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Harper’s Weekly & Frank Leslie’s Newspapers

Harper’s Weekly






June 1, 1861: Front page article and portrait on Benjamin “Beast” Butler. Full page portrait of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and cabinet.
Reference to occupation of Baltimore. Reference to Parson Brownlow, of Tennessee. Pictures of Fort Pulaski, Savannah, Georgia. Article on the fight at
St. Louis. Political cartoon of Jeff Davis on back cover…..$50


September 28, 1861: Front page “Gallant Exploit of Captain Strong, of the Second Wisconsin Volunteers”. References campaign plans for spring
of 1862. President Lincoln’s censure of General Fremont. Refusal of Spain to recognize Confederacy. Biographical sketch of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston
with woodcut engraving. Reference to naval engagement at Fernandina. Political cartoon of slavery and foreign recognition of slavery.
Poem by Walt Whitman…..$50





January 25, 1862: Cover illustration of General McClellan on horseback. Centerfold illustration of a grand reception at the White House. Reference to resignation of Secretary Cameron. Illustrations of Fort Holt, KY, Commodore Foote’s flotilla on the Mississippi (with article), Bird’s-eye view of the ships composing Burniside’s North Carolina expedition at Fortress Monroe, also with aticle. War map showing Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, showing approaches to Norfolk from the south. Articles on Fortress Monroe and the Mississippi expedition…..$45


August 2, 1862: $35

August 9, 1862: $35

August 23, 1862: $35

August 30, 1862: $35

September 6, 1862: $35

September 13, 1862: $35

September 20, 1862: $35

September 27, 1862: $35



February 14, 1863: $35

March 7, 1863: $35

April 4, 1863: Cover illustrations of Federal operations on the Vicksburg Canal, with articles. Scenes of the Army of the Cumberland, with articles. Map illustration of the course of the Mississippi River from Bayou Sara to Baton Rouge…..SOLD

May 2, 1863: $35

May 16, 1863: $35

June 20, 1863: $35

October 17, 1863: $35

October 31, 1863: $35




April 9,1864: Cover illustration of metropolitan Fair Buildings in New York with article. Small article on colored troops to be attached to Gen. Ambrose Burnside’s
Ninth Corps. Article on US Sanitary Commission with corresponding illustration. Centerpiece is illustrations of various places in east Tennessee. Full page illustration
entitled “Negroes Leaving Their Home”…..$35

April 16, 1864: $35

April 23,1864: Cover illustration of Ladies in attendance at Metropolitan Fair, with article. Colored illustrations of Army and Navy swords. Centerfold illustration of Metropolitan Fair. Portrait of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, and his wife, with article……$25

May 7, 1864: Cover illustration of Union Scouts in Louisiana with corresponding story. Illustration of Negroes escaping out of slavery, and additional sketch of freedmen’s village at Arlington, VA. Center page illustration of the battle at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, with article. Biographical sketch of US General David M. Gregg
with steel engraving. Sinking of Confederate Ram with illustration…..SOLD

May 28, 1864: Cover illustration of Maj Gen Winfield Scott Hancock, with article. Centerfold illustration of the Army of the Potomac — Sleeping on Their Arms,
by Winslow Homer. Full page illustration of General Grant and full page map of Virginia Campaigns. Illustrations of Union Gunboats near Fort Darling. Articles on the late Generals James Rice and James Sedgwick, with articles…….$95


June 11, 1864: Cover illustration of Gen Gouverneur K. Warren, with article. Centerfold illustration of Battle of Spotsylvania, with article.
Article on 7th NY regiment. Illustrations of Belle Plain, VA, with article. Illustration of President Lincoln and Secretaries Nicolay and Hay. Front illustration of
General Horatio G. Wright, with article. Illustrations of engagement at Spotsylvania, with article. Illustrations of Resaca battlefield, with article. Political cartoon of “Grant Turning Lee’s Flank”……$35


June 25, 1864: Cover illustrations of the burning of the steamer “Berkshire”, Gov. Andrew Johnson, and the late Joshua Giddings, all with articles. Centerfold illustration of Barlow’s division at Cold harbor, with article. Illustrations of Grant’s Virginia campaign and Cold Harbor, with article. Illustration of the “Last Fight of the Pennsylvania Reserves”, with article……$30


August 6, 1864: $35





March 25, 1865: Cover illustration of Hugh McCullough, Sec. of Treasury, with article. Centerfold illustration of Sheridan’s campaign in the Valley, and of parade in New York.
Illustrations of triumph procession in New York. Illustration of James Harlan, Secretary of the Interior, with article. Correspondence of General Sherman’s Campaign in the Carolinas. Illustrations of Military RR bridge and Christian Commission Chapel before Petersburg, with article……$30


August 12, 1865: $35


November 18, 1865: $35


November 25, 1865: $35





December 30, 1871: $35


Frank Leslie’s Illustrated



April 14, 1860: Cover scene of Charleston Convention Center, location of 1860 Democratic National Convention. Article on New Orleans with illustrations. Article on Charleston Convention…..$15


November 10, 1860: Cover scene of the Putnamn Phalanx of Hartford, CT, with article. Review of the military on Boston Common by the Prince of Wales. Portrait of an article on Rear Admiral Milne of the Royal Navy. Full-page portrait of John C. Breckinridge, 1860 Democratic presidential candidate with article. Article on death and engraving of James c. “Grizzly” Adams……$15


December 22, 1860: Cover portrait of Virginia Governor John Letcher with biographical sketch. Article on Springfield, Illinois with illustrations. Engraving of the law office of Lincoln and Herndon with reference in subsequent article…..$35


September 21, 1861: $35


September 28, 1861: $35


November 18, 1865: Article on President Johnson’s policy of reconstruction. Article on trials with American torpedo-shells in England…..$20


September 20, 1879: Cover scene of Sisters of Charity administering to yellow fever victims in Tennessee. Article on yellow fever epidemic in Memphis, TN……$15


April 30, 1887: $35


June 11, 1887: $35