade Virginia…..$20

130) Girls Who Became Famous, by Sarah K. Bolton, 1886. 347 pages.Illustrated. A collection of biographical portraits of famous women, from the radical to the poetic…..$15

131) Andersonville, by Mackinlay Kantor, 1955. 767 pages. Southern bashing and stereotyping in the guise of historical fiction…..$20

132) The War for the Union, by Allan Nevins, 1971. A unique history of the war that poses economic superiority, rather than battlefield prowess, as the reason for the Federal victory…..$20

134) Two Roads to Sumter, by William and Bruce Catton, 1963. 285 pages. A study of the events of the 1850’s, leading up to the Civil War…..$10

135) A Treasury of American Folklore, edited by B.A. Botkin,1944. 932 pages. Davy Crockett, Mike Fink, Buffalo Bill, Daniel Boone, Casey Jones and many more…..$10

137) Beulah Land, by Lonnie Coleman, 1973. 536 pages. A novel of the golden age of Georgia plantation life from 1820-1861…..$10

139) The Beard’s Basic History of the United States, by Charles A. Beard and Mary R.Beard, 1944. 554 pages. Nicely illustrated secondary school textbook…..$5

140) The Court of Louis XIV, by Imbert de Saint-Amand, 1894. 266 pages. Fascinating history of court life in the late 1600’s at Versailles. The personal property of Confederate General John Eckles with his signature…..$250

142) A Short History of the United States Navy, by George R. Clark, William O. Stephens,Carroll S. Alden and Herman F. Kraft, 1939. 560 pages…..$10

143) Inquiry Into the Character and Tendency of the American Colonization and American Anti-Slavery Societies, by William Jay, 1969. 206 pages. Reprint of the 1835 edition…..$25

144) The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, 1906. 231 pages. Illustrated. Classic tale of the Yukon wilderness…..$10

145) Reunion at Chattanooga, by Alfred Leland Crabb, 1950. 308 pages. First edition. Signed by author…..$50

146) The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby, edited by Charles Wells Russell. Hardback, 414 pages, 1987 reprint of the 1917 edition. Like new condition with dust jacket…..SOLD

147) Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, 1915. 190 pages. A literary textbook edition of the tragedy, with history and commentary…..$5

148) At West Point, by Maj. Charles F. Martin and Maj. George M. Russell, 242 pages. Illustrated. French, as taught at the U.S. Military Academy…..$15

149) The Official Price Guide to Comic Books, by The House of Collectibles, Inc., 1982. 232 pages…..$5

150) Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott, 1940’s edition. 253 pages with dust jacket…..$10

152) The Official Price Guide to Antiques and Other Collectibles, by Grace McFarland,1980. 450 pages in paperback…..$10

153) American History: A Survey, by Richard N. Current, T. Harry Williams and Frank Freidel, 1975. 481 pages in paperback. An illustrated college survey textbook…..$10

156) Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, 238 pages. The quintessential pirate tale…..$10

157) Hard Smash to Third, by Bill J. Carol, 1966. 156 pages. Children’s novel of Little League baseball…..$5

158) Civil War Soldiers, by Reid Mitchell, 1988. 274 pages. Based upon unpublished letters and diaries of participants in the war…..$15

160) A Guide Book of United States Coins, by R.S. Yeoman, 1983. 258 pages. Includes a brief history of American coinage…..$5

161) Scott’s Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, edited by Gordon R. Harmer, 1954. 840 pages. Volume 1, the Americas and the British Commonwealth…..$15

162) Mr. Lincoln’s Inaugural Journey, by Mary Kay Phelan, 1972. 211 pages. A children’s history of Lincoln’s journey, by rail, to Washington after his election…..$5

163) The South and the Southerner, by Ralph McGill, 1963. 307 pages. Another attempt by a non-southerner to teach us what we already know about ourselves…..$10

164) The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis, by Cass Canfield, 1978. 146 pages. A first rate illustrated biography of President Davis…..$15

165) The Great Secession Winter, by Henry Adams, 1958. A reprint of essays by a social critic, living in Washington, at the outbreak of the Civil War…..$10

167) Under Fire: An American Story, by Oliver L. North, 1991. 446 pages.The life story of the great American war hero and patriot…..$15

168) A Complete History of the United States, by Clement Wood, 1943. 625 pages…..$12

169) Fifty Famous Americans, by Ward Griffith, 1946. 236 pages. Children’s book of biographical profiles…..$10

172) Collecting and Identifying Old Watches, by H.G. Harris, 1978. 256 pages. A guide for the serious collector…..$15

174) George Washington, by Clara Ingram Judson, 1951. 224 pages. Illustrated. A young reader’s biography of Washington…..$10

175) The Carolinians, by Jane Barry, 1959. 318 pages. A romantic novel of the American Revolution…..$10

176) Shirley Temple and the Spirit of Dragonwood, by Kathryn Heisenfelt, 1945. 248 pages. An original story featuring Shirley Temple…..$10

179) Sapphira and the Slave Girl, by Willa Cather, 1940. 295 pages. A fictional view of life on an antebellum plantation. Pure fancy, no realistic portrayal…..$15

181) The Complete Book of Paper Antiques, by Adelaide Hechtlinger and Wilbur Cross, 1972. 220 pages. A comprehensive guide to the entire range of paper collectibles…..$10

183) Brave Men, by Ernie Pyle, 1945. 328 pages. An interesting book on the WWII invasion of France and Italy by the allied forces. Written later that same year, this book is printed in double columns because of the wartime paper shortage…..$5

184) Convicts, Coal and the Banner Mine Tragedy, by Robert David Ward and William Warren Rogers, 1987. 159 pages. History of convict leasing by the state and the 1911 accident at the Banner Coal Mine Prison…..$15

185) Early Reagan, The Rise to Power, by Anne Edwards, 1987. 617 pages. An in-depth portrayal of Reagan’s pre-government years. Signed by the author…..$50

186) Reports of the Committee on the Conduct of the War, 38th Congress, 1st Session, Report Number 65-67, 162 pages. Includes the battle at Ft. Pillow, with engravings of returned prisoners…..$150

188) A Time to Heal, by Gerald R. Ford, 1979. 454 pages. First edition autobiography. Boldly signed on card laid to half title page…..$100

189) Women of the War, by Frank Moore, 1867. 586 pages. Story of the Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. Many engravings…..$150

190) Everything to Gain; Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life, by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, 1987. 198 pages. The Carter’s difficult transition to life after the White House. Autographed…..$125

191) Looking Forward, by George Bush with Victor Gold, 1987. 270 pages. The first autobiography written by a vice-president while still in office. Autographed…..$150

192) Sword and Pen, by John Algernon Owens, 1883. 516 pages. Illustrated. Covers the exploits of Willard Glazier, his Civil War service and explorations by horseback and canoe…..$75

193) Sparks From the Campfire, edited by Joseph W. Morton, 1892. 623 pages. Many illustrations of war scenes and notable officers. Also there are many color maps of battlefields. A collection of tales by Civil War veterans…..$100

194) Standing Firm, by Dan Quayle, 1994. 402 pages. Dan Quayle’s vice-presidential memoir. Autographed…..$75

195) The Boys of ’61, by Charles Carleton Coffin, 1883. 558 pages. Personal observations in both army and navy during 4 years of fighting, from First Manassas to the fall of Richmond…..$95

196) Sailor Boys of ’61, by James Russell Soley, 1887. 381 pages. Illustrated history of Union naval engagements…..$85

197) The Real War, by Richard Nixon, 1980. 341 pages. Nixon expresses his views on the Soviet threat. Autographed…..$165

198) Under Fire, An American Story, by Oliver L. North, 1991. 446 pages. Autographed autobiography by the great American patriot…..$59

199) “Report of the Secretary of War, Communicating the Report of Capt. George B. McClellan” 1857. 360 pages. Detailed descriptions of European cavalry tactics…..$150

200) Never Call Retreat, by Bruce Catton, 1965. 555 pages. Final volume in the centennial series…..$15

201) North and South, by John Jakes, 1982. 740 pages. Popular book that inspired the television mini-series…..$19

202) Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic Tiny Tim published in 1861 to illustrate to Americans the true meaning of the Christmas spirit right at the time of the secession of the Southern States which eventually led to war. Offered here is the original first edition…..$175

203) Great Britain and the American War, by E. D. Adams, 1925. 340 pages. The British involvement in the Civil War…..$20

205) O’Neill, Son and Artist, by Louis Shaeffer, 1973. 750 pages. Autographed biography of playwright, Eugene O’Neill…..$40

206) The Photographic History of the Civil War, The Armies and Leaders, Poetry and Eloquence, edited by Robert S. Lanier, Vol.5, 353 pages…..$50

209) The Life and Travels of General Grant, by J. T. Headley, 1879. 850 pages. A complete account of the life and character of U.S. Grant. Numerous illustrations…..$95

210) Lloyd’s Illustrated Battle History of the Great Rebellion, 1865. 566 pages. First hand battle accounts, photos, engravings and 49 portraits of generals…..$150

212) The Rebellion Record, A Diary of American Events, edited by Frank Moore, 1862. 728 pages. Documents and narratives, steel engravings, maps…..$150

213) “Revised Regulations For the Army of the United States,” 1861.” 559 pages. Presented to J.H. Woods, Columbus, Ohio, 1864…..$295

214) Shrouds of Glory, by Winston Groom, 1995, 308 pages. The Last Great Campaign of the Civil War (From Atlanta to Nashville)…….$15

216) Confederate Military History, The Confederate Publishing Company, 1899. 737 pages. An attempt to set the historical record straight concerning the War Between the States and to refute the distortions presented by the majority of northern accounts. All contributors to this work were staunch and loyal patriots and defenders of the Confederacy, who served the South with honor and distinction. Leatherbound or rebound volumes $125 each. In 12 volumes. Published in Atlanta, Georgia.

Volume 1, Justification of secession and history of Confederacy…..$75

Volume 2, West Virginia/Maryland…..$100

Volume 3, Virginia…..$100

Volume 4, N. Carolina…..$100

Volume 5, South Carolina (Reprint)…..$35

Volume 6, Georgia…..$100

Volume 7, Alabama and Mississippi…..$100

Volume 8, Tennessee…..$100

Volume 9, Kentucky/Missouri…..$125

Volume 10, Louisiana and Arkansas…..$100

Volume 11, Texas and Florida…..$125

Volume 12, Confederate Navy and Reconstruction…..$125

218) Our Country’s Presidents, by Frank Freidel, 1977. History of presidency, from Washington through Carter. National Geographic publication with excellent photos…..$10

219) The Living White House, by Lonnelle Aikman, 1966. 143 pages. Publication of the White House Historical Association. Great photos…..$10

220) The Organization of the Confederate Post Office Department at Montgomery, by Peter A. Brannon, 1960. 164 pages. Out of print history of the Confederate Postal Service…..$45

221) The South Was Right!, by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy, 1995. 431 pages. A meticulously documented defense of southern culture by two staunch patriots…..$25

223) Statesmen of the Lost Cause, by Burton J. Hendrick, 452 pages, 1939.An excellent history of Jefferson Davis and his cabinet members…..$50

224) Confederate Agent, by James D. Horan, 326 pages, 1954. The amazing, true story, of the great confederate spy who almost single-handedly turned the tide of war at the 11th hour…..$25

225) The Shipwreck and Sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley, by Eliza Bradley, 108 pages, circa 1821. The date 1821 mentioned on the flyleaf of the book. A first hand narrative of her six month captivity at the hands of Arab bedouins. A very early date for a female author…..$70

227) The Illustrated History of the Civil War, by David E. Roth, 1992. 248 pages. An excellent pictorial. Very favorable toward the southern viewpoint of the war…..$25

228) The George Walcott Collection of Used Civil War Patriotic Covers, compiled by Robert Laurence, 1934. 261 pages. Rare! Only reference work in the field…..$175

230) Confederate Postal History, by Francis J. Crown, 1976. 313 pages. Nice reference work…..$75

232) Who Was Who in the Civil War, edited by John S. Bowman, 1994. 224 pages. Nice profiles of notable figures in the Civil War. Numerous portraits…..$50

234) The Prince of India, by Lew Wallace, 1893. 502 pages. Written by Union general Lew Wallace who also authored Ben Hur…..$25

235) The New American Fifth Reader, by Epes Sargent and Amasa May, 1871. 312 pages. Early illustrated 5th grade reader…..$50

237) The Great Mogul, by P. Hamilton Myers, 1878. 100 pages. Early romantic novel…..$15

238) Flight Into Oblivion, by A.J. Hanna, 1938. Story of the flight of the Confederate Cabinet from Richmond, at the close of the Civil War…..$60

239) History: Town of Durham New Hampshire, by Everett S. Stackpole, 1913. 436 pages. Volume 1 of a 2 volume history. Includes military history of Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War…..$15

241) The Virginia Exiles, by Elizabeth Gray Vining, 1955. 255 pages. A novel of the Revolutionary War. Members of the Pennsylvania Society of Friends, banished to Virginia for refusal to sign the loyalty oath…..$15

242) Heroines of Dixie, by Katherine M. Jones, 1955. 430 pages. Very nice photo-portraits and biographical profiles of heroic women of the Confederacy…..$50

243) Home Sweet Home, by John Howard Payne, 1880. Illustrated book of verse, by the composer. Excellent condition…..$65

244) The Titans, by John Jakes, 463 pages, 1976. The fifth installment in the Civil War saga of the Kent family…..$15

246) Chamber’s Biographical Dictionary, edited by W.M. Geddie and J. Lindell Geddie, 1006 pages, 1946. Extensive listing of great historical figures from around the world and throughout recorded history…..$15

250) Patronage and Poverty in the Tobacco South, by Crandall A. Shiflett, 159 pages, 1982. A scholarly study of the impact of emancipation on the tobacco industry and quality of life in Louisa County, Virginia…..$15

253) Theory of War, by Joan Brady, 257 pages, 1993. A fictional narrative of a young white boy sold into servitude after the Civil War……$15

254) The Women and the Crisis, by Agatha Young, 389 pages, 1959. A chronological account of the Civil War as it related to women from northern states who were involved in the conflict…..$12

255) The Family, by Mark Twain, 1462 pages, 1935. A single volume that contains many Mark Twain classics. Includes Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn…..$25

256) Bloody Dawn, by Thomas P. Slaughter, 252 pages, 1991. Relates the history of the brutal uprising of runaway slaves in Christiana, PA. Four slaves had run away when they were discovered stealing and reselling grain belonging to their master. They were pursued by a federal posse as far as Christiana. The posse was attacked by a mob of negroes and had to flee for their lives. The posse members who were murdered were then robbed, stripped and mutilated by the negro women of the town. The thieves were then smuggled into Canada by Frederick Douglass. This incident resulted in the largest mass indictment for treason in United States history…..$15

257) Lincoln and His Generals, by T. Harry Williams, 363 pages, 1952. A focus on the relationship and dialogue between Lincoln and his battlefield commanders…..$10

258) Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott, 372 pages, 1947. An American classic. The sequel to Little Women. Color illustrations…..$15

259) Civil War in Pictures, by Fletcher Pratt, 256 pages. Drawings and woodcuts of the war taken from the pages of Harper’s Weekly…..$10

263) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, 352 pages, 1954. Illustrated young reader’s edition of the timeless classic…..$15

264) America’s Historylands, a publication of the National Geographic Society, 576 pages, 1963. Excellent pictorial of American history…..$15

267) The History of England, by David Hume, 466 pages, 1856. Covers the history of England from the invasion by Julius Caesar to the momentous abdication of James the Second. Reprint of the 1688 edition…..$20

269) To Renew America, by Newt Gingrich, 260 pages, 1995. The frequently embattled, Speaker of the House and 2012 Presidential Candidate offers solutions to the evils that plague our nation. Topics include the welfare state, the national debt, illegal immigration and multiculturalism…..$10

271) The Raider, by Jesse Hill Ford, 468 pages, 1975. A historical novel of the Civil War on the Tennessee frontier…..$10

272) North and South, by John Jakes, 740 pages, 1982. The tale of two families in the years leading up to the Civil War. First book of the trilogy upon which the popular miniseries was based…..$10

273) Confederates, by Thomas Keneally, 427 pages, 1979. Historical novel of the Civil War written by an Australian author…..$10

274) The Graphic Story of the American Presidents, by David C. Whitney, 543 pages, 1973. A special edition history of the American system of government and the presidency. A companion to the Danbury Mint presidential silver ingots collection. Nice illustrations…..$30

275) History of the War of the Independence of the United States of America, by Charles Botta, vol. II. Translated from the Italian by George Alexander Otis, Esq. Written in 1837, published in 1840. 468 pages. Staining and foxing throughout, however, all intact. Steel plate engraving of Trumbull’s painting of Washington. Many wood cut engravings…..$35

277) Early Poke, by Vic Smith aka Poke McHenry, 1994, 274 pages, A collection of some of the best stories by the great southern humorist. “Poke” was a regular feature in the Florida Times Union, from 1978 until his retirement in 1992. Signed by the author…..$24

278) Red Rock, A Chronicle of Reconstruction, by Thomas Nelson Page,1899, 584 pages. Illustrated first edition. A novel of the struggle of southern people to restore justice and freedom to their homeland during the years of Yankee occupation government. From the library of the Redwood estate…..$55

279) Battles for the Union, by Willard Glazier, 1875, 407 pages. First hand accounts of Civil War battles by a combatant. Nice illustrations. From the library of the Redwood estate…..SOLD

280) Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War, by A Lady of Virginia, 1867, 360 pages. The first hand account of a southern lady, forced to flee her homeland when the Yankees occupied what became the state of West Virginia. From the library of the Redwood estate…..$50

289) Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States, January term, 1828, by Richard Peters, vol. I, 744 pages. Two cases involving the Bank of Georgia, The Governor of Georgia v. Madrazo, John Marshall Chief Justice, Bushrod Washington Associate Justice. Leather bound, condition sensitive,foxing and staining…..$35

290) History of the War of the Independence of the United States of America,by Charles Botta, 1840, vol. II, 468 pages. Maps and engravings. Nice engraving of Washington in frontispiece, from the painting by Trumbull. Condition sensitive…..$35

291) Reports of Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States, January term, 1830, by Richard Peters, 1830, vol. III, 546 pages. John Marshall Chief Justice,decisions on slave trade. Condition sensitive…..$45

292) Journal of the House of Delegates of the State of Virginia, for the Session of 1859-1860. 683 pages. Numerous slavery cases. Petition of Cyrus Vance. Appropriations for VMI. Report from John Seddon on southern conference. John S. Mosby petition for insurance company. Harper’s Ferry Raid…..$150

293) Colonel William Smith and Lady, The Romance of Washington’s Aide and Young Abigail Adams, by Katherine Metcalfe Roof, 1929, 347 pages. A history that traces the relationship of Col. Smith and Abigail Adams, set against the backdrop of the American revolution. Many illustrations and correspondence to document the events…..$15

294) The First Latin Book, by William C. Collar and M. Grant Daniell, 1901, 297 pages. A Latin grammar for beginning students with a Latin-English vocabulary…..$5

295) The Gospel Psalmist: A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social and Private Devotion, by John C. Adams, 1861, 625 pages. A hymn book written for the Universalist denomination with strong abolitionist leanings…..$200

297) The Prince and the Pauper, by Mark Twain, 1891, 411 pages. The classic tale of rags to riches, with 192 illustrations,by the master American storyteller…..$35

298) Historic Gold Coins of the World, by Burton Hobson, 192 pages, 1971. A full-color pictorial history of the gold coins of the world, from the Roman Empire to modern times…..$25

299) A Pictorial History of the Confederacy, by Lamont Buchanan, 288 pages. More than 300 illustrations, including Brady photos and engravings from period magazines and newspapers…..$15

300) Battlefields of the Civil War, by James V. Murfin, 240 pages, 1990. Beautiful modern and period photos of Civil War battle sites, from Ft. Sumter to Petersburg…..$25

301) Muskets, Cannon Balls and Bombs, edited and translated by Benjamin Kennedy, 141 pages, 1974. Nine separate narratives of the Siege of Savannah in 1779, during the American Revolution…..$20

302) Oil Lamps, The Kerosene Era in North America, by Catherine M. V. Thuro, 352 pages, 1976. Excellent reference book on kerosene lamps. Covers over 1000 different lamps from the 1850s to the 1890s…..$64.50

303) Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America, by Charles Miles, 244 pages, 1963. A fully illustrated reference work on bows, arrowheads, baskets, pottery and various other Indian artifacts…..$20

305) Weapons of the Civil War, by Ian V. Hogg, 173 pages, 1987. Very nice pictorial history of Civil War weapons that covers cavalry, infantry, artillery and naval weapons…..$22.50

307) Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia, by Francis A. Lord, 365 pages, 1965. An excellent illustrated reference for the Civil War collector…..$35

308) Small Arms of the World, by W.H.B. Smith, 768 pages, 1969. The standard reference work for the firearms collector…..$45

310) Treasury of American Antiques, by Clarence H. Hornung, 175 pages. 450 color photos of early Americana…..$15

311) The Century War Book, 321 pages, 1978. A reprint of the 1894 edition, taken from the Century magazine…..$15

313) The National Museum of American History, by Shirley Abbott, 495 pages,1981. The finest pictorial ever of Americana, second only to an actual tour of the Smithsonian…..$25

315) Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War, by Alfred H. Guernsey, 836 pages, reprint of the 1866 edition. Filled with illustrations drawn from eyewitness accounts of the war…..$40

316) The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, edited by Ben la Bree, 480 pages, 1959. The southern answer to Harper’s Pictorial. This volume contains battlefield accounts by Lee, Johnston, Beuaregard, Jackson, Stuart and many other Confederate generals. A reprint of the 1895 edition…..$75

317) The Carolinian, by Rafael Sabatini, 414 pages, 1925. A historical novel of South Carolina and the American Revolution by the author of the Sea Hawk. From the personal library of South Carolina Governor John Gary Evans, with his signature…..$35

318) George McDuffie, by Edwin L. Green, 262 pages, 1936. Biography of the South Carolina politician. From the personal library of South Carolina Governor John Gary Evans, with his signature…..$35

319) General Grant and His Campaigns, by Julian K. Larke, 1864, 509 pages. A biography of Grant from his early years through his rise to Lt. General and command of all Union forces. With a steel engraving of Grant…..$65

320) Zachary Taylor, Soldier of the Republic, by Holman Hamilton, 335 pages, 1941. Illustrated first edition biography of Taylor, from his early years, through his heroic service in the Mexican War……$55

321) The History of the American Sailing Navy, The Ships and Their Development, by Howard I. Chapelle, 558 pages, 1979. Follows American naval history from the colonial times through the end of sail power in 1855…..$15

322) Wilderness, A Tale of the Civil War, by Robert Penn Warren, 310 pages, 1961. A novel by the Pulitzer Prize winner…..$15

323) Wreckers and Workers of Old Key West, by Betty Brothers, 108 pages, 1983 history of the development and settlement of Key West. Numerous photos…..$10

324) Lincoln, by Emile Ludwig, 505 pages, 1930. Biography of Lincoln, from boyhood through his assassination…..$15

326) Louisiana and Arkansas, Confederate Military History, edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans, vol. X, 413 pages. Reprint of the 1899 edition of a 13 volume series. All entries written by men who served the Confederacy with honor…..$25

328) Official Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, San Francisco, California, June 28-July 6, 1920. Resulted in the nomination of James M. Cox for President and Franklin D. Roosevelt for Vice-President…..$70

337) Time-Life Books, Collector’s Library of the Civil War Series, 1982. Reprints of books written by Civil War participants that provide a unique first hand, eyewitness view of the war:

A) Daring & Suffering, by William Pittenger…..$20

B) Campaigning with Grant, by Horace Porter…..$20

C) Army Memoirs, by Lucious W. Barber…..$20

D) Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman, by J. H. Kidd…..$20

E) Battlefields of the South, by An English Combatant…..$20

F) Life in the Confederate Army, by William Watson…..$20

G) The Story of a Common Soldier, by Leander Stillwell…..$20

H) Reminiscences of the Civil War, by John B. Gordon…..$20

I) The Narrative of a Blockade Runner, by John Wilkinson..$20

J) Campaigns of a Non-Combatant, by George Alfred Townsend…..$20

K) The Citizen-Soldier, by John Beatty…..$20

L) Mosby’s Rangers, by James L. Williamson:

M) Four Years in Rebel Capitals, by Thomas Cooper DeLeon…..$20

N) War from the Inside, by Frederick L. Hitchcock…..$20

338) A General View of the World, by S. Augustus Mitchell, 828 pages, 1845. A broad geographical history of the world with over 900 engravings. Contains quite a bit of information on the African slave trade…..$175

339) History of World War II, by Francis Trevelyan Miller, 966 pages, 1945. Filled with wartime photos…..$25

340) Fighting for Time, Volume Four of The Image of War 1861-1865, edited by William C. Davis, 449 pages, 1983. Hundreds of war photos…..$35

342) The Photographic History of the Civil War, Volume Four, 352 pages. Reprint of the 1911 edition, first published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the conflict…..$45

343) Ghost Town Locations in Florida, compiled by Jim Warnke, 15 pages, 1986. 325 sites pinpointed by county…..$15

344) The Civil War Almanac, edited by John S. Bowman, 400 pages, 1983. An interesting chronological account of the war with a separate section of biographies…..$8

345) Georgia, The Home Place, by Bill Weems, 1979. A very nice pictorial of the State of Georgia…..$15

346) When the Yankees Came, by George Benjamin West, 199 pages, 1977. Reprint of memoirs of the war and Reconstruction years on the Virginia Peninsula…..$15

347) My Quarter Century of American Politics, by Champ Clark, 472 pages, 1920. Memoirs and backroom politics from the Speaker of the House in the early 1900s. From the personal library of South Carolina Governor John Gary Evans, with his signature…..$25

349) A Belle of the Fifties, by Virginia Clay, 386 pages, 1905. The life memoirs of the wife of CSA Congressman Clement Claiborne Clay…..$25

351) Department of the South, Hilton Head Island in the Civil War, by Robert Carse, 156 pages, 1961. Illustrated history of strategic island in South Carolina, during the war years…..$15

352) Reveille in Washington, by Margaret Leech, 483 pages, 1941. An illustrated history of life in Washington during the War Between the States…..$10

353) Lee Considered, General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History, by Alan T. Nolan, 231 pages, 1991. A critical examination of Lee that seeks to undermine the heroic status he has held for so long as a cultural icon of the South. Typical of the psychological and cultural warfare still waged on the southern people by the liberal elitists…..$15

356) The Lives and Graves of our Presidents, by G.S. Weaver, 504 pages, 1884. Separate biographies on all U.S. from Washington to Chester A. Arthur, with portrait of each individual…..$20

358) The American Advance, A Study in Territorial Expansion, by Edmund J. Carpenter, 331 pages, 1903. The political and historical background of the great westward expansion of the United States…..$35

359) Civil War in Pictures, arranged by Fletcher Pratt, 256 pages, 1955. numerous war illustrations from Harper’s Weekle and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper…..$10

360) The War for the Union: The Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865, by Allan Nevins, 448 pages, 1971. Eighth volume in the Ordeal of the Union series…..$15

361) Abraham Lincoln, by Benjamin P. Thomas, 548 pages, 1952. The usual mythical Lincoln biography…..$22

364) Landmarks of the American Revolution, by Mark M. Boatner III, 608 pages, 1975. Concise encyclopedia of revolutionary events and major participants…..$7

365) Robert E. Lee The Soldier, by Major General Sir Frederick Maurice, 313 pages, 1925. An examination and appreciation of Lee’s masterful generalship…..$40

367) Addresses, Historical-Political-Sociological, by Frederic R. Coudert, 452 pages, 1925. Essays by the foremost expert on international law of his day…..$15

368) Between The Lines, by Captain King, 312 pages, circa 1880s. A note written by hand describes the pages missing in the front of the book. Nevertheless an interesting novelization of wartime events…..$25

369) Robert E. Lee, by John Drinkwater, 95 pages, 1923. A play of the war years, Lee and his generals. From the library of South Carolina Governor John Gary Evans, with his signature…………………$20

370) The Many Faces of the Civil War, by Irving Weinstein, 192 pages, 1962. A young reader’s history of the war that, while not pro southern, still includes many facts about the war the revisionists have removed from more current textbooks……………………..$5

372) The Little Minister, by J.M. Barrie, 375 pages, 1897. Novel by J.M. Barrie, better known as the author of Peter Pan. Photo illustrations are from the play by the same name…..$6

373) Jubilee, by John Brick, 320 pages, 1956. A young reader’s novel of Sherman’s march to the sea…..$7

374) The Army Under Pope, by John C. Ropes, 229 pages, 1891. A narrative of General Pope’s military campaigns…..$60

375) Cease Firing, by Mary Johnston, 457 pages, 1912. The continuation of the Civil War saga begun in The Long Roll, by the same author…..$40

377) Mr. Lincoln’s Washington, edited by P.J. Staudenraus, 481 pages, 1967. A reprint of the Civil War dispatches of Noah Brooks, a newsman from Sacramento, who chronicled the state of affairs in Washington during the war years…..$18

378) Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians, by Ronald P. Koch, 219 pages, 1977. Excellent illustrated guide to clothing and costume of native tribes of America…..$20

379) Lincoln: A Picture Story of His Life, by Stefen Lorant, 304 pages, 1957. An excellent pictorial with over 600 photos and letters that tell the story of Lincoln’s life…..$35

382) History of the Great Rebellion, by Thomas P. Kettell, vol. I, 407 pages, 1863. A very pro-northern account of the war. Nice illustrations, hand colored wood cut engravings…..$95

383) The War Between the States, Alexander H. Stephens, vol. I, 654 pages, 1868. The classic account of the war, with steel plate engravings of the principal figures. Told from the political perspective…..$125

384) The War Between the States, Alexander H. Stephens, vol. II, 827 pages, 1870. The continuation of the classic defense of secession as a constitutional imperative…..$125

386) The Civil War in America, by Alan Barker, 183 pages, 1961. Written as a general guide to Civil War history for undergraduate students at Cambridge University. Paperback…..$5

387) Two Roads to Sumter, by William and Bruce Catton, 285 pages, 1963. An examination of the causes and social forces in north and south, that gave rise to the military conflict. Paperback…..$8

388) Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, by Carl Sandburg, 1926. Describes Lincoln’s early life and early political career.

Volume I…..$15

Volume II…..$15

388A) Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, by Carl Sandburg, 1948. Continuation of Sandburg’s biographical series on Lincoln. Focuses on the Civil War Years of Lincoln’s life.

Volume I…..$15

Volume II…..$15

Volume III…..$15

Volume IV…..$15

389) To Appomattox, Nine April Days in 1865, by Burke Davis, 433 pages, 1959. A well-written account of the last days of the war. By the author of “They Called Him Stonewall” and “The Gray Fox”. First edition with dust jacket…..SOLD

391) A History of the South, by Francis Butler Simkins, 675 pages, 1963. Southern history from colonial times to the present…..$25

392) The Era of Reconstruction, by Kenneth Stampp, 228 pages, 1966. A strongly biased history of the south during the reconstruction period…..$15

395) Stonewall in the Valley, Robert G. Tanner, 436 pages, 1962. An illustrated tactical analysis of Jackson’s brilliant 1862 campaign in the Shenandoah Valley. To his credit, the author avoids political analysis and sticks to military strategy…..$20

396) The Complete Book of United States Coin Collecting, by Norman M. Davis, 341 pages, 1976. A handy guide for the beginning coin collector. Illustrations of many collectible coins with a section on coin grading…..$15


397) Virginia, A Guide to the Old Dominion, 710 pages, 1941. A Federal project sponsored by James Price, Governor of Virginia, designed to serve as an illustrated guide for travelers. Excellent photos of famous sites in Virginia…..$45

398) The Beauties of Henry Clay, by Henry Clay, 1839. A collection of the best writings of Clay with sections on slavery and colonization…..$75

400) Bill Arp, So Called. A Side Show of the Southern Side of the War, by Charles H. Smith, 204 pages, 1866. A humorous look at the war and southern life…..$75

403) The Congressional Globe, by John C. Rives, part 2, 796 pages, 1856. Bound editions of a Washington paper containing 49 issues of debates, proceedings and laws of the first and second sessions of the Thirty Fourth Congress. Much content on Indians, slavery, bill for admission of Kansas to the Union, assault on Sen. Sumner, etc…..$200

404) The Congressional Globe, by John C. Rives, part 3, 816 pages, 1856. Bound editions of a Washington paper containing 45 issues of debates, proceedings and laws of the first and second sessions of the Thirty Fourth Congress…..$200

405) The Farmer’s Almanac, by Robert M. Thomas, bound volume containing almanacs for the years 1840-1848. Contains information on proper times and methods for planting different crops. Also has farmer poetry,horoscopes, census information and other esoteric knowledge…..$75

406)The American Nation, by John Gilmary Shea, 433 pages, 1862. A veritable cavalcade of Yankee generals with steel engraving portraits. Includes Sheridan, Sherman, Kearney, Lyon, Wallace and many others…..$150

407) The History of the Civil War in America, by John S.C. Abbott, 507 pages, volume 1, 1863. A thorough account of the war with many maps and illustrations…..$125

409) The History, Civil Political and Military of the Southern Rebellion, by Orville J. Victor, vol. 1, 531 pages, 1861. Nice engravings, with bombardment of ft. Sumter in frontispiece. Includes census tables with slave population, but neglects listing slave population in the supposed “free” states…..$125

410) Florida Place Names, by Allen Morris, 160 pages, 1974. An encyclopedia of city, town and place names with descriptions and origins of each. Very interesting Florida history…..$35

411) Carpetbag Rule in Florida, by Allen Morris, 444 pages, 1959. A reprint of the book by the first negro congressman in the state of Florida. His premise is that white carpetbaggers were responsible for the plunder of the South during Reconstruction. He contends that the negro governments would not have engaged in such excess and debauchery, had they not been spurred on by Yankee profiteers…..$25

413) True Tales of the South at War, edited by Clarence Poe, 208 pages, 1961. The human side of the war as told in diaries written by wives, soldiers and refugees…..$15

414) Confederate and Southern States Currency, by Grover C. Criswell, 294 pages, 1976. Illustrated guide to southern paper currency. An indispensable reference for the collector or dealer…..$50

419) Two Flags Flying, by Donald J. Sobol, 216 pages, 1960. A collection of brief biographies of notable figures in the War for Southern Independence. Includes 25 southern and 25 northern generals…..$15

420) Lee and Grant at Appomattox, by MacKinlay Kantor, 175 pages, 1950. Illustrated young readers history of the Appomattox surrender. Obviously written before the plague of political correctness swept the nation. While written from a northern perspective, the overall tone is gracious and positive toward the south…..$10

422) Campaigning with Grant, by General Horace Porter, 558 pages, 1961. A reprint of the original edition by one of Grant’s staff officers. Interesting eyewitness accounts of battles and tactics in Grant’s army…..$15

424) The Three Scouts, by J.T. Trowbridge, 383 pages, 1887. A novel of the Civil War and a Union sympathizer…..$35


426) Tyler Texas, C.S.A., by William A. Albaugh, 235 pages, 1993. A reprint of the 1958 edition. The story of the Confederate States Ordnance Works at Tyler,Texas…..$25

427) The Original Confederate Colt, by William A. Albaugh and Richard D. Steuart, 62 pages, 1993. A reprint of the 1953 edition. A story of the revolvers made at Griswoldsville, Georgia…..$25

428) The Confederate Brass-Framed Colt & Whitney, by William A. Abaugh, 105 pages, 1993. A reprint of the 1995 edition. A story of the revolvers made at Griswoldsville, Georgia…..$25

429) Classic North American Steam, by Nils Huxtable, 128 pages, 1990. A beautiful black and white photo pictorial of steam locomotives from the golden age of railroads…..$35

430) First Blood, by W.A. Swanberg, 373 pages, 1957. A novel surrounding the siege of Fort Sumter…..$18

431) Plates and Buckles of the American Military, by Sydney C. Kerksis, 56 pages, 1974. Hundreds of photos of military belt plates. An absolutely indispensable reference for the serious collector…..$50

432) They Who Fought Here, by Bell Irvin Wiley, 273 pages, 1959. A very nice pictorial history of the Confederate soldier by the author of The Life of Johnny Reb…..$30

433) Embattled Confederates, by Bell I. Wiley, 290 pages, 1964. A pictorial history of the war that focuses on the southern people. Also by the author of The Life of Johnny Reb…..$30

434) This Was Andersonville, edited by Roy Meredith, 354 pages, 1957. An illustrated history of Andersonville based on actual documents from the Library of Congress…..$25

435) The Cavalry, edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller, 336 pages, 1957. Part four in the Photographic History of the Civil War…..$20

436) Confederate Cannon Foundries, by Larry J. Daniel and Riley W. Gunter, 112 pages, 1977. A nice illustrated of the principal arsenals of the Confederacy…..$20

437) The Shiloh Campaign, by David G. Martin, 184 pages, 1987. Illustrated history of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War…..$15

438) The Confederate General, edited by William C. Davis, 209 pages, 1991, volume I. An excellent pictorial history of Confederate generals by the National Historical Society…..$35

439) The Confederate General, edited by William C. Davis, 203 pages, 1991, volume II. An excellent pictorial history of Confederate generals by the National Historical Society…..$35

440) Maine Obsolete Paper Money & Scrip, by George W. Wait, 268 pages, 1977. Illustrated history of pre-Civil War Maine currency…..$35

441) A Constitutional View of the Late War Between the States,
by Alexander H. Stephens, 827 pages, 1868. The classic defense of secession and states rights by one of the South’s greatest statesmen. Both Volumes I and II included in one bound volume. Filled with engravings…..$250

444) Camp, Field and Prison Life, by W.A. Washington, Capt., C.S.A., 1870, 382 pages. Sketches of military service in the south along with the observations and experiences of prison life. The author was a prisoner of war at Johnson’s Island, Ohio, where 3000 Confederate officers were incarcerated…..$95

446) A Photographic Trip Around the World, by J.A. Bradley, 1892, 215 pages. Excellent photographs from around the world, included Fort San Marco in St. Augustine, Florida…..$25

448) Moore’s Poetical Works, by Sir Thomas Moore, 1869, 747 pages. The complete poetic works of Moore in one volume. Includes several nice steel engravings. Includes the well known Cupid, Psyche, and The Dying Warrior…..$50

450) Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln, collected and edited by Allen Thorndike Rice, 1889, 656 pages. Biographical sketches of Lincoln by notable figures such as Henry ward Beecher, Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman. Nice illustrations…..$65

451) A privately bound collection of sheet music dating from the 1850s. Over 40 individual pieces from the period with two by noted Florida composer Stephen C. Foster, including Beautiful Dreamer. Also a full page advertisement from a Cincinnati, Ohio music store. The leather spine is simply lettered “Music”. The large size volume measures approximately 13 1/2″ x 11″. Selections date from 1848 to 1869. These are all individual pieces housed in one volume. Covers are cloth…..$250

452) An Abridgment of the History of New England, by Hannah Adams, 1805, 185 pages. Includes the discovery of America, the settlement of Plymouth and Martha’s Vineyard and accounts of the Salem witch trials. The author was the first professional woman writer in the United States. Her history of new England was widely used as a school text, but her income from writing was severely limited…..$75

453) Marse Robert, by James C. Young, 1929, 362 pages. A thorough history of the Lee family, as well as a biography of Robert E. Lee. Numerous illustrations…..$40

454) Robert E. Lee, Man and Soldier, by Thomas Nelson Page, 1911, 734 pages. An excellent biography of Lee during the war years. Includes a fold out map of Virginia…..$50

455) Teachings of Patriots and Statesmen, by Ezra B. Chase, 1860, 495 pages. An interesting collection of the views of the Founding Fathers on the slavery issue…..$95

456) Journal of a Young Lady of Virginia, 1871, 56 pages. A fragment of a journal written by one of the Lee family, Lucinda Lee of the Virginia and Maryland Lees. Proceeds from the sale were donated to the Lee Memorial Association…..$75

458)Modern Reform Examined, by Joseph C. Stiles, 1857, 310 pages. A biblical defense of the institution of slavery…..$95

459) Eneas Africanus, by Harry Stillwell Edwards, 1920, 47 pages. An illustrated southern folk tale of a black servant who wandered for 8 years after being entrusted with the family fortune at the close of the war…..$50

464) Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1857-1858. Published by William F. Ritchie, 1858, 324 pages. Includes many laws passed pertaining to slavery…..$125

465) Three Roads to Valhalla, by Catherine Pomeroy Stewart, 1948, 307 pages. A novel of reconstruction set in and around Jacksonville, Florida. Deals with the subject of the carpetbag government and the burning of the city of Jacksonville…..$15

467) Civil War Guns, by William B. Edwards,1962, 444 pages. A very thorough and well illustrated reference that covers all types and aspects of Civil War firearms…..$65

469) Civil War Projectiles, by W. Reid McKee and M.E. Mason, Jr., 202 pages, 1971. An excellent reference work on small arms and field artillery projectiles. Includes a section on bullet molds. Very well illustrated…..$45

470) Civil War Projectiles II, by Reid McKee and M.E. Mason, Jr., 203 pages, 1971. A hard to find reference book with diameters, illustrations, photos and descriptions of all types of small arms and field artillery projectiles…..$75

471) A Directory of American Military Goods, Dealers and Makers 1785-1915, by Bruce S. Bazelon and william F. McGuinn, 1990, 180 pages. A very complete encyclopedia of military manufacturers dating back to the early years of the republic…..$35

473) Brothers in Arms, by William C. Davis, 1995, 143 pages. A beautiful pictorial of the Civil War, with numerous full color photos of artifacts. Very nicely done…..$35

475) Mr. Davis’s Richmond, by Stanley Kimmel, 1958, 214 pages. A pictorial history of Richmond and the Confederacy during the war years. Includes the text to “The Bonnie Blue Flag”…..$35

476) Who Was Who in the Confederacy, by Stewart Sifakis, vol. II, 1988, 324 pages. An excellent biographical reference book on notable figures in the Confederate military & government…..$25

478) Encyclopedia of the Confederacy, edited by Richard N. Current, 1993 vol. III, 1423 pages. An excellent illustrated reference work. Many maps of key battles during the war…..$50

481) War Years with Jeb Stuart, by Lt. Col. W.W. Blackford, C.S.A., 1945, 322 pages. A nice illustrated volume detailing the military campaigns of Stuart and his men. Written by one of Stuart’s officers…..$45

484) A Life of General Robert E. Lee, by John Esten Cooke, 1871, 577 pages. A beautiful edition filled with steel engraving portraits & fold out maps. Written by the author of Mohun…..$275

490) Rags of Glory, by Stuart Cloete, 1963, 628 pages. A novel set against the historical backdrop of the Boer War & the formation of the nation of South Africa…..$15

491) A. P. Hill, Lee’s Forgotten General, by William Woods Hassler, 1957, 249 pages. An excellent biography of the unsung hero of the Confederate cause. Details Hill’s early years at West Point as well as his rivalry and friendship with George Brinton McClellan…..$45

492) Gray Fox, by Burke Davis, 466 pages. A history of General Lee and his masterful military tactics that set him apart, even in defeat, as the greatest of American military minds. Autographed by the author…..$45

494) A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy of 1865, by Louis J. Weichmann, 1975. the dubious account of the Lincoln assassination “conspiracy” by the chief government witness in the Federal kangaroo court which resulted in the illegal trial and execution of civilians at the hands of a military tribunal…..$45

496) Shiloh, by Shelby Foote, 1952, 246 pages. A fine novel of the Civil War battle from the perspective of the everyday soldier. has been compared to Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage…..$10

497) From Sumter to Shiloh, vol. I, 1956, 750 pages. A reprint of the popular Century War series. Filled with first hand accounts of the war by both Federal and Confederate soldiers…..$15

498) North to Antietam, vol. II, 1956, 760 pages. The second volume of the Century War series reprinted edition. Fully illustrated…..$15

499) Retreat from Gettysburg, vol. III, 1956, 752 pages. Volume three in the Century war series reprinted edition. Fully illustrated. Traces the impending demise of the Confederacy after Gettysburg…..$15

500) The Way to Appomattox, vol. IV, 1956, 835 pages. Volume four in the Century War series reprinted edition. Fully illustrated. Details of the last days of the Confederacy…..$15

502) Unto This Hour, by Thomas Wicker, 1984, 642 pages. A historical novel set during the days of the Second Battle of Manassas. The author deftly weaves the characters from history around his fictional creation, lending an air of the genuine and realistic to his work…..$20

503) The Long Surrender, by Burke Davis, 1985, 319 pages. A thrilling account of the flight of Jefferson Davis and his cabinet from Richmond at the close of the war. Details his capture and treatment by the Federal army……$35

504) Jim Mundy, by Robert H. Fowler, 1977, 470 pages. A novel of the Civil War by the publisher of Civil War Times Illustrated…..$20

505) Chancellorsville, Edward J. Stackpole, 1958, 384 pages. An in depth analysis, filled with illustrations and maps, of Lee’s greatest battle as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia…..$25

506) Matthew Brady’s Illustrated History of the Civil War, by Benson J. Lossing, 1996, 512 pages. More than 700 black and white photographs and 16 color paintings. Reprint of the 1911 edition…..$45

507) General McClellan’s Report on the Organization and Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac, by George Brinton McClellan, 1864, 480 pages. Includes fold out map of Antietam battlefield and casualty reports for said battle. Also has maps for Peninsula campaign and siege of Yorktown…..$65

509) A Pictorial History of the Civil War Years, by Paul M. Angle, 1967, 242 pages. Elementary history of the War Between the States. Illustrated with many period photographs as well as numerous wood-cut engravings…..$10

514) Is Davis A Traitor?, by Albert Taylor Bledsoe, Richmond, VA, 1907, 263 pages. Explores the issue of secession as a constitutional right or treason. Presented at 1907 Confederate reunion in Richmond, Virginia…..$75

515) The Burning of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania,, by Rev. B. S. Schneck, Philadelphia, PA, 1865. Eyewitness account of the burning of Chambersburg by Confederate forces in July 1864…..$125

516) The Life of General Grant, by J.T. Headley, New York, 1868, 458 pages. Contemporary biography of the General in Chief. Steel plate engravings of uniformed Grant (in frontispiece) and Grant’s army marching into Richmond…..$45

518) North American Currency, by Grover C. Criswell, 1965, 909 pages. The pinnacle pricing guide to Confederate and obsolete bank notes…..$150

519) North American Currency, by Grover C. Criswell, 1969, 939 pages, 2nd edition. Same as above but newer and expanded…..$150

520) Criswell’s Confederate and Southern State Currency, Vol. I, 1957, 277 pages. Illustrated work on currency that no library, college, school, historical society or collector can afford to be without. Includes 1957 price list and supplement……$45

522) The Early Paper Money of America, by Eric P. Newman, 1976, 416 pages. An extensively illustrated compilation of historic and numismatic data on the paper money issued from 1686 to 1800 in what now is the United States of America…..$75

523) Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of General Andrew Jackson. Orations on the donation of the sword of general Andrew Jackson to the United States Congress upon his death in 1855…..$75

524) Southern Literature from 1579-1895, by Louise Manly, 1895, Richmond, VA. A compendium of the history and literary heritage of the South, including biographical sketches, speeches and criticisms. Several mentions of Florida, Osceola and Seminole Indians…..$95

526) Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Joseph H. Barrett, 1865, 845 pages. Contemporary biography of Lincoln. Steel plate portrait engraving in frontispiece…..$75

527) Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, by Henry J. Raymond, 1865, Washington, DC., 810 identified pages. Several engravings of the President and scenes from his life. State papers integrated into the text of the work…..$75

530) George Washington, by Thora Thorsmark, 1932, 293 pages. Bicentennial biography of the 1st president of the United States…..$15

531) Jefferson Davis, by Armistead C. Gordon, 1918, 329 pages. Biography of the Southern aristocrat and Confederate President…..$40

535) George Washington, by Joseph Dillaway Sawyer, 1927, 640 pages, Vol. I. Typical biography of the First President, with an interesting section on Washington’s family history…..$35

540) The American Race Problem, by Edward Byron Reuter, NY, 1927, 449 pages. An early history and survey of the segregation issue and race relations in America…..$65

541) Negro Child Welfare in North Carolina, by Wiley Britton Sanders, Chapel Hill, NC, 1933, 326 pages. Sociological report of conditions of living for negro children in early 20th century North Carolina……$65

542) Go South Young Man, Where God Still Lives, by W. B. Schafer, Jr., Norfolk, VA, 208 pages. regional history and futuristic forecast done in 1965. Reprint edition done in 1969…..$45

543) Negro Child Welfare in North Carolina. Same as above, except in paperback edition…..$50

545) The Civil War Dictionary, by Mark M. Boatner III, NY, 1959, 974 pages. Comprehensive reference work on the war that covers officers, battles, ordnance and many other aspects of the Rebellion. A highly recommended reference work…..$45

547) Befo’ de War: Echoes in Negro Dialect, by A.C. Gordon and Thomas Nelson Page, NY, 1888, 131 pages. Verse reminiscences of an old negro of life before the war came…..$100

553) Inside:A Chronicle of Secession, by George F. Harrington, 1866, New York, 223 pages. Illustrations by Thomas Nast. A novel set during the South during the secession crisis…..$150

554) The Lure of Antique Arms, by Merrill Lindsay, 1976, New York, 146 pages. A beginning guide for antique arms collectors. Contains useful on identifying guns, reproductions, and many more topics. A must read for the new collector…..$20

557) Gideon Welles: Lincoln’s Navy Department, by Richard S. West, Jr., Bobbs Merrill Co., 379 pages. Superbly written and illustrated biography of Lincoln’s Secretary of the Navy…..$20

558) Confederate and Southern State Currency, by William W. Bradbeer, Omaha, NE, 1915, 277 pages. Includes historical and financial data on individual notes, biographical sketches of leaders and descriptions of notes with illustrations……$50

559) The Great Iron Trail: The Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad, by Robert West Howard, New York, 1962, 376 pages. One-volume recounting of the efforts of the many who labored to complete the nation’s first transcontinental railroad…..$10

561) Lincoln Conspiracy and the Conspirators, by Samuel Bland Arnold, 1902. Scrapbook of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, as collected from newspapers 1909-1919. Content bears directly on the assassination. Articles pasted onto the pages of a 1880 hardback House of Representatives imprint…..$125

564) Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Prisons, by John McElroy, Washington, DC, 1879, 654 pages. A tale of one Union officer’s experience in the military prison system of the Confederacy……..$100

566) Steam Passenger Service Directory. National directory of steam and electric passenger trains, as well as railroad museums…..$5

586) The Traitor, by Thomas Dixon, 1907, New York, Doubleday, Page and Co., 331 pages. First edition……$55

587) The Last Days of Lee and His Paladins, by John Esten Cooke, New York, F. J. Huntington and Co., 1869, 509 pages. Memoir of a staff officer in the ANV recounting the last year of Lee’s army. Steel plate engraving of Lee in frontispiece…………………..$150

589) Southern Generals, Their Lives and Campaigns, by William Parker Snow, 1866, 500 pages. First edition rebound in modern cover. Many steel plate engravings of Confederate generals………..$275

590) Capturing a Locomotive: A History of Secret Service in the Late War, by Reverend William Pittenger, Washington, D.C., 1881, 352 pages. A history of the Union expedition to capture the locomotive The General…..$95

591) The Memorial Volume of Jefferson Davis, by J. Wm. Jones, D.D., Richmond, VA, 1890,670 pages. Early biography of the Confederate president with steel plate engraving of Davis in frontispiece….$95

592) Pictorial History of the War for the Union, by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, 1866, New York, 496 pages. 2 volume set. An early history of the Rebellion written by a woman, an oddity for the time. Many illustrations. Reference to Ft. Clinch and Fernandina………….$95

593) The Rebellion in the United States, or the War of 1861, compiled by Mrs. J. Blakeslee Frost, Hartford, CT, 1862, 192 pages. Preliminary history of the Rebellion taken from public and government documents…..$95

594) Acts of the State of Tennessee 1865. Laws and resolutions of the Thirty-Fourth General Assembly of the Tennessee state legislature. Includes text of the appointment of Andrew Johnson as Military Governor of Tennessee…..$125

598) Reports of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, 1865, GPO, Washington, DC, 791 pages. Reports of Congressional proceedings on the reconstruction of the conquered South. Includes testimony given by many former Confederate leaders, including Gen. R. E. Lee and Alexander Stephens…..$150

599) Looks Like A Landslide, by Gerald Gardner. A piece of campaign literature for Lyndon Baines Johnson’s 1964 election campaign, with ancillary references to other events related to the Democratic Party in the 1960s…..$15

601) I Remember, by Joe Clark HBSS, Tennessee Squire Association, 1969. More illustrations of life by Joe Clark…..$15

605) All Times, All Peoples: A World History of Slavery, by Milton Meltzer, 1980, 65 pages. Young reader’s survey of the history of the practice of human bondage…..$15

606) Born of the Sun, 1975, 192 pages. The Official Florida Bicentennial Commemorative Book…..$15

607) Grant Takes Command, by Bruce Catton, 1968, Little, Brown and Co., New York, 550 pages. Final volume of the three-volume set started by historian Ned Lloyd…..$15

608) Life of General R. E. Lee, by John E. Cooke, 1871. Contemporary biography of the beloved general,published the year after Lee’s death in 1870. Numerous steel plate engravings including two of Lee in front of book…..$275

610) The Secret Service of the Confederate States, by James Bulloch, 1883, vol. 2 of 2. The tale of how Confederate cruisers were equipped…..$125

611) The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston, 1911, 683 pages. A story of the Civil War as written by the daughter of Joseph E. Johnston…..$40

612) The Southerner, by Thomas Dixon, 1913, 542 pages. A novel of the Civil War by the author of The Clansman…..$45

613) Henry Clay, by Carl Schurz, 1899, 2 vols. A biography of Clay written by immigrant politician and former Union general Carl Schurz…..$95

614) Confederate Faces, by William A. Albaugh III, 1970. Photographic compendium of CS soldiers…………………………………..$55

615) More Confederate Faces, by William A. Albaugh III, 1970. The continuation of the aforesaid work…………………………..$55

616) Confederate Handguns, by William A. Albaugh III, et al. The ultimate reference book on Confederate sidearms…..$50

617) Confederate Longarms and Pistols, by R. T. Hill and W. E. Anthony, 304 pages. Leather bound. An excellent reference book on Confederate ordnance…..$75

618) The Confederate States of America, by E. Merton Coulter, vol. 7 of 10. This volume covers the Civil War years…………………..$65

619) Space and Time Perspective in Northern St. Johns Archaeology, Florida by John M. Goggin. Textbook on Florida archaeology……$20

620) Rose Cottage Chronicles: The Civil War Letters of the Bryant-Stephens Families of North Florida. Correspondence regarding N. Florida during the War Between the States………………………….$30

621) Al Burt’s Florida, by Al Burt, 1997, 180 pages. Vignettes and essays regarding life across the Sunshine State…..$25

622) View of Slavery, by John Henry Hopkins, 1864, 376 pages. Northern antislavery tract outlining the history of antislavery ideals and the beliefs in the inherent sinfulness of slavery………….$125

623) The South Illustrated, by J. T. Trowbridge, 1866, 590. A postwar account of one man’s travels through the South and visitations to major battlefields of the Civil War. Includes observations on political and social customs and attitudes, and commentaries on the free labor system and the nature of the freedmen…..$150

625) Abe Lincoln’s Yarns and Stories, by Alexander K. McClure, 1901,512 pages. Collection of anecdotes used by the Late President to tell of his life in the White house and before. Numerous illustrations of prominent Civil War notables…..$35

626) History of the Great Rebellion, by Thomas Kettell, 1863-1866, 3 vol. set, 1206 pages. Contemporary history of the war by the editor and proprietor of the century magazine. Numerous engravings of military and political leaders with many maps and illustrations as well. Hand colored lithograph in frontispiece of volume I and woodcut engraving in frontispiece of volume II…..$225

627) Beyond the Lines; or, A Yankee Prisoner Loose in Dixie, by Captain J. J. Greer, 1863, 285 pages. Tale of the exploits of an escaped Federal prisoner of war in the South…..$75

628) Messages and Documents of the Forty-First Congress, 2nd Session, 1870, 799 pages. Contains the 1870 message to Congress from the President and reports from the heads of the various government departments. Abridgment…..$35

629) Men of Our Times,; or, Leading Patriots of the Day, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1868, 575 pages. Collection of biographical sketches and personal narratives of many leading Northern notables. Contains 18 steel engraving portraits. Steel plate engraving of author in frontispiece. First edition…..$250

630) Life and Death in Rebel Prisons, by Robert H. Kellogg, 1866, 424 pages. Account of experiences in the Confederate prison camps at Andersonville, GA, and Florence, SC, written by a Union prisoner. Taken from the journal and reminiscences of the author. Numerous illustrations and wood cut engravings. Includes woodcut of the Execution of Capt. Wirz…..$175

631) Harper’s Magazine, 1856, 864 pages. Bound edition of all Harper’s issues for the year 1856. Profusely illustrated. Includes serialization of the Charles Dickens book Little Dorritt……….$35

632) The Portfolio, 1815, 590 pages. Bound collection of essays and biographical sketches, including a sketch of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall. Many illustrations…..$50

633) Women of the War, by Frank Moore, 1866, 596 pages. Collections of stories on the exploits of the role of women in the Great War. Several steel plate engravings of the women being reported upon. Includes a chapter on women as soldiers and the special sacrifices of women during the war…..$250

636) History of Peoria County, Illinois, 1880, 851 pages. general history of Peoria County as well as early history of the State of Illinois. Numerous illustrations. Contains organizational rosters on Mexican War units and Civil War units from the county. A wonderful reference for genealogy…..$50

637) The Story of the American War, by H. Stake, 1866, 252 pages. Brief contemporary history of the war. Includes fold-out map of the major battlefields. Makes reference to battle of Olustee…..$95

638) Abraham Lincoln, by Lord Charnwood, 1917, 482 pages. A biography of the American President told from the English perspective…….$10

639) Sojo, The Story of Little Lazy-Bones, 1934. Early children’s book that characterizes blacks as lazy…..$45

640) Little ABC Book, Printed on Linen. Booklet of letters and images designed to help kids learn their letters……$35

641) The Emergence of Lincoln, by Allen Nevins, 1950, 2 vol. boxed set. A classic work on the evolution of Lincoln’s rise to political power…..$25

642) History of the United States, by Watson and Patton, 1882, 1092 pages. A profusely illustrated history of our nation until the end of Andrew Johnson’s administration. Also includes appendices of all pertinent national documents up until that time…..$125

643) The American Heritage Book of the Revolution, 1958, 384 pages. Overview of the American struggle for independence, Narrative by noted historian Bruce Lancaster…..$20

644) Matthew Brady Historian with a Camera, by James D. Horan, 1955, 242 pages. Overview of Brady’s involvement in portraying the war. Also included is a chapter on the history of 19th century photography. many Brady photographs…..$45

645) Robert E. Lee, by Phillip Alexander Bruce, 1907, 380 pages. Early biography of the beloved general…..$25

646) Lee the American, by Gamaliel Bradford, 1927,324 pages. Revised edition. Portrays Lee as a man of deep spirit……$20

647) Thrilling War Incidents, 1851, 602 pages. A collection of tales and incidents from all of America’s major conflicts until the date of publication in 1851…..$75

650) Richmond During the War, by Mrs. Sally Putnam, 1867, 389 pages. Repaired first edition. Observations of the war from the perspective of a Richmond socialite…..$95

651) Obituary addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon. Henry Clay, 1852, 135 pages. Eulogies and orations given at the funeral of the great statesman…..$95

652) The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, Ancient and Modern, by W.O. Blake, 1860, 866 pages. History of slavery from ancient times to antebellum America. Comprehensive overview. Also includes sections on the Harper’s Ferry raid of 1857 and the Dred Scott decision…..$350

653) Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 10 volumes, 8145 pages, 1894-1912. Comprehensive compilation of presidential documents covering from the Declaration of Independence to the Panama Canal Act…..$350

654) The Civil War, by Bruce Catton, 1980, 341 pages. A brief one-volume history of the Civil War. Addresses causes of the war, the major generals and political figures, and other areas…..$10

655) The Laws of the United States in Three Volumes, 1796, 575 pages, vol. 2 of 3. Original publication of laws passed during the First and Second Congresses of the United States. Includes complete text of Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the famous Northwest Ordinance of 1787…..$200

656) A Fool’s Errand, by One of the Fools, 1879, 361 pages. A novel about the postwar South. Much negro and KKK content…………..$50

658) Appleton’s Medical Library: The Diseases of the Nervous System, by William A. Hammond MD, 1893, 932 pages. Treatise on diseases of nervous system with numerous illustrations, including the symptoms of encephalitis and other diseases…..$125

659) Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War, 837 pages. Reprint edition. Numerous maps and engravings of people and places. Also included is a brief account of the Olustee campaign…..$35

660) Shelby and His Men, by John N. Edwards, 1867, 551 pages. History of General Joseph Shelby and his Missouri Cavalry Division………$200

661) The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It, by Hinton Rowan Helper, 1860, 420 pages. First edition of the work that helped bring about the War Between the States……$150

662) The Life of General Ulysses S. Grant, by John S.C. Abbott, 1868, 309 pages. Early biography of the Yankee conqueror…..$75

663) The Wild West, 1993, 367 pages. Text companion to the PBS TV series. Includes a foreword by Dee Brown…..$20

664) The Old West Quiz and Fact Book, by Rod Gragg, 1986, 230 pages. Question and Answer book of Old West trivia…..$15

665) Until the End, by Harold Coyle, 1996, 462 pages. A novel of the Civil War by the author of Look Away…..$15

666) The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War, by Thomas P. Lowry, MD. Excellent history of one of the more lurid aspects of military life. Very informative…..$15

667) Saddle Soldiers: The Civil War Correspondence of General William Stokes of the 4th South Carolina Cavalry, by Lloyd Halliburton, 1993, 265 pages. Correspondence covering the regiment’s service in the ANV…..$15

668) My Dear Mother and Sisters: Civil War Letters of Capt. A B. Mulligan, Co. B. 5th South Carolina Cavalry — Butler’s Division — Hampton’s Corps 1861-1865, edited by Olin Fulmer Hutchinson, Jr., 1992, 201 pages. Personal correspondence of an officer of Hampton’s cavalry Corps under Lee…..$15

669) A Lieutenant of Cavalry in Lee’s Army, by G.W. Beale,1994, 248 pages. Memoirs of a CS cavalry officer of the 9th Virginia Cavalry…..$25

670) Berry Benson’s Civil War Book: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter, edited by Susan Williams Benson, 1991, 203 pages. A remarkable narrative of one man’s wartime service…..$15

671) Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, 1995, 191 pages. Illustrated edition of the general’s last great labour…..$15

672) Encyclopedia of the Civil War, edited by John S. Bowman, 1992, 179 pages. Alphabetical reference to the Civil War. A necessity for any library…..$35

673) The Faded banners: Memorable Writings of the Civil War, edited by Eric Solomon, 1960, 335 pages. Selected writings of people who saw and participated in the great conflagration of the Civil war……$15

674) Fields of Glory: A History and Tour Guide of the Atlanta Campaign, by Jim Miles, 1989, 190 pages. This title explains itself……$10

676) Slavery in the United States; A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Charles Ball, A Black Man, 1837, 517 pages. A narrative of the life of an antebellum slave who served in various states under different masters, and twice escaped from the plantation. Much black content and unique perspective upon fugitive slave mentality…..$195

677) The Southern Rebellion: Being a History of the United States from the Commencement of President Buchanan’s Administration Through the War for the Suppression of the Rebellion, by W. A. Crafts, 1865. Omnibus work on the war. Contains 46 steel plate engravings of major leaders of the conflict, plus maps of the battles and military campaigns. Also includes a brief account of the battle of Olustee…..$275

678) The First Ladies, by Sol Barzman, 1970, 370 pages. Biographical sketches of all the First Ladies from Martha Washington to Pat Nixon…..$12

679) The Life and Public Services of Henry Clay, Down to 1848, by Epes Sargent, 1852, 492 pages. A collection of authentic materials relating to the life and career of the great American statesman. Includes a poetic tribute to Clay by the noted poet John Greenleaf Whittier…..$125

680) The Life of General William Tecumseh Sherman, by W. Fletcher Johnson, 1891, 607 pages. Account of the life of the notorious Union leader. Numerous maps and illustrations. Steel plate of an older Sherman in frontispiece…..$45

682) The President’s Wife: Mary Todd Lincoln, by Ishbel Ross, 1973, 378 pages. An in-depth portrait of the tragic figure who lost her husband and three of four sons…..$12

684) The Lives of Winfield Scott and Andrew Jackson, by J. T. Headley, 1852, 341 pages. Contemporary biographies of the two greatest American heroes of the day…..$75

685) History of the Civil War in the United States, 1865, 1021 pages. Early comprehensive history of the War of Southern Independence. Numerous engravings of the leaders of both sides…..$175

687) American Civil War Zouaves, by Robin Smith and Bill Younghusband, edited by Lee Johnston, 1996, 63 pages. Complete reference upon Civil War Zouave regiments. Includes many color plates of soldiers in uniforms. Also some content and references to vivandieres…..$20

688) John Marshall, by Allan B. Magruder, 1882, 290 pages. Part of the American Statesmen. Early biography of the Fist Supreme Court Chief Justice…..$25

689) John C. Calhoun, by Dr. H. von Holst, 1882, 356 pages. Part of the America Statesmen series. Biography of the great Southern orator and patriot…..$25

690) The Robert E. Lee Reader, edited by Stanley Horn, 1949, 542 pages. An extended biographical sketch based upon the writings and correspondences of the beloved Southern general…..$30

692) The Story of the Confederacy, by Robert Selph Henry, 1931, 514 pages. First edition. Comprehensive history of the Confederate nation. Covers political and military aspects and strategies of the Confederacy’s struggle for freedom…..$40

693) Memoirs of Robert E. Lee, by A.L. Long, 1887, 707 pages. An early biography of General Lee. First edition. Written by a former aide of General Lee. Includes some personal experiences relating to the Gray Fox. Also includes orders of battle of the Army of Northern Virginia dated 30 November 30,1864…..$250

694) India-Rubber and Gutta-Percha in the Civil War Era: An Illustrated History of Rubber and Pre-plastic Antiques and Militaria, by Mike Woshner, 1999, 320 pages. Outlines the birth of an industry and its evolution. Also has many illustration examples of various civilian and military products of the Civil War era…..$50

695) Civil War Pistols of the Union, by John D. McAuley, 1992, 166 pages. Comprehensive overview of the various types of pistols used by the Federal army. Also gives dates of contracts, quantities ordered and companies ordered from, and dates of delivery to the Federal government. Also are various units listed that were armed with different types of revolvers and how many were in possession by the troops at times reported……$45

696) Uniformed Buttons of the United States, 1776-1865, by Warren K. Tice, 1997, 520 pages. Comprehensive military button reference from the War for American Independence to the War for Southern Independence. Breaks down US military buttons by branch of service and state military buttons by state of issue. A must have for the library of anyone who collects military buttons…..$65

697) My Bookhouse: Up One Pair of Stairs, author unknown, 446 pages. A compilation of children’s stories from early 20th century. Contains child’s story “Lil’ Hannibal”…..$20

698) Jefferson Davis, Ex-President of the Confederate States of America: A memoir by His Wife, by Varina Davis, 1890, 925 pages. Volume 2 of 2. Covers from Secession to his death…..$150

700) Acts of Assembly, 1871-1872. Bound volume of Virginia statutes dating from the era of Reconstruction…..$85

701) Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, on Impeachment, by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Volumes 3 of 3. Published by Order of the Senate, 1868. Third volume of the Text of the first impeachment trial in US history. An unusual item for any library…..$150

702) Southern Poems of the War, by Emily V. Mason, 1867, 456 pages. A small compendium of the poems and songs read and sung by Southern soldiers who fought the war for southern freedom…..$250

705) The Story of Liberty, by Charles C. Coffin, 1878, 415 pages. A brief history of the cause of freedom in England…..$50

706) Laws of United States, 24th Congress, 1836, 165 pages. Laws passed under Andrew Jackson’s presidential administration. Mentions appropriations by Congress for suppressing the Seminole rebellion in Florida…..$125

707) Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina at its Second Extra Session, 1861, 268 pages. Many references to votes on bills pertaining to equipping and arming and organizing North Carolina regiments…..$175

709) Paul and Virginia, by Bernardin de Saint Pierre, 1808, 160 pages. A small romance novel whose characters and slaves live on a small island in the Isle of France…..$45

710) Secret Proceedings and debates of the Convention Assembled at Philadelphia, in the Year 1787, for the Purpose of Forming the Constitution of the United States of America, 1821, 308 pages. A transcript of the Great Convention based upon the notes of Robert Yates, a New York delegate and state Supreme Court Justice…..$150

711) Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Volume VI 1861-1869, by James D. Richardson, 1900, 758 pages. Contains the papers of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson…..$75

712) Complete Arithmetic, by George Wentworth and David Eugene Smith, 1909, 478 pages. This is an elementary level math book characteristic of those used in the early 20th century…..$12

713) Songs of the Soldiers, 1864, 320 pages. A compilation of the songs sung in the Union camps during the American Civil War. Includes text for such songs as Dixie and Battle Cry of Freedom…..$250

715) The Laws of the United States, 1796, Volume 2 of 3, 573 pages. A bound volume containing the laws and articles approved at the First Session of the 2nd Congress of the United States, under the Administration of George Washington. Also contains text of Declaration of Independence and Constitution…..$200

716) Ryan’s Poems, by Father Abram J. Ryan, 1885, 348 pages. A compendium of of pro-Confederate poetry by the poet who penned “The Conquered Banner”. Steel plate engraving of author in frontispiece…..$200

717) The Lincoln Papers, by David C. Mearns, 1948, 681 pages. Excerpts of Lincoln’s papers from December 1860 until July 4, 1861. Volume II in the series……$15

718) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, 1931. 252 pages. A young reader’s edition of the literary classic…………$15

719) As They Saw Forrest, ed by Robert Selph Henry, 1987, 306 pages. An account of Forrest as seen through the writings of his men. Reprint edition of the 1956 original work by Henry………$45

720) Lee of Virginia, by William E. Brooks, 1932, 359 pages. 1st edition. One volume biography of Lee that reveals the human side of Lee…..$45

721) The Americans: A Social History of the United States, 1587-1914, by J.C. Furnas, 1969, 1015 pages. An early attempt at a comprehensive social history of the United States up to 1914. Examines American ideals and cultural traits…..$15

723) Warfare: A Chronological History, edited by Robin Cross, 1991, 256 pages. A generalized history of human warfare, including a section on the gunpowder revolution…..$15

724) The Civil War Dictionary, by Mark Mayo Boatner, 1959, 971 pages. Extensive reference book on the Civil War. Extensive biographical listings of Union and Confederate officers. Also includes a section on maps of the various theaters of operations…..$25

725) Richmond, by Virginius Dabney, 1976, 412 pages. A one-volume history of the capital city of the Virginia Commonwealth………$20

726) A Civil War Treasury, edited by B.A. Botkin, 1960, 625 pages. A collection of tales and anecdotes from our nation’s greatest trial…..$20

727) The Civil War Years: A Day by Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation, by Robert E. Denney, 1992,606 pages. A daily reference book on the happenings of the Civil War. Provides an excellent overview of the happenings of that apocryphal era…..$25

729) Armies of World War 3, by Charles Messenger, 1984, 192 pages. It outlines the history of the formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, as well as showing and explaining the weapons and tactics of the NATO and Communist armies…..$15

730) The World of Guns, by Richard Akehurst, 1972, 127 pages. A history of guns, covering from the invention of gunpowder to the military weapons of today…..$15

731) Illustrated School History of the United States, 1864, 460 pages. School history text covering founding of the colonies to the election of John Buchanan…..$75

733) US Infantry and Rifle Tactics, 1861, 444 pages. War era infantry tactics manual that would have been used to train officers and men in the maneuvers characteristic to Northern and Southern armies…..$150

734) The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West, by William H. Leckie, 1967. An early narrative of the negro soldiers who helped secure the great frontiers of the Old West. Signed by the author…..$95

735) A Record of Events in Norfolk County, Virginia, from April 19th 1861, to May 10th, 1862, with a History of the Soldiers and Sailors of Norfolk County, Norfolk City and Portsmouth Who Served in the Confederate States Army or Navy, 1892, 366 pages.First edition, upper spine frayed and chipped, signed presentation copy from author to “Commodore Marshall Parkes”…..$350

737) Richmond: The Story of a City, by Virginius Dabney, 1976, 412 pages. History of the Virginia capital from the colonial era through the Civil War, Reconstruction, WWI, the Great Depression up to the modern times (1970s)…..$20

738) Army Life in a Black Regiment, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 233 pages. Reprint edition. Protected by a dust-free mylar jacket. The chronicle of the campaigns and engagements of a black regiment in the north Florida and southeast Georgia regions…..$55

739) Born Again: What Really Happened to the White House Hatchet Man, by Chales W. Colson, 1976, 351 pages. Chronicle of the Nixon Administration by one of the five men closest to the great President…..$10

740) Partisan Life with Col. John S. Mosby, by Major John Scott. 1867. 492 pages. 2 frontispiece engravings of Mosby, 1 folding map, 41 drawings, portraits and scenes, some full page. First edition, some foxing and soil, map wrinkled, hinges taped, library bookplate, cover worn, could be restored. Protected by a clear dust-free mylar jacket…..$250

741) American Statesmen: Life of Henry Clay, by Carl Schurz, 1887, 2 vols. Early biography of clay written by a former Union general…..$45

742) The Negro in the Civil War, by Benjamin Quarles, 1953, 379 pages. First edition of the classic work on the role of african Americans in the War Between the States…..$75

743) A Photographic Supplement of Confederate Swords, by William A. Albaugh III, 1993, 205 pages. Reprint edition of the superb 1963 book of Confederate edged weapons. Very informative of different manufacturers and numerous illustrations of swords and knives…….$45

744) The Golden Book of the Civil War, by Charles Flato, 1961, 216 pages. A young reader’s history of the War Between the States. Adapted from Bruce Catton’s American heritage History of the Civil War. With an introduction by Bruce Catton…..$10

745) Writings of George Washington, edited by Jared Sparks, 1848, a set of 12 volumes. Antebellum collection of the writings, papers, and correspondence of the First President. Steel plate engravings interspersed throughout the set…..$225

746) Messages of General Andrew Jackson, 1837, 425 pages. Text of Old Hickory’s Official Messages as President, including Bank of America Message and Nullification Message. Rare. Steel plate engraving of Jackson in frontispiece…..$95

747) Life of Jackson, by Philo A. Goodwin, Esquire, 1858, 456 pages. Early biography of Jackson with engraving in frontispiece……….$95

748) Addresses on the Presentation of the Sword of Gen Andrew Jackson, 1855, 40 pages. One of 20,000 copies of the speech which given by Lewis Cass of Michigan when the sword of Gen Andrew Jackson was presented to Congress…..$75

749) Memorial Addresses, Life and Character of Andrew Johnson, 1876, 106 pages. Memorial speeches given in Congress after the passing of Andrew Johnson, a former President and US Senator from Tennessee…$125

750) Governor Tazewell’s Review of President Jackson’s Proclamation. 1832. The Governor of Virginia responds to President Andrew Jackson’s proclamation of 10 December 1832…..$75

751) Report on the Alleged Outrages in the Southern States, by the Select Committee of the Senate. March 10, 1871. Washington, DC: GPO. Printed proceedings of the hearings and inquiries into supposed atrocities committed by the Ku Klux Klan and a group known as the “White Brotherhood”…..$195

753) Dred: A tale of the Dismal Swamp, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1856, in 2 vols. A second work by the author of Uncle Tom’s cabin to inflame the antislavery movement in America. The prequel to Uncle Tom’s cabin. The work delves into the details of plantation living…..$395

755) The Hidden Civil War: The Story of the Copperheads, by Wood Gray, 1942, 314 pages. A wartime chronology of the persons who opposed the war and worked toward a peaceful separation with the South……$55

756) The Far Side of Home, by Maggie Davis, 1963, 314 pages. A novel of the Battle of Jonesboro, GA…..$20

757) The Vacant Chair: The Northern Soldier Leaves Home, by Reid Mitchell, 1993, 201 pages. An examination of the reasons many Americans went to war, how it affected their attitudes and how it contributed to a Yankee victory in the end…..$15

758) The Shipwreck of Their Hopes: The Battles for Chattanooga, by Peter Cozzens, 1994, 515 pages. Cozzens chronicles the campaign for Chattanooga from Chickamauga to Lookout Mountain, and examines the outcome of the campaign on the rest of the war…..$22

759) The New York City Draft Riots, by Iver Bernstein, 1990, 363 pages. This book examines the cause, the events and the changes that resulted from the 1863 New York City riots…..$20

760) The Wild Life of the Army: The Civil War Letters of James A. Garfield, edited by Frederick D. Williams, 1964, 325 pages. A selection of the wartime letters of one of the many generals to become a President of the United States…..$30

761) The Orphan Brigade: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn’t Go Home by William C. Davis, 1980, 318 pages. The tale of the 5 Kentucky regiments who became alienated from their homeland because of service to the Confederacy…..$25

762) Through Blood and Fire: Selected Civil War Papers of Major General Joshua L. Chamberlain, edited by Mark Nesbitt, 1996, 223 pages. A thorough selection of the wartime documents of the respected Maine officer…..$20

763) General Robert F. Hoke: Lee’s Modest Warrior. A biography of the Southern general who gave Grant “the worst drubbing I ever got” (Grant’s words) at the Battle of Cold Harbor. A son of North Carolina, Hoke was the youngest Southern officer to attain the rank of Major General…..$30

765) Cushing of Gettysburg: The Story of a Union Artillery Commander, by Kent Masterson Brown, 1993, 330 pages. A tracing of the career of the young federal artillery officer up to his death at Gettysburg, only feet from where Confederate Lew Armistead lay dying…………..$37

767) City Sherman: A Life of William Tecumseh Sherman, by Michael Fellman, 1995, 486 pages. A biography of the temperamental Federal officer who laid waste to the Heart of the Confederacy and set the policy of subjugating the Western Indian tribes…..$33

768) The Hidden Lincoln, From the Letters and Papers of William H. Herndon, 1938, 461 pages. A biography of Lincoln taken from the letters and documents of his former legal partner…..$25

770) Matthew Brady’s Illustrated History of the Civil War, edited by Benjamin, 502 pages. A one-volume compendium of the war with pictures by noted cameraman Matthew Brady…..$25

771) Our Glorious century, by Reader’s Digest, 512 pages. A popular chronology of the 20th century…..$25

772) The March to the Sea and Beyond: Sherman’s Troops in the Savannah and Carolinas Campaigns, 1985, 318 pages. Describes the behaviors of Sherman’s army as they laid waste to the Southern heartland…..$35

773) Eisenhower At War, 1943-1945, by David Eisenhower, 1986, 976 pages. A biography of the general’s war years as written by his son, David Eisenhower. Also autographed by the author……………..$45

774) Sherman’s March, by Burke Davis, 1980, 335 pages. An account of Sherman’s devastating march through the South………………$25

776) The Civil War, by Bruce Catton, 1960, 382 pages. Small bound edition of his classic American Heritage History of the Civil War, but with fewer pictures………………………………………..$15

777) The 60s Reader, by James Haskins and Kathleen Benson, 1988, 244 pages. A selection of writings on various subjects from that turbulent decade called the 1960s……………………………$10

778) The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War, by Bruce Catton, 1960, 630 pages. An early photographic and illustrated history of the epochal conflict in our history. A very readable book…..$20

779) Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, edited by Charles Reagan Wilson and William Ferris, 1989. A single comprehensive compendium encompassing different facets of the Southern Way of Life………$20

781) American Historical Images on File: The Civil War, 1989. Binder full of material on the Civil War. Various subjects. Organized by year. Great reference material…………………$50

782) American Historical Images on File: Colonial and Revolutionary America, 1989. Binder of educational material pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary America. Great reference material………………$50

783) America in the 20th Century, 10 vols. Multi-volume set encompassing the history of our nation in the 1900s. Each volume covers one decade. Also has an index volume…..$100

784) 20th Century America, 10 volumes. Multi-volume set of American history from 1901 to 2000…..$100

785) The American Civil War: A Multicultural Encyclopedia, 1994. A decidedly pro-Northern set of reference books aimed at young readers. Organized alphabetically…..$50

786) Florida Facts: A Comprehensive Look at Florida Today County by County, 327 pages. Comprehensive overview of the state of Florida as of 1987. Included are examinations of topography, economy and Florida state government. Also included is population data and a listing of Florida ZIP codes…..$20

787) Florida Almanac, 1990-1991, 1990, 410 pages. Reference source for information on the Sunshine State and its many different locales……$5

788) The Encyclopedia of Florida, 2nd edition, 1997, 2 volumes. Two-volume set of information on Florida, encompassing the geography, politics, government and history, among other aspects of Florida living…..$60

789) Acts of the Anti-Slavery Apostles, by Parker Pillsbury, 1883, 503 pages. A compendium of biographical sketches of noted antislavery abolitionists, and anecdotes of antislavery organizational gatherings…..$150

790) Report of the Select Committee of the Senate on the late Invasion and Seizure of Public Property at Harper’s Ferry, VA, 1860, 255 pages. The report of the congressional committee charged with investigating the raid of Harper’s Ferry by John Brown…..$475

791) Photographic Report:Robert F, Kennedy, Victim of Violence, 1968, 60 pages. A short photographic essay of the life of RFK, from childhood to his assassination. Included is a map of the route taken by RFK in 1968 from the stage to the point where he fell, marked by an “X”…..$25

792) Four Days: The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy, 1964, 143 pages. A work compiled by UPI and American Heritage magazine on the four days after the assassination of JFK. Many famous illustrations shown in this volume…..$15

793) Florida County Atlas and Municipal Fact Book, 1988, 145 pages. reference material containing geographical, climatological, political and demographic data on all the counties in Florida up to 1988……$10

794 ) Florida Black Heritage Trail, 32 pages. A guide to Black Heritage in Florida. Included are brief accounts of places such as Fort Mose and Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. Also included are biographical sketches of black leaders such as Harry Tyson Moore, Mary McLeod Bethune (of Bethune-Cookman College) and USAF General Daniel “Chappie” James…..$10

795) Meet General Grant, by W.E. Williams, 1928, 512 pages. A wartime biography of the Union Major General…..$25

797) Surry of Eagle’s Nest, by John Esten Cooke, 1894, 484 pages. A historical novel written by a former Confederate Staff Officer. From the author of Mohun…..$65

799) Lincoln Day by Day: A Chronology 1809-1865, by C. Percy Powell, 1960. Volume 3 of 3 1861-1865. A daily recounting of President Abraham Lincoln’s wartime administration…..$25

800) Report of Major General John Pope, by John Pope, 1863, 256 pages. Congressionally ordered printing of the report of Maj. Gen. John Pope’s operations in Virginia Theater of Operations. Also included is a map of operations…..$275

801) The Blue and the Gray, by Henry S. Commager, 1201 pages. A classic of Civil War literature. A very readable and informative book on the myriad aspects of Civil War America…..$35

802) The Union Cavalry in the Civil War, by Stephen Z. Starr, 1979, 3 volume set. A trilogy that traces the evolution of the Federal Cavalry branch of Army service from inept to horseman to feared raiders of the Confederate heartland…..$145

803) The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, edited by John Y. Simon, 1967, 3 volumes.Annotated set of selected papers chosen to give the reader and scholar a flavor of the feelings of Grant towards the war, being apart from his wife, and toward the South and the politics of the time…..$45

804) 1908 Sears, Roebuck Catalogue, 1971, 1184 pages. Reprint edition of this well-known publication. Many fine detailed illustrations. Includes ads for Marlin repeating firearms, Wehrle gas ranges, period fashions and numerous other items…..$20

805) Great Battles of the Civil War, by the Editors of Civil War Times Illustrated, 1988, 565 pages. Overview of the major battles and campaigns of the War Between the States. Included are maps, photos and illustrations of the military leaders and participants, and scenes from the campaign trail…..$20

806) Gone Are the Days: An Illustrated History of the Old South, by Harnett T. Kane, 1960. One author’s efforts to produce an overall history of the South from the Colonial Era to the end of the Antebellum South and the War Between the States……$15

807) The Beleaguered City: Richmond, 1861-1865, by Alfred Hoyt Hill, 1946, 302 pages. An early social history of wartime Richmond. This book provides perspective of Confederate home front living during the war years. Illustration of the evacuation of Richmond in the frontispiece…..$40

808) The Civil War in the United States, by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, 1940, 325 pages. A socialist interpretation of America’s epochal conflict. Second edition…..$75

809) Rustics in Rebellion: A Yankee Reporter on the Road to Richmond, 1861-1865,1950, 292 pages. Edited reprinting of the wartime papers and journeys of a Northern newspaperman…..$25

810) Mystery of a “Public Man”, A Historical Detective Story, by Frank Maloy Anderson, 1948, 249 pages. Explores the question of a diarist who wrote a series of entries during the Secession winter of 1860-1861…..$25

811) A House Dividing: Lincoln as President-Elect, by William E. Baringer, 1945,356 pages. An in-depth exploration of the four months between Lincoln’s election and the time he actually took office…$35

813) First Blood: The Story of Fort Sumter, by W. A. Swanberg, 1957, 373 pages. Another study of the incident that plunged the United States into four years of bloody conflict…..$20

814) Chattanooga: A Death Grip on the Confederacy, by James Lee McDonough, 1984, 298 pages. A narrative of the Chattanooga campaign from the Battle at Chickamauga to the Battle at Lookout Mountain..$30

815) Return to Bull Run, by John J. Hennessy, 1993, 607 pages. A comprehensive work of one of Lee’s brightest moments…..$30

816) Pictorial History of Gone With the Wind, Gerald Gardner and Harriet Modell Gardner, 1980, 192 pages. A behind the scenes look at the film, production, the stars and the crew. Personal and professional anecdotes…..$22

818) Slavery in Florida, by Larry Eugene Rivers, 2000, 369 pages. A one-volume history of the peculiar institution in the Sunshine State. Covers from the territorial days to emancipation…..$40

819) Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860, by Larry Koger, 286 pages. An exploration of the never-talked-about topic of free blacks owning black slaves………….$50

820) Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia, by Ervin L. Jordan, Jr. The first comprehensive study of Afro-Virginians in the Civil War. Replete with stories of Negro involvement in the war on many different levels…..$25

821) Secret Debates of 1787, 1839, 335 pages. A Chronology of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 from notes taken by the late Robert Yates, Esq., Chief Justice of the state of New York…..$200

822) Befriend and Relieve Every Brother: Freemasonry During Wartime, by Richard Eugene Shields, Jr., 1994, 83 pages. A brief history of freemasonry in the wars involving America since the War Between the States…..$45

823) Father Ryan’s Poems, by Abram J. Ryan, 1881, 347 pages. A collection of Southern patriotic poems by the noted Father Ryan..$150

824) The Appomattox Paroles, April 9-15, 1865, 1989, 236 pages. 1st Edition. Number 77 0f 1000. An alphabetical listing of the parolees of the ANV with their military unit. A superb reference for any Civil War genealogist…..$45

825) History of Norfolk County, Virginia, 1861-1865. Reprint edition of an earlier work. Limited edition of 1000 by the Stonewall camp No. 380, SCV. Numbers 687 of 1000…..$50

826) Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1849, 466 pages. Bound volume of the Godey’s Lady Book for that year. Many hand-colored engravings. Yet another valuable reference for antebellum fashion…..$250

827) My Story of the War, by Mary A. Livermore, 1888, 700 pages. Wartime memoirs of A Sanitary Commission nurse in Union Army field hospitals…..$150

828) Grant: A Biography, by William S. McFeely, 1981, 592 pages. Recounts the life of the Union officer and American President…….$20

829) What a Boy Saw in the Army, by Jesse Bowman Young, 1894, 394 pages. Rebound. The wartime exploits of a soldier in the 4th Illinois Cavalry……………………………………………………$100

830) Colonel Grenfell’s Wars: The Life of a Soldier of Fortune, by Stephen Z. Starr, 1971, 352 pages. The story of the adventures of a British cavalry officer who had fought around the globe before serving in the Confederate States Army and subsequent imprisonment in the Union prison at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, and his escape…….$30

831) Lincoln’s War Cabinet, by Burton J. Hendrick, 1946, 482 pages. The story of Lincoln’s cabinet, a compromise assortment of individuals selected strictly on their personal talents……………………$35

833) Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander, by General E. P. Alexander, 1989, 664 pages. Alexander’s wartime memoirs, edited by Gary W. Gallagher………………………………………………….$33

834) I Can Go Home Again, by A. G. Powell, 1943, 301 pages. The story of a man born in the fires of the American Civil War and raised through the trials of Reconstruction…………………………$30

835) Abraham Lincoln in the National Capital, by Allen C. Clark, 1925, 179 pages. A brief account of Lincoln’s residence in the District of Columbia from 1861 until his death in 1865………….$35

836) Grant: Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant and Selected Letters 1839-1865, 1990, 1195 pages. One-volume abridged edition of Grant’s 2-volume memoirs…………………………………………….$35

838) War Brides: A Play in One Act, by Marion Craig Wentworth, 1915, 50 pgs. Autographed by actress. A play about World War I…….$90

839) The Two VanRevels, by Booth Tarkington, 1902, 351 pages. 1st edition. An early romance novel and example of late Victorian fiction…..$75

840) War Years with JEB Stuart, by W. W. Blackford, by Lieutenant Colonel W. W. Blackford, 1945, 322 pages. Commercial publication of a manuscript that has been in possession of the author’s descendants for decades…..$60

841) Laws of Pennsylvania, 1864, 1230 pages. A compendium of the statutes for the state of Pennsylvania for that year. many acts relating to the pension of soldiers and widows…………………$125

842) Laws of Pennsylvania, 1865, 1039 pages. A compendium of the statutes of the state of Pennsylvania for that year. Further legislation relating to soldiers and pensions………………….$85

843) A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1897, 1896, 10 volume set. A compilation of the major papers of all the Presidents up to that time, from George Washington to William McKinley…..$125

845) Sara Crewe, Or What happened at Miss Minchin’s, by Frances Hodgson Burnette, 1889, 83 pages. 1st edition. The story of a young girl at a Victorian boarding school…..$95

847) A House Divided: A Treasury of the Civil War Illustrated with Photographs, 1968, 62 pages. An abstract historical overview of our nation’s greatest conflict. Comes with a brief timeline of events…..$15

848) A History of the Civil War, by Benson J. Lossing, 1912, 512 pgs. War Memorial Association edition. Illustrated with reproductions of the Brady War Photographs. Illustration of Grant in the Wilderness inside front cover. Numerous color illustrations. Includes chronological summary and record of events…..$100

849) The Great Rebellion: A History of the Civil War in the United States, by J.T. Headley, 1866, 2 volumes in 1 edition. Early history of the war between North and South. Steel plate engraving of Abe Lincoln in frontispiece. Many engravings of Northern generals…..$250

850) The South in the Building of the Nation, 12 volumes, published by the Southern Publication Society, Richmond, VA. A history of the Southern States designed to record the South’s part in the making of the American nation; to portray the character and genius, to chronicle the achievements and progress and to illustrate the life and traditions of the Southern people. Volume 12 is missing……………….$350

851) The East Coast Cruise of the U.S. Frigate Constitution, by Charles Leonard Albright, 1934, 92 pages. The story of the 1934 cruise of the USS Constitution, known affectionately to Americans as “Old Ironsides”…..$45

853) Gazetteer of the United States of America. by John Hayward, 1853, 861 pages. Presents an overview of the United States, including the geography, its transportation system, its political system and various governments, as well as literary customs and statistical tables on distance and population, among other things…..$150

854) Listening to America, by Stuart Berg Flexner, 1982, 591 pages. An interesting book on the history and etymology of various American and English idioms…..$35

855) Four Hundred Years of British Autographs: A Collector’s Guide, by Ray Rawlins, 1970, 188 pages. A reference guide to numerous British notables of the last four centuries,from roughly 1600 to date. An indispensable reference for the autograph collector…..$25

856) Anecdotes About 101 Distinguished Americans, by Theodore A. Stevens, 1964, 264 pages. A brief collection of personal anecdotes and biographical sketches of persons whose frankings exist in this author’s personal collection…..$20

857) The American Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1870, 1871, 789 pages. volume 10 of a set of unknown length. This volume is sold as an individual item, it is not part of a set. There is a steel plate engraving of Victor Emanuel in the frontispiece. Contained within is a myriad of political resolutions and immigration data, among other pieces of information for that year. Also included are obituaries on some US Civil War notables……..$55

858) The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come, by JOhn Bunyan, 1817, 300 pages. First edition of the great literary classic. With an introduction…………………….$200

859) Through Blood and Fire: Selected Civil War Papers of Major General Joshua Chamberlain, edited by Mark Nesbitt, 225 pages. A compilation of Chamberlain’s wartime correspondence, both personal and official…..$20

860) Battle Pieces: Civil War Poems of Herman Melville, editor unknown, 2000, 272 pages. A reprint edition of an original work by the author best known for the book Moby Dick………………….$13

861) Old Enough to Die, by Ridley Wills II, 180 pages. The story of one Southern family caught up in the currents of civil war. Signed by the author…..$20

862) History of the US Mint and Coinage, 1892, 180 pages. Centennial history of the US Mint and our national currency system. A necessary reference book for any coin collector……………..$175

863) The Third Volume of Harper’s Weekly, The Year 1859, New York. Bound volume of the Harper’s Weekly serial paper, one of the media mainstays of the Civil War era. Much content on John Brown, Harper’s Ferry, and antislavery hysteria. Also, portrait engravings of world political notables…..$150

864) Grant Takes Command, by Bruce Catton, 1968, 556 pages. Catton explores the tenure of U.S. Grant as the commanding general of all Union armies…..$15

865) Herndon’s Life of Lincoln, by William H. Herndon, 511 pages. One of the earliest biographies written of Lincoln after his death, by his former law partner…..$12

866) To the Gates of Richmond: The Peninsula Campaign, by Stephen W. Sears, 1992,468 pages. An account of the Peninsula Campaign by one of the leading Civil War historians on G. B. McClellan…………$20

868) Dress Gray: A Novel, by Lucian Truscott IV, 1979, 489 pages. A novel about life at West Point, the United States Military Academy……$10

869) The Civil War: An American Iliad, by Otto Eisenschiml and Ralph Newman,1956, 720 pages. One of the numerous single-volume accounts of the War Between the States…..$15

870) In Pursuit of Reason: The Life of Thomas Jefferson, by Noble Cunningham, 1987, 413 pages. A one-volume biography of the 3rd president of the United States……………………………….$15

871) Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman, 1990, Library of America Series. Reprint edition of the original work by the Union general…..$15

872) The Gettysburg Campaign: A Study in Command, by Edwin B. Coddington, 1968, 866 pages. Considered by many to be the finest single volume on the Gettysburg campaign………………………$15

873) Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Biography, by Noel B. Gerson, 1976, 218 pages. A short account of the woman whose book Uncle Tom’s Cabin fanned the flames of the slavery issue………………………..$10

874) Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant: Selected Letters 1839-1865, the Library of America Series, 1199 pages. Reprint edition of selected papers of the great Union general…………………………….$15

875) Civil War Soldiers: Their Expectations and Their Experiences, by Reid Mitchell, 1988, 274 pages. Addresses the average soldier in the Union and Confederate Armies. An excellent book for anyone who plans to do living history………………………………………..$12

876) Andrew Jackson, Hero, by Donald Barr Chidsey, 1976, 220 pages. A brief account of the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the namesake of the city of Jacksonville, Florida…………………………….$10

877) The Long Surrender, by Burke Davis, 1985, 319 pages. An account of the flight and capture of Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet. Signed by the author………………………………………………$45

878) The Chickamauga Campaign: December 1862 – November 1863, by Patrick Abbazia, 1988, 184 pages. An abridged account of the history of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga campaigns……………$15

880) Echoes of the Confederacy, by Viola Cobb Bivins, 1950, 197 pages. A series of reflective essays and addresses upon the old South and the Confederate government, and the need to preserve our Southern heritage……………………………………………………$45

881) Martha Washington: Girl of Old Virginia, by Jean Brown Wagoner, 1953, 198 pages. A young reader’s account of the wife of the Father of Our Country………………………………………………$5

882) We Were There with Lincoln in the White House, by Earl Schenck Miers, 1963, 170 pages. A young reader’s edition about the 16th president of the United States………………………………..$5

883) Virginia, 1903, 535 pages. A one-volume account of the history of Virginia from the early 1900s, with special chapters on the war between North and South, and the state of Virginia since the close of the war………………………………………………….$15

884) Robert E. Lee, by Jonathon Daniels, 1960, 180 pages. A young reader’s story about the most beloved general in U.S. history since George Washington…..$10

885) Look Away, Look Away, by Ben Haas, 1964, 509 pages. A novel about race relations in the South in the early twentieth century….$25

887) McClellan’s Own Story, by George B. McClellan, 1887, 678 pages. The Young Napoleon chronicles his experiences in the War Between the States, and he attempts to defend his wartime decisions………….$95

888) House Divided, by Ben Ames Williams, 1514 pages. A fictional account of one family torn apart by the sectional strife that culminated in America’s Civil War. Publishing date of 1947…….$15

889) The Confederate Nation, 1861-1865, by Emory M. Thomas, 1979, 384 pages. An account of the brief life of the Confederate States of America…..$20

890) The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis, by Cass Canfield, 1978, 146 pages. A brief account of the President of the Confederacy, as a man who struggled with the issues of his time…..$10

893) A Diary from Dixie, by Mary Boykin Chestnut, 1905, 424 pages. The classic work by the wife of Colonel James Chestnut, Jr, an aide of Jefferson Davis. First edition…..$135

894) The Clansman, by Thomas Dixon, Jr, 1905, 374 pages. A novel about the Ku Klux Klan, by the author of The Southerner…..$35

895) Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, by U.S. Grant, 1885, 650 pages. Volume 2 of 2. Covers from October 1863 to the end of the War…..$75

896) The Lincoln Reader, Paul M. Angle, Ed., 1947, 564 pages. A mid 20th century collage of characterizations of different points of Lincoln’s life by different biographers and scholars…..$10

897) The Coming Fury, by Bruce Catton, 1961, 565 pages. Vol. 1 of 3.
The first installment of his classic Centennial history of the Civil War…..$10

898) The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts, by Burke Davis, 1982, 249 pages. Interesting trivia from the Civil War…..$15

899) Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War, ed by Patricia L. Faust, 1986, 850 pages. A comprehensive one-volume reference book of the Great War for the Union. An indispensable reference for the reenactor and living historian…..$40

900) Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings, 2 volume set, 1989. An abstract of Lincoln’s major writings from 1832 to the end of the war and his assassination. Each comes packed in an individual box…..$25

901) Stonewall in the Valley, by Robert G. Tanner, 1976, 436 pages. A study of the campaign that made Stonewall Jackson a household name in the Confederacy…..$15

902) The Politics of Upheaval, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., 1960, 749 pages. Volume 3 of 3. This volume recounts the transition period of 1935-1936 when the nation is revitalizing during the throes of the Great Depression and the political groups who tried to exploit the troubled times for their own ends…..$15

903) The South During Reconstruction, by E. Merton Coulter, 1947, 426 pages. Volume 8 of the 10-volume History of the South. This volume encompasses the years of Federal occupation after the failed War for Southern Independence………………………………………$25

904) The Making of Robert E. Lee, by Michael Fellman, 2000, 360 pages. A modern scholar’s interpretation of one of the greatest patriots in Southern history…………………………………$20

905) Monticello: A Family Story, by Elizabeth Langhorn, 1987, 289 pages. A brief history of the jefferson family, including some content on Jefferson’s relationship with Sally Hemmings…………$20

906) Jackson: A Novel, by Max Byrd, 1997, 421 pages. A novel about the seventh President of the United States by the same author who wrote the novel Jefferson……………………………………$15

908) Alexander Hamilton: The Revolutionary Years, by Broadus Mitchell, 1970, 386 pages. An account of the exploits of the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury during the American War for Independence……………………………………………….$12

909) Proud New Flags, by F. van Wyck Mason, 1951, 493 pages. A novel of the navies during the Civil War………………………$15

910) Civil War Sampler, edited by Donald J. Sobol, 1961, 202 pages. A selection of wartime documents compiled for young readers……..$10

911) A Pictorial History of the Civil War Years, by Paul M. Angle, 1967, 242 pages. A profusely illustrated book for younger readers. This book also has many illustrations depicting daily military living, and could be of use to reenactors and living historians…………$10

912) Lincoln, by David Herbert Donald, 1995, 714 pages. Biography of the 16th President of the United States…..$25

913) Mary Chestnut’s Civil War, edited by c. Vann Woodward, 1981, 886 pages. Classic work of the period that provides great insight into the events and hardships experienced by the South during the war between the States…………………………………………..$35

914) Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, by Carl Sandburg, 2 volumes.
This set covers from Lincoln’s childhood to his election as president and Southern secession……………………………………….$45

915) Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, by Carl Sandburg, 4 volumes. This set covers the war years from secession till Lincoln’s assassination and burial……………………………………..$85

916) The Civil War: A Narrative, by Shelby Foote, 1958, 3 volumes. The monumental work of the Civil War by one of the foremost authors in the field. First edition. Hardcover………………………..$100

917) A Carolinian Goes to War: The Civil War Narrative of Arthur Middleton Manigault, edited by R. Lockwood Tower, 1983, 344 pages. The memoirs of the Civil War experiences of an officer in the Cumberland Army of Tennessee…..$20

918) Far, Far from Home: The Ninth Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army, by Gary Loderhose, 1999, 126 pages. A brief history of the journeys of one unit of Florida soldiers…………………$20

919) Cush: A Civil War Memoir, by Samuel H. Sprott, edited by Louis R. Smith, Jr., and Andrew Quist, 1999, 173 pages. Collection of wartime experiences as they were run in a small Alabama newspaper after the war…..$15

920) JEB Stuart: The Last Cavalier, by Burke Davis, 1957, 462 page. One of the classic biographies of the flamboyant Confederate cavalry commander….$15

921) Irish Rebels: A History of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers, by James P. Gannon, 1998, 453 pages. One of the few histories of the Tiger regiments that made Louisiana troops so well-known during the war…..$20

922) The Civil War Memoirs of Captain William J. Seymour: Reminiscences of a Louisiana Tiger, edited by Terry L. Jones, 1991, 162 pages. Annotated collection of Civil War letters………………$15

923) Lee’s Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia, by Terry L. Jones, 1987, 274 pages. A historical survey of the various lOuisiana units under Lee’s command…………………$15

924) Ham Chamberlayne-Virginian: Letters and Papers of an Artillery Officers in the War for Southern Independence 1861-1865, edited by C. G. Chamberlayne, 1932, 440 pages. Publication of the papers of a Confederate artillerist during the Civil War……………………$25

926) Far, Far from Home: The Wartime Letters of Dick and Tally Simpson, 3rd South Carolina Volunteers, edited by Guy R. Everson and Edward W. Simpson, Jr. Another collection of wartime correspondence typical of modern Civil War scholarship…..$20

927) Ted Barclay, Liberty Hall Volunteers, edited by Charles w. Turner, 1992, 192 pages. The wartime papers of a soldier who served under Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War…..$20

929) The Confederate Reader: How the South Saw the war, edited by Richard B. Harwell, 1992, 389 pages. A chronological selection of writings from Southern sources illustrating the Southern viewpoint during the War for Southern Independence…..$20

930) The Confederacy Is on Her Way Up the Spout: Letters to South Carolina, 1861-1864, edited by J. Roderick Heller III and Carolynn Ayres Heller, 1992, 157 pages. A collection of letters from a soldier in Virginia to his family on a rural farm in South Carolina…..$15

931) George B. McClellan: The Young Napoleon, by Stephen B. Sears, 1988, 482 pages. One of the better biographies of the Union general that President Lincoln described as having a case of “the slows”…..$20

932) Macmillan Information Now Encyclopedia: The Confederacy, 1993, 760 pages. A reference overview of the Confederate States of America…..$35

933) Echoes of Battle: The Atlanta Campaign, 1991, 359 pages. A profusely illustrated reference book to the Atlanta Campaign of 1864…..$25

934) Woman with a Sword, by Hollister Noble, 1948, 395 pages. A biographical novel of the exploits of Anne Carroll, a relatively unknown agent for the Union during the Civil War…..$15

935) Red Dirt and Isinglass: A Wartime Biography of a Confederate Soldier, by Henry Vaughn McCrea, 1992, 578 pages. Autographed by the author. This is the story of a soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee…..$25

936) Stonewall Jackson, by the late Col. G. F. R. Henderson, 737 pages. An early 20th century biography of the great Southern patriot…..$15

937) The Story of the Confederacy, by Robert Selph Henry, 1936, 514 pages. One of the major classics of 20th century Civil War historical scholarship written by one of the preeminent scholars of the day…..$15

938) Register of the Confederate Debt, by Raphael P. Thian, 1972, 190 pages. An indispensable reference for the collector of Confederate notes and those interested in Confederate finance…..$95

939) Confederate and Southern States Bonds, by Grover C. Criswell, 1980, 380 pages. Reference work of Confederate bonds and war bonds issued by the various states…..$35

940) Bride of Fortune, by Harnett T. Kane, 1948, 301 pages. A historical novel on the life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis…..$15

941) Lincoln and His Generals, by T. Harry Williams, 1952, 363 pages. This book details the progression of President Lincoln as he became a major director of war operations during the Civil War…..$15

942) The Last Days of the Confederacy, by A. A. Hoehling and Mary Hoehling, 1981, 270 pages. Account of the fall of Richmond pieced together from eyewitness accounts of Richmond residents, Union and Confederate soldiers, and the great leaders of the time…..$15

943) Florida’s Army, by Robert Hawk, 1986, 283 pages. A history of the various military forces that have served the state of Florida throughout its long history…..$20

944) American Heritage magazine, February 1967, 112 pages. Article on the U.S. 10th Cavalry regiment (Colored) and General John F. “Black Jack” Pershing. Also content on Thomas Jefferson and John Randolph…..$10

945) American Heritage magazine, April 1967, 112 pages. Article on the abolitionist Grimke sisters of South Carolina. Article on Hernando de Soto…..$10

946) American Heritage magazine, June 1967, 112 pages. Two articles on the Canadian nation. Content on Jefferson Davis — an article written by historian Bruce Catton…..$10

947) American Heritage magazine, August 1967,112 pages. Article on the trial of John Brown. Article on the Klondike gold rush. Also an article on Elizabeth keckley, who wrote a book revealing the nature of Mary Todd Lincoln and how the assassination of her husband changed her life forever…..$10

948) American Heritage magazine, October 1967, 112 pages. Article on the history of the New York tribune founded by the abolitionist editor Horace Greeley in 1841. Article on the “Mariana Turkey Shoot” of World War II. Article on Benedict Arnold. Reprint of the poem “Casey at the Bat” with accompanying article. Article on the Canyonlands of southern Utah as it became a national park. Also an article on George Catlin, the great western painter, and the Mandan Indians…..$10

949) American Heritage magazine, December 1967, 111 pages. Article on the famous trial of John Peter Zenger. Article on the Union Army of the Cumberland with many illustrations…..$10

950) Lee’s Dispatches, edited by Douglas Southall Freeman, 1915, 400 pages. An edited printing of Lee’s unpublished letters to the Confederate government in Richmond…..$100

952) Matthew Brady’s Illustrated History of the Civil War, by Benson J. Lossing, 512 pages. Reprint edition of the comprehensive work using Brady photographs of the war…..$25

953) Mr. Lincoln’s Washington, by Stanley Kimmel, 1957, 224 pages. A chronology of the events of wartime Washington as it would have been seen by President Lincoln…..$15

954) Divided We Fought: A Pictorial History of the War, 1956, 450 pages. Another photographic reference book of the Civil War……$20

955) Ford at Fifty: An American Story, 107 pages. The first fifty years of the Ford Motor Company…..$28

956) Frank Leslie’s “Illustrated Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War”. Large 12″x17″, 544 pages, very nice condition, original 1896 edition dedicated to the Sons of Veterans…..$225

From this point is Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and Navies.

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion, published by Charles W. Stewart, superintendent; library and naval war records, 1917. 829 pages. Covers action by naval forces on western waters and supply vessels 1861-1865.

Volume 27…..$20

Volume 6, 1897 edition. Atlantic and North Atlantic blockade…$25

Volume XLII, Part I reports, 1893 edition, 1125 pages, operations in southeastern Virginia and North Carolina, Aug 1st-Dec 31, 1864…..$35

War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, Correspondence, etc., 681 pages. Reprint edition. Covers engagements at New Market and Monocacy…..$15

War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Vol. XL, 903 pages. Volume covers Operations in Southeastern Virginia and North Carolina, esp. the Petersburg and Richmond campaigns of 1864…..$50

War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Vol. XXIX, Pt. I, 1154 pages. Covers operations in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, August 4-December 31, 1863…..$45

War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Vol. XXXVI, Pt. I, 1223 pages. Covers operations in Southeastern Virginia and in North Carolina, May 1-June 12, 1864. Includes reports of the battles at Spotsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor…..$45

War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, vol. XVIII, 1207 pages. Covers operations in North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, August 20, 1862-June 3,1863….$25